Layer Marney Tower

Layer Marney Tower is located in the Essex Countryside, overlooking the river Blackwater estuary. It is a stunning wedding venue and should be included on every Bride & Groom’s places to consider! Also great location for an Essex wedding photographer to work, not only the classic tower shots but in the Long Gallery, the lake, the barn….just so many opportunities…and then the night time!

Layer Marney Tower was constructed in the reign of Henry VIII and is tallest Tudor gatehouse in England.  The building is principally the creation of Henry 1st Lord Marney, who died in 1523, and his son John, who continued the building work but died just two years later, leaving no male heirs to continue the family line or the construction. What was completed was the main range measuring some three hundred feet long, the principal gatehouse that is about eighty feet tall, an array of outbuildings, and a new church.

Sadly the beautiful tree which stood in front of Layer Marney Tower, fell in the storm at the end of 2013.



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