Wedding Photography Fennes for Amanda & Nick

Wedding Photography Fennes for Amanda & Nick

The wonderful Fennes was the Wedding Venue chosen by Amanda an Nick for their relaxed mid afternoon Wedding. What a good choice it was! It was a nice day for their Wedding and the grounds around Fennes looked superb. Our first port of call when we arrived at Fennes was to go and see Amanda who was getting ready upstairs. Everything was running smoothly, fun and laughter was a-plenty during the preparations. Meanwhile Nick was getting ready in one of the Lodges so after capturing a few of those pictures David took a few pictures of Nick and his Groomsmen outside the House. Leaving Nick to greet the Guests in the sunshine David returned upstairs to where the girls were.  By this time the girls were dressed including the Flowergirl, Bethany. Amanda’s Father came into the room to see his daughter and then we got on with taking a few set shots.

Fennes Recommended Wedding Photographer The Ceremony took place in the Pavilion with the junior Usher Callum saying a few words. Some nice moments. After the Ceremony everybody went outside to enjoy the Drinks Reception. The children amused themselves playing in the trees in the spring sunshine. A little later we got on with taking some requested family pictures, followed by some more relaxed pictures. Photography Fennes During the afternoon we took Amanda and Nick onto the Bridge for a few pictures and a walk through the trees.  The blossom was out and this made for some nice images. Amanda and Nick had some time to spend with their Guests before it was time to go through to the Pavilion for the Speeches and meal. The speeches went well, including a Speech from Amanda’s sister, Felicity, and from Amanda as well. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerEveryone then enjoyed the Hog Roast. Later on there was time for a few evening pictures around Fennes finishing with a sunset and our ‘heart’ picture. Amanda and Nick cut their Wedding Cake when the Evening Guests arrived and then took to the dance floor for their First Dance.Wedding Photographer Fennes After taking some informal pictures during the evening, it was time for us to leave. A lovely Fennes Wedding! Thank you Amanda and Nick for asking us to photograph your Wedding Day, it flowed very nicely, we know you enjoyed it and we did too!


Wedding Photographs Fennes for Kerry & Asif

Wedding Photographs Fennes for Kerry & Asif

Wedding Photographs Fennes for Kerry & Asif  was a nice assignment a couple of months ago.  Kerry was getting ready in the Bridal Room in Fennes whilst Asif  was over in the Cottage. Preparations were going well, we just had our fingers crossed, the rain would stop for Asif’s pictures before the start of the Wedding.  Thankfully it did and we were able to take Asif’s pictures together with his Groomsmen outside Fennes once they were ready.  They then greeted the Guests downstairs in Fennes, whilst we returned upstairs as the girls were ready. We got on with taking a few pictures of them.

Fennes Recommended Wedding Photographer  As the Guests made their way into the Pavilion for the ceremony, the girls came downstairs and Kerry met with the Registrars. During the Ceremony, Imani sang a song whilst playing the Guitar. Kerry and Asif left the Pavilion accompanied by their Guests and went outside. The rain had stopped which made everyone much happier! Making the most of the weather we got on with taking the requested family pictures first off. During the Drinks Reception  Kerry and Asif spent time with their Guests allowing us to capture some natural pictures.Wedding Photographs Fennes Essex Confetti pictures were taken in the Gold Room just before the Wedding Breakfast. The Speeches followed, including one from Thierry.Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesThere was time  in the early evening for a few pictures with Kerry and Asif around Fennes before the start of the Evening celebrations..Fennes Recommended Wedding Photographer A little while later Kerry and Asif cut their Wedding Cake and had their first dance together as man and wife. For the sunset pictures that evening, the best place for the pictures was a quick ride in our car to get to it!  Happy with our coverage of Kerry and Asif’s Wedding we returned them to their Guests and said our goodbyes. Another nice set of Wedding Photographs at Fennes.


Wedding Photos Fennes for Tracey & Robert

Wedding Photos Fennes

Wedding photos Fennes for the wedding of Tracey & Robert.  It was a nice day and on arrival at Fennes we made our way upstairs to find the girls. There was great excitement and laughter which we caught on camera! With Tracey’s details and accessories photographed the girls continued their preparations.

Robert was having a few pictures taken outside Fennes before greeting the Wedding Guests.  After taking a few portraits of all the girls once they were ready, it was time for Tracey to meet with the Registrars before the Ceremony.

Tracey’s son was giving her away so after taking his arm they made their way into the Pavilion. Following the Ceremony, Tracy and Robert led their Guests outside for the Drinks Reception. There were a few requested pictures, including some fun pictures. Some nice informal pictures of the Guests were taken whilst everybody socialised in the sunshine.

Wedding Photos Fennes

Fennes wedding photos

Later we took Tracey and Robert for a short time around the grounds for their together pictures.  Not only are the grounds lovely at Fennes, so are the rooms in the house!  Tracey and Robert wanted a few pictures inside and we managed to squeeze them in before it was time for confetti and the Receiving Line. The Wedding Breakfast followed and that is where we took our leave. A lovely time!


Wedding Photographs Fennes for Kristen & Andrew

Wedding Photographs Fennes – The popular friendly Wedding Venue, The Fennes near Braintree, Essex, was Kristen and Andrew’s  choice for their Wedding Day. Arriving at Fennes, Kristen was busily getting ready upstairs with the Bridesmaids and Flowergirls.  Preparations were going well, so with keeping an eye on developments together with taking some detail pictures, it was busy! David sought out the men who were almost ready and when they were, there was time for some pictures to be taken.  For a change David took Andrew, with his Best Man, Andy, out the back of Fennes for their pictures, even though it was raining.  
wedding photographs FennePleased with the results they returned to the house.  Meanwhile, Kristen was in the final stages of getting dressed and soon ready for some pictures.  wedding photos fennes Essex

Equally some lovely pictures captured of Kristen and the girls. In no time at all it was time for the Wedding Ceremony.  With the Guests seated the Flowergirls led the way into the Pavilion followed by the Bridesmaids and Kristin escorted by her Father. Following the Ceremony, Kristen and Andrew led their Guests to the front of Fennes for the Drinks Reception.

wedding photographs Fenne

Unable to go outside at that particular time due to the continuing rain, the Wedding Guests made themselves comfortable in  the rooms in Fennes, leaving us the Gold Room to take some pictures of the happy couple.  A short while after the rain stopped, we all went outside for a few pictures, making good use of the steps.  Later after socialising with their Guests, Kristen changed her footwear so we could venture further outside for their pictures.  Kristen and  Andrew wanted to make the most of the superb grounds for their wedding photography, so off we went, for a short tour!  An enjoyable time, resulting in some lovely pictures for them. wedding photographs Fenne

Once they were back indoors the Guests threw confetti over Kristen and Andrew  before the guests made their way to the Pavilion for the Wedding Breakfast. This allowed a few minutes for some pictures of Kristin and Andrew  in the Red Room, before they also made their entrance into the Pavilion.  Speeches followed the meal and then the Pavilion was prepared for the evening celebrations.  After their evening Guests arrived in time for cutting the Wedding Cake shortly prior to the First Dance.  Some lovely moments captured!  Our coverage of Kristin and Andrew”s Wedding Day finished with their  ‘sparklers’. A great day!wedding photographs Fennes


Wedding Photography Fennes for Stephanie & Raymond

Wedding Photography Fennes – We arrived early on the morning of Stephanie and Raymond’s Wedding Day at The Fennes Estate, Bocking, Essex.  Stephanie was getting ready there with her family, Bridesmaids, her Flowergirl and Pageboy, prior to her Church Wedding.  Lots of activity was going on with plenty of images to capture. With the detail pictures taken, it wasn’t long before the girls were ready for a few portraits.  Keeping an eye on the time we were able to take some nice pictures before it was time for us to leave to go to the Church.  The beautiful Thaxted Parish Church was where Stephanie and Raymond were going to be married.  It was a dry day and with the Wedding Guests arriving and walking down the path, and Raymond and his Groomsmen walking down the road and into the Church, we captured some great relaxed shots. With Ray’s posed pictures  taken, it wasn’t long before Stephanie arrived. Thaxted Church is one of our favourite churches being large and light giving us opportunities to capture moments of the service unobtrusively.  At the end of the service Stephanie and Ray exited the Church and greeted their Guests before a few close family photos.  The happy couple were then showered in confetti before leaving for Fennes.  Once at Fennes, wanting to make the most of the nice weather we took Stephanie and Ray onto the Bridge before their Guests arrived. Stephanie and Ray wanted an everybody shot in the shape of a heart, which we have done a few times before but not with so many Guests! The timing of this was important, a surprise fly-past was to follow and a massive ‘thank you’ goes to Nicola of Fennes for her help!  After the fly-past,it was time for the Wedding Breakfast, followed by the Speeches. Everybody then mingled throughout the House as evening Guests arrived.  The evening entertainment was to be held in the Banqueting Hall and when the Band was ready. Stephanie and Ray led their Guests into the room for the dancing to begin. A lovely day!

Fennes wedding photos