Witham Mayoral Portrait

Witham Mayoral Portrait

It was a great pleasure to again be requested to produce this years Mayoral Portrait for the Witham Town Council of Councillor Tom Pleasance.

The portraits all hang in the Council Chamber

This is for the 20th successive year.

Essex official Portrait photographer

Witham Mayor 2018


Monochrome Portraits

Monochrome Portraits

One of our favourite subjects is Monochrome Portraits, sometimes called black & white! There is something special when the there is no colour to distract. They seem to have a more timeless appeal although they don’t have to be old fashioned or dull. We do prefer the more natural pictures but will of course arrange some during a session.

Adults, children, families all look great in monochrome. They are also great for people engaging in their sport, hobby or job.

Monochrome Portraits look fantastic in simple black frame with a classic mat. They are individually printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper to last far more than a lifetime! We will soon be offering a new folio collection, watch this space!

A few of our Monochrome Portraits:-

b+w family photos essex
essex black and white photos

monochrome portraits essex

2016 Witham Mayor Portrait

2016 Witham Mayor Portrait

We have just created the 2016 Witham Mayor Portrait, which as ever is a great local honour.

Patrick Horner is the 18th consecutive Mayor of Witham, Essex, that David has created the Mayor’s Portrait for. Maybe we should call it a coming of age!! Eighteen years ago the brief was to closely match the previous portraits and we have kept the background especially for this job! Witham Art & Framing Centre  provide the framing and they know which frame and mount to use. This keeps the run of portraits looking consistent.

2016 Witham Mayor Portrait

Patrick Horner. Witham Town Mayor 2016


Benton Hall Golf Captains

Benton Hall Golf Captains

Once again it was nice to be asked to photograph Benton Hall Men’s Golf Captain and Benton Hall Lady’s Golf Captain at the end of last year. This time we took the portraits of Dave Claxton and Sara Hodges.

Benton Hall Golf Benton Hall Golf  Photos

Prested Hall Wedding Photography – Charlotte & Jonathan

Prested Hall Wedding Photography

Prested Hall Wedding Photography – It was nice to be asked by Jonathan and Charli to photograph their Wedding at St Nicholas Church, Witham and then Prested Hall, Feering. We have known Jonathan since he was born and it was a pleasure to provide Wedding Photography for them. Prested Hall was where we started on the day of Charli and Jonathan’s Wedding. Charli, her Mother and Bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done before moving to the Dingle.  After capturing a few ‘getting ready’ shots, we then moved to the Dingle where we took a few pictures of Charli’s Wedding Dress and accessories. It was soon time for Charli to move from the Spa to the Dingle to get dressed, assisted by her Mum. With everybody ready we took a few pictures outside before leaving to go to our local Church St Nicholas, Witham, where the Wedding service was taking place. We met Jonathan and as a few guests had started to arrive we promptly took his pictures together with his Best Men and Ushers. Once the Guests had made their way into the Church, Leah the Flowergirl joined Charli and the Bridesmaids who had just arrived and  we had a few extra minutes for a some nice pictures.  Charli then took her Father’s arm and walked up the path and into the Church.

St Nicolas Church Witham Prested Hall Wedding Photos After the service, Charli and Jonathan led their Guests out of the Church for a few requested family pictures.  Being a nice dry afternoon, we had a choice of where to do these. Everybody then threw confetti over Charli and Jonathan as they walked towards the Wedding car, making for some nice relaxed images.Prested Hall Wedding Photographer  Arriving at Prested Hall everybody socialised during the Drinks Reception and after the car pictures so did Charli and Jonathan.  With the Wedding Breakfast time not far off we decided to take Charli and Jonathan for their pictures over the bridge. Prested Hall wedding photographyOn our return it was time for the Wedding Breakfast.  The Marquee looked lovely and whilst Charli and Jonathan greeted their Guests we captured the reactions of their Guests as they had their ‘first look’ at the lego centrepieces on the tables.  Charli was extremely proud of her Brother’s work in making them all.  After the meal it was time for the Speeches,which included an ‘ode’ by Jane, the Groom’s Mum. Everybody then went outside for a big group photo  before the evening entertainment.  Charli, Jonathan and ourselves went for a stroll in the grounds, finding a patch of bluebells, just right for some relaxed evening pictures.  On our return the Band had set up, evening Guests had arrived and Charli and Jonathan had their First Dance. Later Jonathan surprised Charli with joining the Band playing his Guitar for a couple of songs. A little while later we said goodbye, finished with a couple of nice evening pictures. Another great day of Prested Hall Wedding Photography Essex Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Congratulations to Charli and Jonathan! A wonderful day!


Wedding Photography Braxted Park for Sarah-Jayne & Michael

Wedding Photography Braxted Park – Braxted Park was the superb Essex Wedding Venue Sarah Jayne and Michael chose for their Wedding. It was a dry autumnal day when we arrived at Braxted Park on the morning of the Wedding.  Sarah-Jayne and her Bridesmaids were getting ready in the Bride’s Changing Room  with all things going smoothly. Michael was outside having a few pictures taken with his Best Man and Ushers before the Wedding Guests started to arrive.  Braxted Park Wedding

With final preparations complete the girls were having some photos taken before it was time for the Ceremony.  With the Guests seated in the Orangery, Sarah-Jayne took her Father’s arm and they walked the short distance to the front of the room for the Ceremony to begin.  Following the Ceremony, Sarah-Jayne and Michael had a couple of minutes to themselves whilst their Guests were being shown the way to the Walled Garden.  We then took Sarah-Jayne and Michael through the House for a few pictures before they joined their Guests on the steps.  After the picture of everyone the Guests lined the path to the Walled Garden for the confetti throwing before the Drinks Reception.  The weather was still holding so everybody mingled outside while we completed the few requested family pictures.  We made the most of the hard standing areas, and took these pictures plus a few fun ones as the grass was a little damp.  Taking a little time to take Sarah-Jayne and Michael away for a few together pictures by the Lake and Driveway proved to be the right thing to do just before the rain arrived!Essex Wedding Photographer Braxted Park We captured some nice images before we returned a little while later in time for the Wedding Breakfast.  The pavilion looked lovely and once Sarah-Jayne and Michael were seated the meal was served.  Coverage of the Speeches followed and a while later the Evening Guests arrived.  Sarah-Jayne tossed her bouquet just before the happy couple took to the dance floor for their First Dance.  Braxted Park at night looks beautiful and  before we left we took a few pictures of Sarah-Jayne and Michael by the fountain.Braxted Park Essex Wedding Photographer


Prested Hall Wedding Photography for Anna & Chris

Prested Hall Wedding Photography – It was an early start for us arriving at Anna’s Parents’ home for the preparation pictures.  It was a beautiful day, and preparations were well underway. After capturing the getting ready shots, it was time for a few pictures in the garden which Anna’s Dad had worked so hard on to provide a nice backdrop.  It was sunny and very humid so we took the garden pictures as quickly as we could! Essex Wedding Photographer David and I then left to go St Nicolas Church, Witham. Chris and his Groomsmen were at the Church when we arrived and we managed to take a few pictures of them in between their duties.  It wasn’t long before Anna arrived, driven to the Church by her Dad in the E-Type Jag. With all the Guests in the Church she made her way up the path and into the Church with her Dad followed by the Bridesmaids. During the service there was an almighty downpour which was quickly followed by brilliant sunshine!  At the end of the Ceremony, Anna and Chris led their Guests out of the Church for some requested family photographs. Once these were finished everybody made their way to the gate for the confetti pictures, before leaving for the Reception. Wedding Photographer Essex Anna and Chris wanted some pictures with the car along the driveway to Prested Hall, which we were happy to do.  Timings were perfect, us arriving, getting set up just as they turned into the driveway.  It was a great fun session with Anna and Chris also rehearsing (without music!) their dance steps for later, with us getting the fun images we wanted.  Anna and Chris then joined their Guests for the Drinks Reception whilst we took a few informal pictures. A little while later as we were starting to organise the everybody picture, the rain made another appearance!  The Wedding Breakfast beckoned!  After the meal, we covered the Speeches, which was then followed by a second attempt at the ‘everybody’ picture with more  success this time!  Before the start of the evening celebrations and the arrival of their evening Guests, we took the happy couple for a short walk around the grounds of Prested Hall for a few relaxed pictures.  Being a day of good but mixed weather, they ended up with a brilliant sunset picture as well as a rainbow picture!Wedding Photographer Essex Essex Wedding Photographer Later Anna and Chris’ s rehearsed First Dance wowed their Guests before they joined them on the dance floor.  It was nice to see familiar family members again. An amazing Wedding!


Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is not something we cover a great deal, as we are so busy photographing weddings that we really do not get much time!  This job was to capture finished rooms for a local Interior Design and Decoration business run by Paul Walden.  Unfortunately, we did not meet Paul in time to do the ‘before’ as well at the ‘finished’ pictures but here’s looking forward to his next project.

Commercial photography for decorator