Wedding Photography Fennes for Kirstie & Jason

Wedding Photography Fennes

It was a bright but cold day when we arrived at Fennes to cover Kirstie and Jason’s Wedding Day. Kirstie was getting ready upstairs and Jason was getting ready in the cottage, so there was plenty of action going on to keep us busy! After a few pictures of Jason, his Best Man and Ushers they left to go to the Church.  When Kirstie, her Parents and Bridesmaids were ready we took a few pictures before it was time for us to leave for the Church, St Mary’s, Bocking. Fennes Wedding Photographer Guests were beginning to arrive by a Wedding Bus and Coach, but we had time to take a few pictures of Jason outside the Church, before he resumed his duties. The path leading up to St Mary’s Church makes for one of our favourite places for Guest arrival pictures which we took and captured some nice images.  It wasn’t long before Kirstie arrived.  Although it was still bright the temperature wasn’t increasing, so Kirstie, her Dad and the Bridesmaids didn’t waste any time getting from the car to the porch!  With the music playing Kirstie walked into the Church for the service to begin.  After the service Kirstie and Jason came down the aisle but didn’t go outside the door!  As a few pictures family pictures were requested, being extremely cold i,t was decided to do these pictures in the warmth of the Church! Afterwards the Guests lined the path for Kirstie and Jason to walk down, showering them in confetti. Kirstie and Jason returned to Fennes in the Coach with their Guests following them.Fennes Wedding Photographer After Kirstie and Jason had a short time with their Guests before Kirstie put her boots on for going over to the Bridge for a few of their together pictures.  During the afternoon we took pictures inside and outside Fennes as the weather held before it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. Whilst the Wedding Guests were being seated we made the most of a few moments with Kirstie and Jason in the Gold Room and Red Room resulting in some nice images. Essex Wedding Photography The Fennes Estate The Pavilion looked wonderful for the Wedding Breakfast.  After the Speeches, their Evening Guests arrived.  A couple of night shots and a couple of special group pictures ended our day. Wedding Photography Fennes A  beautiful Christmas Wedding, a wonderful couple!