Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon for Victoria & Antony

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Crabbs Barn was the chosen Venue for Victoria and Antony’s Wedding.  With the amount of rain we had in the morning we were so pleased it had all disappeared before we arrived at Crabbs Barn later on in the day.  At the Bridal Suite preparations were going well.  The Bridesmaids, Flowergirl and Pageboys stepped outside the room for a moment so we could photograph Vickies dress which they were not allowed to see until it was on! Afterwards they finished getting ready and when Vicky was ready we captured some lovely moments when they saw her dressed.

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn

Crabbs Barn Wedding

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn  Whilst this was going on Antony, his Best Man and Ushers were having their pictures taken by David before they resumed their duties.  Stepping outside of the Bridal Suite we took a few pictures of Vicky, her Parents and Bridesmaids.Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn  It was soon time for Vicky to make the short walk into the Barn for the Civil Ceremony. Following the Ceremony Vicky and Antony led their Guests outside for the Drinks Reception.  During the afternoon, there was time for Vicky and Antony to enjoy talking to their Guests as well as having the requested photographs taken.  After a few pictures of the two of them around the grounds of Crabbs Barn it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. Following the Speeches the Guests went to The Garden Room for coffee whilst the Barn was prepared for the evening celebrations.  When most of Vicky and Antony’s evening Guests had arrived the happy couple then took to the dance floor for their First Dance.  Before we left a little while later we took a couple of nightime pictures of Vicky and Antony which completed a wonderful day.

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Crabbs Barn night wedding photos


Crabbs Barn Evening Wedding, Kelvedon for Elizabeth & Ryan

Crabbs Barn Evening Wedding – Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon was the chosen Wedding Venue for Elizabeth and Ryan’s evening Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  We arrived at Crabbs Barn and met Ryan, together with his brother who was the Best Man.  In between Ryan welcoming the Guests we took a couple of pictures of him together with members of his family before it was time for him to see the Registrars.  Elizabeth arrived shortly after with her daughter, who was the Flowergirl, and her sisters who were the Bridesmaids. We managed to get a couple of pictures of them all before it was time for the Ceremony to begin.  Following the Ceremony everybody enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the grounds of Crabbs Barn. A little while later we took a few requested family pictures before the fun Bridal Party pictures and catching up on a few portraits of Elizabeth.Crabbs Barn Evening Wedding Enjoying the nice weather we later took Elizabeth and Ryan all around Crabbs Barn including taking some pictures in the lane and in the Cornfield before the confetti shots.

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Crabbs Barn Evening Wedding

Crabbs Barn Evening Wedding

Crabbs Barn field shot

Informal Speeches followed and these made for some nice images outside the Barn before it was time for the meal.  Shortly afterwards it was time for the cake cutting and then Elizabeth and Ryan took to the dance floor for their First Dance as husband and wife, which is where we ended our wedding photography coverage.

Crabbs Barn Evening Wedding

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Abi & Paul

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – It was a lovely day with a bit of a breeze, when we arrived at Abi’s Mum’s house for the final bridal preparation pictures.  Whilst these were going on, David went to see Paul and the Groomsmen who were getting ready close by.  Everything was running smoothly and by the time David returned the flower girls were ready and not long afterwards so was everybody else.  With some family pictures taken it was time to leave for Plume Avenue United Reform Church.  Paul, his Best Men and Ushers had a few pictures taken before the arrival of Abi.  Making her entrance into the Church on her Mother’s arm we were able to get some nice pictures from the balcony as well as from the front of the church.  After the service Abi and Paul requested an everybody shot before going outside for the confetti pictures.  The Reception was held at the popular and superb Crabbs Barn in Kelvedon.  As we were there with Abi and Paul before most of the Guests we all went for a quick walk around Crabbs Barn for a few of their pictures.  During the Drinks Reception some family group pictures were taken, followed by some fun bridal party pictures.  After photographing the Speeches ,which followed the Wedding Breakfast, the weather and evening light was good so we took Abi and Paul for a walk in the lane achieving some relaxed pictures ending with a sunset picture. The evening reception began, Evening Guests arrived, and once the Band was set up, Abi and Paul took to the floor for their First Dance.  To finish our coverage of Abi and Paul’s Wedding Day we took a nightime picture of them outside the Barn.

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Wedding Photography for Anne & Paul – Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon

The Crowne Plaza Resort, Five Lakes, was where Anne, and the girls were getting ready so it was there that we started our day.  Knowing that time would be short, we still managed to capture the moments to tell the story.  When we arrived at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon, Paul, his Best Man and Ushers were ready for their pictures, before they were required to be out of sight!  Following the Ceremony, Anne and Paul went for a short ride in the car whilst their Guests enjoyed the Drinks reception.  On their return and just as we had taken a couple of pictures by the car, the heavens opened!  This was forecast but it was slightly earlier than expected, and took a longer time to go!  After taking some informal pictures we decided to take some of the smaller family group pictures in the Pavilion followed by taking Anne and Paul into the Barn and other sheltered areas around Crabbs Barn for a few pictures of barn Although we work alot at Crabbs Barn and love it, we strive to give each couple different pictures and today was no exception, despite the weather!  In between the courses of the Wedding Breakfast the sun came out and Anne and Paul wanted to have a couple of pictures taken in the grounds which we did.  Once the Speeches had finished the larger family group pictures were taken before the evening With a sunset picture and a rainbow picture later, Anne and Paul’s Wedding Day certainly had variety!
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Wedding Photography for Jo & Doug – Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon

Jo and Doug chose the lovely Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon for their Wedding. Our first point of call when we arrived at Crabbs Barn was the Bridal suite where Jo was getting ready.  It was lovely to see Jo’s hairdresser, Sarah, (whose wedding we photographed in November 2011, at Prested Hall, Kelvedon) but as she was working the talk would be later on! Meanwhile, Doug and his Attendants had some pictures taken before their Guests arrived.  Having photographed Jo’s accessories and details we stepped outside for some pictures of Jo, her  Parents, Bridesmaid and Pageboys, as it was dry and bright although the clouds looked threatening.  The rain started on cue as we finished the pictures, thanks to Paul and Jack for being in the right place at the right time with the brollies!  As Jo was seeing the Registrars the rain turned to hailstones!!   Following the Civil Ceremony, the sun was out as Jo and Doug greeted their Guests during the Drinks Reception and we captured some nice informal pictures before taking the family group pictures.  We stole Jo and Doug away for a few pictures around Crabbs Barn before the Wedding Breakfast. wedding-photographer-essex-crabbs barn-kelvedon Coverage of Speeches followed before everybody exited the barn so it could be turned around for the eveining Reception.  With some nice evening light we took Jo and Doug for a couple of pictures at some different spots around Crabbs Barn ending in a sunset
wedding-photographer-essex-crabbs barn-kelvedon It was nice to see some familar faces at this Wedding and catch up during the evening.  Following some pictures of their Evening Guests and pictures of their First Dance our day ended.