Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography

Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography

It was a lovely day for Becky and Marcus’ Church Wedding at Lavenham and their Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography and reception. Becky, her Parents and Bridesmaids were getting ready at The Swan, Lavenham. When we arrived there earlier in the day preparations were well underway. We stayed a while in the room where the preparations were going capturing a few of these pictures before going off to photograph Becky’s Wedding Dress and accessories in another room. Essex Wedding PhotographerReturning to the girls it was time for the Bridesmaids to go and get changed and Becky followed soon after. With lots going on and time evaporating extremely quickly everyone was very focused!

David decided to go to the Church during changing whilst I remained with the girls. So good to have the Church just up the road! Once Becky and the Bridesmaids were ready, I just took a couple of pictures of them before Becky’s Father came upstairs to see his daughter. It is one of those moments I love and I was happy to be there. My turn now to get my skates on and leave them and make my way to the St Peter & St Paul Church.Essex Wedding PhotographerDavid had taken the pictures of Marcus and his Groomsmen and they were inside the Church awaiting the arrival of Becky. The Bridesmaids and Becky arrived and entered the Church. After the service Becky and Marcus came out of the Church and went off to the side to allow their Guests to exit. The guests lined the path and showered the happy couple!Essex Wedding Photographer At the Church we took the few requested family pictures before leaving to go to Smeetham Barn.

Smeetham Hall Barn

Drinks awaited everyone at Smeetham. After Becky and Marcus had some social time we went over to the House and grounds for a few pictures of them. Enjoying the weather everyone socialised outside and we got on with taking some informal pictures. Soon it was time for the Wedding Breakfast followed by the Speeches. Some great reactions captured!

As the time before the Wedding Breakfast had been a little short,  the Bridal Party and us went over to the lake for a few fun relaxed pictures after the meal.Wedding Photographer Smeetham Hall Barn Keeping Becky and Marcus a little while longer, we took a few more pictures of them by the water. Returning to their Guests as the Evening Guests were now arriving.

Becky and Marcus had time to socialise for a while.Later they cut their Wedding cake and took to the dance floor for their First Dance.

Smeetham Barn is a lovely place if you get a sunset and Becky and Marcus did. A fantastic way to end our coverage of their Wedding.Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography Thank you Becky and Marcus for letting us be your Wedding Photographers, a wonderful Wedding!


Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photographers for Danielle & Rick

Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photographers for Danielle & Rick

We were Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photographers for Danielle and Rick on a hot summer day. First of all Danielle was getting ready at The Mill Hotel, Sudbury. Danielle was there with her family and friends who were staying there, having arrived from Australia for her and Rick’s Wedding Day. Danielle was having her hair done so we got on with taking the accessory pictures,  keeping an eye on the preparations as well. The Bridesmaids were doing a grand job sorting everything out as Danielle’s Mum was unfortunately not feeling very well and couldn’t help as much as she wanted. Excitement was building as the time was as always, going quickly. With the hair and make-up finished they all changed into their dresses.  The Horse and Carriage arrived which increased the excitement.  We had a little time for a few pictures when  they were all dressed, including a picture of the girls looking down from the balcony of their room before we had to leave.

Wedding Photographer SuffolkDanielle and Rick wanted a Church Wedding which was at the wonderful St Andrews Church, Bulmer. We met Rick there with his Best Man and Ushers and took a few pictures.  Guests were arriving so they made their way into Church before the arrival of Danielle. A short time later Danielle arrived. Although the day was warm and bright, it was also windy so we took the minimum of pictures letting Danielle and the rest of the party get into the Church as quickly as possible.Wedding Photographer Suffolk After the service Danielle and Rick wanted a few family pictures at the Church before they walked down the avenue of trees while their Guests threw confetti. The happy couple got into the carriage for short journey to Smeetham Hall Barn which was the Venue for the Wedding Reception. After everybody arrived at Smeetham and had a chance to relax during the Drinks Reception we got on with creating some pictures. Taking the Bridal Party away to the Lake for some fun Bridal Party photographs worked well, before they left us with Danielle and Rick for their together pictures.Smeetham Hall Barn Recommended Wedding Photographer Opportunities for lovely pictures at Smeetham are plentiful, if there is the time and the couple want the pictures! After taking Danielle and Rick’s  pictures it was time for the greeting line, before the start of the Wedding Breakfast. Good timing, it then rained for a while! Speeches were during the meal, introduced by Jimmy Lee Entertainment and Danielle and Rick cut their Wedding Cake. During the evening we captured a few pictures  of the evening celebrations including the First Dance. Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photographers From when Danielle booked us for their Wedding, she really wanted a sunset, but as we know this cannot be ordered or guaranteed! Earlier on they, got a rainbow, fingers crossed for a sunset. Danielle and Rick spent the time with us, watching the sun go down, a beautiful sunset! A wonderful end to our day as Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photographers.