Wedding Photographer Channels for Nicola & Nick

Wedding Photographer Channels for Nicola & Nick

Our next assignment was Wedding Photographer Channels for Nicola and Nick. We began our coverage of their Wedding joining Nicola at Channels where she was getting ready. The preparations went well considering the number of bodies in a fairly small space on a very hot day!

Nick and his Groomsmen were  waiting until the last moment when they had to put on their jackets for their pictures! After taking some pictures of Nick, his Groomsmen and Parents the Bridesmaids got changed whilst Nicola was having the final touches applied to her hair and make-up. They then helped Nicola get into her Wedding Dress.Channels Wedding Photographer

The Wedding Ceremony

After a few pictures  it was time for the Ceremony. Nicola and her attendants made their way outside where Nick and the guests were waiting

After the Ceremony and with their glasses of bubbly Nicola and Nick led their Guests to the area in the grounds for the Drinks Reception.

Unplanned, a Receiving Line occurred! Actually, this turned out ok as the Guests were served with Reception Drinks and could escape into the shade! Whilst this was going on we took some informal pictures.Channels Wedding Photographer A short time later we got on with the requested family pictures. Later on the afternoon we took the Nicola, Nick and the Bridal Party for a few pictures around the front of Channels.  Once these were completed the Bridal Party returned to the Drinks Reception whilst we took Nicola and Nick’s pictures. The trees provided the shade which was very welcome! Wedding Photographer Channels

The Confetti and Wedding Breakfast

Nicola and Nick were showered in confetti just before the wedding Breakfast.

The Speeches followed the meal. Not to be missed was taking some pictures in the evening light so we then took Nicola and Nick to the lake for a walk around for a few minutes. As their Evening Guests had arrived it was time for the cake cutting which was then followed by the dancing.  First of all Nicola and Nick had the chair dance the Hora, around the dance floor before they then had their First Dance. Channels Wedding Photographer EssexWe captured a few pictures of the evening before  it was time for the sunset. What a sunset it was! It was nice to work with  A most rewarding day of Channels Wedding Photography. It was nice to see and work with Michelle of Bumblebee Bridal again and will see her again very soon.



Barn Brasserie Wedding Photography for Susannah & Keane

Barn Brasserie Wedding Photography for Susannah & Keane

Before the Wedding of Susannah and Keane at The Barn Brasserie, Great Tey, we visited The Crowne Plaza, Colchester.  Susannah was getting ready there, everybody was relaxed and preparations were going well. Capturing a flavour of the day’s happenings was our aim.Essex Wedding Photographer Emily, Susannah’s daughter and the Flowergirls, Ruby and Susie were soon ready and we were able to take a few pictures of them in the adjoining room. Susannah was ready shortly after and following a couple of photos we left them to make our way to The Barn at Great Tey. We met with Keane and his Brother, Damien and took their pictures outside before the Guests arrived. This Autumn day went very well with the colours Susannah and Keane chose for their Wedding. Whilst waiting for Susannah to arrived we took a few Guest arrival pictures. The rain started just as Susannah arrived so under the shelter of umbrellas she was quickly ushered into the room to see the Registrars.  We had a few minutes afterwards to get a couple of Bridal portraits. The Civil Ceremony took place in the Barn and once everybody was seated, Susannah made her way in escorted by Emily. Following the Ceremony, Susannah and Keane greeted their Guests and enjoyed the Drinks Reception and Canapés. Barn Brasserie Wedding Photography As the weather was not playing ball we had to take the requested family group pictures inside.  Fortunately, these Group pictures were not too big so we found space in the bar to do these. Later Susannah and Keane were quite happy to go outside for a few pictures of them. It was a warm day and the rain was on and off, we decided to chance it! It worked well, happy with a few pictures we returned to the Guests. An ‘everybody’ picture was wanted which we managed to do inside with the aid of our lighting kit. Wedding Photographer The Barn BrasserieSoon it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. The meal was superb! Coverage of the Speeches followed the meal. Susannah and Keane’s Evening Guests then arrived. As the rain had stopped Susannah and Keane had a couple of evening pictures taken outside including them being covered with rose petals.Essex Wedding Photographer After cutting their Wedding Cake, Susannah and Keane had their First Dance. A little later we left them to continue the evening celebrations. A great couple and a lovely day!


Wedding Photographer Marks Hall for Hannah & Daniel

Wedding Photographer Marks Hall for Hannah & Daniel

We were looking forward to being Wedding Photographer Marks Hall for Hannah & Daniel in the Autumn last year. Having known Hannah for a long time it was a pleasure to be part of Hannah and Daniel’s special day. Our day started at Hannah’s Parents’ house, where Hannah was getting ready with the Bridesmaids. Whilst preparations were going on we took a few pictures of the accessories (loved Hannah’s shoes!) and details.

Essex Wedding PhotographerEllie, Ruby and Kitty, the younger Bridesmaids and Pip, the Pageboy, were the first to be ready and looked wonderful in the colour scheme Hannah and Daniel had chosen. We took a few pictures of them as Hannah was getting dressed. Wow! Hannah looked amazing in her Wedding Dress! Just enough time for a few pictures of Hannah with her Parents, Gil and Michael and Bridesmaids, Flowergirls and Pageboy, before we left. Marks Hall,Coggeshall.  It was lovely to be back there again after not being there for a while. It was a dry, bright day and fingers crossed it would remain so. Dan was there with his Groomsmen and we had a little time to take a few pictures. Wedding Photographer Marks HallThe sun broke through for the pictures.The men then greeted  the Guests giving us the opportunity to take a few informal pictures. Hannah and the girls arrived soon after and made their way inside.  Hannah and Dan hoped for suitable weather for an outside Ceremony and luckily got this!  Guests took their seats. Hannah took her Father’s arm and they made their way outside for the Ceremony. Wedding Photographer Marks Hall After the Ceremony, Hannah and Dan had time to enjoy the Drinks Reception outside with their Guests. After a short while we got on with the requested family pictures. With these finished everyone continued socialising. Later we took Hannah and Dan for a short time down to the Lake for a few together pictures before the Bridal Party joined us. Fun pictures at the Lake! During the afternoon other pictures were taken finishing with the confetti pictures.  Hannah and Dan chose to have the Speeches before the meal so they could really relax and enjoy the food. Once this was finished Hannah and Dan cut their Wedding Cake and the band set up for the evening entertainment.  This gave time for Guests to enjoy a stroll around the grounds and gave us an opportunity for a few extra minutes with Hannah and Dan. The sunset beckoned! We could not have asked for a better evening! The  Guests made their way to the dance floor ready for Hannah and Dan’s First Dance.   After a few songs, Dan then surprised Hannah by singing with the Band as well. Later during the evening the sparklers were lit and these made for some great pictures.Marks Hall Wedding Photographer That was the end of our coverage of Hannah and Dan’s Wedding although we stayed until late! A superb  day! A wonderful couple!  Congratulations Hannah and Dan on your Wedding Day!


Wedding Photography The Lawn – Tracy and Ben

Wedding Photography The Lawn – Tracy and Ben

It was lovely to be back at the wonderful Wedding Venue, The Lawn for the Wedding of Tracy and Ben. The weather was beautiful and the setting was glorious. Wedding Photographer EssexTracy was getting ready in the Bride’s Room in the Manor House together with her Bridesmaids, and Mum. Tracy and the girls were enjoying the moments of the day and it was nice to capture these. Meanwhile, Ben was outside, having arrived and greeting a few Guests. We managed to prise him away for some pictures of him and his Groomsmen before more Guests arrived. Tracy and the girls were now ready. Tracy’s Grandad was giving her away so there were some lovely joyful  moments when he first saw her, Tracy looked lovely. Whilst waiting for the Guests to be seated for the Ceremony, the Flowergirls enjoyed watching from above the activities. The Bridesmaids and Flowergirls led the way when all was ready, followed by Tracy accompanied by her Grandad. Wedding Photographer The LawnAfter the Ceremony Tracy and Ben with their glass of Champagne went outside into the sunshine. The Guests followed and they all socialised for a little while, allowing for us to get some natural shots. Wedding Photography The LawnDuring the afternoon we took the requested family pictures and later pictures of Tracy and Ben around the grounds, finishing off with the confetti pictures on the steps.Wedding Photographer Essex The Wedding Breakfast beckoned, so the Guests took their places leaving Tracy and Ben a few minutes by themselves.  Making sure they had chilling out time, just before they went inside a couple of pictures of Tracy swirling her dress. The Orangery looked lovely! In fact the colours Tracy and Ben had chosen for their Wedding was superb.  After the meal it was time for the Speeches. Good Speeches, great reactions! Once these were completed everybody went outside to enjoy the evening sunshine.  The Flowergirls went off to enjoy the freedom of playing and running about on the lawn as they had done earlier in the afternoon  as Tracy and Ben’s evening Guests arrived. After Tracy and Ben had greeted a few of them we took them for a few pictures inside the house upstairs and on the balcony. Tracy threw her bouquet afterwards from the Balcony to the waiting girls below. Great pictures! After cutting their Wedding Cake, Tracy and Ben took to the dance floor for their First Dance, followed by their Guests. We couldn’t have asked for a better sunset,  it was brilliant! Tracy and Ben then rejoined their Guess to continue dancing which is when we said ‘goodbye’. A wonderful day and a lovely couple!Essex Wedding Photographer


35 Years of Professional Wedding Photography

35 Years of Professional Wedding Photography

35 Years ago David photographed his Professional wedding assignment. In those days it was film so it had to be correct straight off, no digital “check it on the screen” and “can you correct that in Photoshop!!”

Jeannette and Martin were married at Braintree Register Office on 1st August 1981 and if I remember correctly it cost them about £45. It was shot on 35mm Kodak film on a Nikon FM (manual exposure, manual focus) with just a 50mmm lens.  We still have the negatives on file and all of the 1950 weddings we have photographed since then! Congratulations to Jeannette and Martin who are still married and now live in Bristol, we are still great friends. Thank you again to them, for having the faith to book in the first place!

Experienced Essex Wedding Photographer

Stock Brook Manor Wedding Photography – Jane & Geoff

Stock Brook Manor Wedding Photography

It was a windy but a bright dry day for Jane and Geoff’s Wedding at Stock Brook Manor.  Jane’s final bridal preparations were taking place upstairs at Stock Brook, which is where we found her with her Daughter, Nicki, Son, Dan and Granddaughter, Mikayla. Whilst I was capturing a few informal pictures upstairs, Geoff was having his pictures taken downstairs by David.  In between times Geoff was welcoming the Guests. We took a few pictures of Jane and her family, as Geoff and the Wedding Guests made their way into the Garden Room for the Ceremony.  Jane took Dan’s arm,with Mikayla leading the way, they walked into the Ceremony Room. Stock Brook Manor Wedding PhotographyAfter the Ceremony, everybody enjoyed the Drinks Reception inside. We found the most sheltered spot from the wind to take  Jane & Geoff’s requested groups pictures.  The reactions they caused will be remembered! Good fun! Jane and Geoff then re-joined their Guests to continue the Drinks Reception, allowing us to capture some informal pictures.  Jane and Geoff wanted to spend as much time as possible with their Guests but we did manage to steal them away for a few minutes for their ‘together’ pictures. Ted Prior the Toastmaster organised the Receiving Line before the start of the Wedding Breakfast in the Rosewood Suite. The Speeches provided us with some good images and after taking some informal pictures later, it was time for us to leave. A lovely day of Stock Brook Manor wedding photography.


Wedding Photography Hunters Meet, Hatfield Heath, for Mel & Ollie

Wedding Photography Hunters Meet – It was a wet start when we travelled to Mel and Ollie’s house for Mel’s final bridal preparations. When we arrived Mel was having the finishing touches to her hair and make-up, giving us time to photograph the details and accessories.  Once Mel was ready, a few pictures were taken of Mel and her Bridesmaids inside as it was still rather wet outside.  As luck would have it, when we were ready to leave for the Church, it had stopped raining and the sky was brighter.Essex Wedding Photographer

St Mary The Virgin Church, Debden was where we met Ollie and his Groomsmen and managed to get a few pictures of all of them before they continued to carry out their duties.   It wasn’t long before Mel and her Mother arrived in her Grandad’s classic Austin car and after a couple of pictures they entered the Church.

Essex Wedding Photographer

Following the service Mel and Ollie spent a few minutes talking to their Guests, then it was time to quickly get on with the requested family pictures as the clouds were threatening more rain.  Confetti followed the photographs before we all left for the Reception. Wedding Photographer Essex

When Mel and Ollie arrived at Hunters Meet Hotel, the Austin was driven into the Garden where their racing Mini car was, so they could have some special pictures taken. Making sure Mel and Ollie spent some time with their Guests, we spent our time getting some informal pictures.  Although the weather was fine the rain clouds were on their way again!  We took Mel and Ollie for their pictures, taking some other small group pictures before the ‘everybody’ shot was a good move.  No sooner as we had finished our last picture, the rain started!  How fortunate they were!  The heavens opened and continued for some time. With everybody inside it was time for the Wedding Breakfast followed by the Speeches before the evening Reception.  Later Mel and Ollie’s Evening Guests arrived and just before their First Dance we went onto Hatfield Heath itself for a few evening images, not quite the sunset we hoped for but a little colour in the clouds made up for it.  Essex Wedding Photographers

Our coverage of Mel and Ollie’s Wedding Day finished a little while later.


Pre-Wedding Pictures

We met with Katie and Howard recently for their pre-wedding pictures and chat about their forthcoming Wedding at Vaulty Manor later in the year.  Our local River Walk provided us with some good spots for some nice pictures.

Engagement portraits



Crondon Park Wedding Photography for Katie & Michael

Crondon Park, Stock, was the chosen Wedding Venue for Katie and Michael’s Wedding.  On the morning of the Wedding Katie was getting ready with her Mum and Bridesmaids at her friend’s Cherilyn’s house. Preparations were going well and after photographing the accessories, we captured some nice images of all of them, before leaving to go to the Venue. Michael, his Best Man, Antony, Usher, Rick and Pageboy, George, were busy carrying out their duties but we managed to take a few pictures of them before it was time for Michael to see the Registrars and be seated for the Ceremony. Once Katie arrived and had been interviewed by the Registrars,  she took her Mum’s arm and they entered the ceremony room.  After the Ceremony, Katie and Michael greeted their Guests whilst we took some informal pictures.  Later everybody went outside for the requested family group pictures and at the same time we took some fun bridal pictures.  After a break it was time for Katie and Michael’s pictures around the grounds.  It was a bright, sunny but chilly day and we made the most of the setting,  giving Katie and Michael a selection of different pictures.  The Wedding Breakfast was held in the magnificent Crondon Park Baronial Hall, which looked stunning especially with the colour scheme Katie and Michael had chosen.  Coverage of the Speeches followed, then a short time afterwards their evening Guests stated to arrive.  After the cake cutting and taking some evening pictures we left them all to continue the celebrations. Katie and Michael are such a fun couple and it was lovely to be part of their special day.  It was also nice to see Cherilyn (Matron of Honour) and Antony (Best Man) as  we photographed their Wedding in 2012 at Channels Golf Club, Chelmsford, as well as seeing Sarah and James whose Wedding we photographed at The Fennes Estate in 2013.

Essex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding Photographer



Pre-wedding shoot

It was a nice morning when we met Jenna and Pete for their pre-wedding shoot in the late autumn last year.  Jenna and Pete are getting married this year at The Fennes Estate, Bocking.

pre-wedding shoot