Wedding Photographer Hedingham Castle for Chloe & Joe

Wedding Photographer Hedingham Castle for Chloe & Joe

It was great to be asked to be Wedding Photographer Hedingham Castle by Chloe and Joe for their Summer Wedding. Hedingham Castle is the only active Norman Keep in Essex making it unique!


At the Lodge by the entrance of the Hedingham Estate is where the girls’ preparations were taking place and where our day commenced. Chloe, had eight Bridesmaids, four Flowergirls and family members in the Lodge. There was a lot going on! Despite the  numbers the preparations were going well.Wedding Photographer Hedingham Castle Joe, his Groomsmen, Pageboys and family members were getting ready in the Cottage. We captured a variety of pictures of Chloe and Joe as the preparations stepped up a gear. David was with the men whilst I stayed with the girls. Once the girls all had their make up, hair finished and a couple of pictures taken they then got changed. Joe had a couple of pictures taken of himself and the men before they went up the drive to the Castle.

The previous wedding at the Castle had overrun increasing the pressure on us to get the times back on track which we did! We managed to take the pictures Chloe requested as well as the more usual ones. As the Bridesmaids and Flowergirls were on their way unto the Castle there was a little time to take a few Bridal pictures of Chloe and some with her Parents. Time now for us to go to the Castle too! Soon Chloe and her Father arrived and went up the steps and into the Castle.

Candlelight Ceremony

The Guests were all seated in the Great Hall waiting for Chloe to make her entrance for the Candlelit Ceremony. A beautiful setting! Wedding Photographer Hedingham CastleAfterwards the Guests made their way out of the Castle, down the steps and onto the lawn. Whilst this was happening Chloe and Joe had some pictures of them taken in the wonderful Minstrels’ Gallery.Hedingham Castle Wedding Photographer After a few minutes they joined their Guests for some requested family pictures. Once these were completed the Guests lined the path over the Bridge and waited  for Chloe and Joe to join them. As Chloe and Joe walked across the Bridge they covered them in confetti.  Just as they reached the end of the bridge confetti cannons were let off, making for some fun pictures.Essex Wedding Photographer

The Drinks Reception

The Guests made their way over to the House and Gardens for the Drinks Reception whilst we kept the Bridal Party back for a few pictures. They then joined the rest of the Guests after a few minutes. The weather was still holding and as usual we let the couple spend some time socialising before we we carried on with the arranged pictures. Chloe and Joe wanted a balloon ‘release’ in the garden so whilst the Groomsmen were collecting the balloons, Guests congregated by the lake.

We were lucky with the weather, just as we were returning to the House, it started to rain! It didn’t matter as it was nearly time for the Wedding  Breakfast.

The Wedding Breakfast

Chloe and Joe greeted their Guests before they took their places at the tables in the Marquee. After the meal, it was time for the Speeches. The rain had not been too bad at all, so when the Speeches had finished, it was nice for everyone if they wanted to, to go outside.  Garden games provided entertainment for both the adults and children. During the time before the cutting of the Cake we took some informal pictures. Hedingham Castle Wedding PhotographerChloe wanted a picture with her Bridesmaids and  ‘love’ sign on the dance floor which made a nice relaxed shot. After their First Dance, we took Chloe and Joe outside for a couple of night pictures with the Keep. This ended our day as Wedding Photographer Hedingham Castle . Thank you Chloe and Joe for the extra effort you put in to achieve your pictures. A lovely day! So nice to see Olivia and Jon again, we photographed their Wedding at Fennes a few years ago.


Hedingham Castle Wedding Photography for Lucy & Richard

Hedingham Castle Wedding Photography

It was a beautiful day for the wedding of Lucy and Richard who were married at the wonderful Hedingham Castle. We started at the Garden Cottage which was a hive of activity with everybody getting ready but all was going well. Wedding Photographer Hedingham CastleOnce the Pageboys and Flowergirls were ready they went downstairs freeing up space for the Bridesmaids and Lucy to finish their preparations. Whilst this was going on, David went to meet Richard with his Best Man and Ushers who were arriving at the House. After taking some pictures he returned to the Cottage.  The girls were ready, looking beautiful, so just having enough time for a few shots of them all we set to work.  The Bridesmaids, Flowergirls and Pageboys then went in the car for the short drive to the House.  This allowed us time to take a few Bridal portraits of Lucy before the car returned to transport her to the House.  All together they then walked over the Bridge towards the Castle for the Ceremony. After they exchanged their vows they signed the Register in front of their Guests.  Whilst the Guests left the Castle to go outside, we took Lucy and Richard into the Minstrels Gallery for a few pictures before joining them all outside.Hedingham Castle Wedding Photography Moving swiftly on with taking the requested family group pictures, it wasn’t long before the Guests lined the Bridge for the confetti.  The Reception Drinks were served in the Great Hall and as the sun was still out everybody went into the gardens. The children enjoyed the freedom of the gardens to play whilst we captured the moments. During the afternoon we took a few other pictures together with a few ‘together’pictures of Lucy and Richard.  The Receiving Line preceded the Wedding Breakfast, which was held in the Marquee. Essex Wedding Photographer Hedingham Castle The Speeches followed before the beginning of the evening celebrations. After taking a few pictures of the Evening Guests and a few evening pictures of Lucy and Richard, the Band was set up ready for Lucy and Richard’s First Dance. Wedding Photographer Hedingham CastleA short time afterwards we left them them to continue their celebrations.  It was lovely to see Ross, Richard’s Brother with this wife Katie this time with their two children and other members of the family. We photographed Ross and Katie’s Wedding at Layer Marney Tower in 2007.  A lovely day!


Wedding Photography for Gemma & Neil – Thaxted Parish Church & Hedingham Castle

Gemma’s Parents home was the starting point of our photography coverage for Gemma and Neil’s Wedding Day.  After photographing various details and getting ready pictures we took Gemma into the lovely garden for some pictures before leaving for Thaxted Parish Church. With a lovely Church and friendly Vicar, and fine weather, we took some photographs of Neil and his Attendants, Guests, before Gemma and her Dad arrived.  The Church being large and light allowed us to take some beautiful photogaphs of Gemma and Neil as they were married. wedding-photographer-essex-thaxted parish church Following the Church service, Gemma and Neil mingled with their Guests in between a few family photographs the couple requested.  Gemma and Neil wanted a couple of pictures in Finchingfield, where we had taken their pre-wedding pictures, so the four of us made a short stop there before progressing to Hedingham Castle.  The grounds of Hedingham Castle and House made for some wonderful informal as well as formal pictures which we captured before the Wedding Breakfast commenced. wedding-photographer-essex-hedingham castle We took Gemma and Neil for a few early evening Bride and Groom portraits after the Wedding Breakfast, followed by the First Dance and a few pictures of their Evening Guests before castle