Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography

Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography

It was a lovely day for Becky and Marcus’ Church Wedding at Lavenham and their Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography and reception. Becky, her Parents and Bridesmaids were getting ready at The Swan, Lavenham. When we arrived there earlier in the day preparations were well underway. We stayed a while in the room where the preparations were going capturing a few of these pictures before going off to photograph Becky’s Wedding Dress and accessories in another room. Essex Wedding PhotographerReturning to the girls it was time for the Bridesmaids to go and get changed and Becky followed soon after. With lots going on and time evaporating extremely quickly everyone was very focused!

David decided to go to the Church during changing whilst I remained with the girls. So good to have the Church just up the road! Once Becky and the Bridesmaids were ready, I just took a couple of pictures of them before Becky’s Father came upstairs to see his daughter. It is one of those moments I love and I was happy to be there. My turn now to get my skates on and leave them and make my way to the St Peter & St Paul Church.Essex Wedding PhotographerDavid had taken the pictures of Marcus and his Groomsmen and they were inside the Church awaiting the arrival of Becky. The Bridesmaids and Becky arrived and entered the Church. After the service Becky and Marcus came out of the Church and went off to the side to allow their Guests to exit. The guests lined the path and showered the happy couple!Essex Wedding Photographer At the Church we took the few requested family pictures before leaving to go to Smeetham Barn.

Smeetham Hall Barn

Drinks awaited everyone at Smeetham. After Becky and Marcus had some social time we went over to the House and grounds for a few pictures of them. Enjoying the weather everyone socialised outside and we got on with taking some informal pictures. Soon it was time for the Wedding Breakfast followed by the Speeches. Some great reactions captured!

As the time before the Wedding Breakfast had been a little short,  the Bridal Party and us went over to the lake for a few fun relaxed pictures after the meal.Wedding Photographer Smeetham Hall Barn Keeping Becky and Marcus a little while longer, we took a few more pictures of them by the water. Returning to their Guests as the Evening Guests were now arriving.

Becky and Marcus had time to socialise for a while.Later they cut their Wedding cake and took to the dance floor for their First Dance.

Smeetham Barn is a lovely place if you get a sunset and Becky and Marcus did. A fantastic way to end our coverage of their Wedding.Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Photography Thank you Becky and Marcus for letting us be your Wedding Photographers, a wonderful Wedding!


Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers for Emma & Rob

Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers for Emma & Rob

We were delighted to be Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers for the Spring Wedding of Emma & Rob. The forecast for the day was that it was going to be a hot day and we were not disappointed.

When we arrived at Vaulty Manor on the morning of the Wedding it wasn’t long before we were looking for the shade! Emma was getting ready in the Bridal Suite with her Mum.

Preparations were going well so we got on with taking a few pictures of Emma’s Wedding Dress and accessories. We liked their Disney theme!

Rob and his Brother,Paul, were around the Venue sorting out a few last minute things before they went off to get ready. Preparation pictures taken, Rob and Paul got into their Wedding attire. Once they were ready they had a few pictures with the Dads with the Wedding Car.

The car was for Emma and her Dad as they were going to go for a car ride before the Ceremony.Wedding Photographer Vaulty Manor Once Rob’s pictures were finished they went into the new Reception area. Emma had a few pictures taken in the Bridal Suite once she was ready but time was evaporating at an increased rate! Emma and her Father then went off for a ride. As the Guests arrived at Vaulty Manor they went into the new Reception area which is a lovely extension to this Wedding Venue.

The Wedding Ceremony

Before long it was time for the Guests to go into the room for the Civil Ceremony. Emma had arrived back at the Venue and after seeing the Registrars was ready to make her entrance into the room accompanied by her Father.Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers Following the Ceremony the Guests made their way outside and waited for Emma and Rob to come out so they could cover them with confetti. As everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception we took some informal pictures. Emma and Rob wanted some family pictures taken which we took afterwards.

We couldn’t believe the swan in the grounds of the Manor House made an appearance so taking the Bride and Groom with us we went over to the pond and took a few pictures.Wedding Photographer Essex Vaulty Manor It was such a lovely day but rather hot so we didn’t take very long in taking their pictures, they were happy and so were we to do catch up on their pictures in the evening.

The Wedding Breakfast

It was soon time for the Wedding Breakfast. The Speeches followed. Rob delivered his Speech as is usual for the Groom, finishing it off with a magic trick. The pressure was on, especially as there was a Magician in the room! Brilliant! It worked, well done, Rob!Essex Wedding Photographer After the Wedding Breakfast the Magician entertained the Guests whilst we took Emma and Rob around the grounds to catch on a few pictures we didn’t do earlier. Wonderful light, lovely pictures. In addition the Swan made another appearance!Wedding Photographer Vaulty Manor

Evening Celebrations

Once the Band had set up Emma and Rob cut their Wedding Cake and had their First Dance. During the evening we took a few pictures of the evening Guests then made ourselves scarce for a little while. Later it was time for Sunset, Sparklers and as a surprise for everyone there were Fireworks.Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer Once these were finished we said our goodbyes. Thank you Rob and Emma for being such a lovely couple to work with, a very enjoyable day with some wonderful pictures!

So nice to catch up with Sam and Craig again as we photographed their Wedding at Crabbs Barn in 2015.


Pre-Wedding Pictures for Katie & Dan

Pre-Wedding Pictures for Katie & Dan

Katie and Daniel came to see us just before their Wedding and pre-wedding pictures. The wedding was last year at Fennes. They came with their children, Jake and Belle and it was nice to meet them before the Wedding.

After a coffee and a chat and filling in the details about their Wedding, we all went off to take a few pictures. Getting to know our clients before their big day is really important to us and we find a brief time in different surroundings provides an opportunity of getting to know each other better.

Pre-Wedding Pictures for Katie & Dan



Wedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg

Wedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg

We were delighted to be theWedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg.  It was a dry bright day when we arrived at Prested Hall. Preparations were taking place upstairs in Prested Hall so that’s where we started.  Everything was running well and all the girls were very relaxed and enjoying what was going on. Without hurrying, there was time to take the details and accessories pictures in between capturing a variety of getting ready pictures.

Greg was in the Apartment getting ready and we captured a few pictures of his preparations as well. Once Greg and the guys were ready they made their way over to Prested Hall where they had a few pictures taken. Greg and his Groomsmen then greeted the Guests. Once the girls were ready and Tori’s Father had come into the room to see his daughter we got on with their pictures. It was nice to have a little extra time to take Tori’s Bridal portraits, she looked amazing! Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Finishing the pictures it was time for the Ceremony. The Guests were seated in the Garden Room ready for the Ceremony, whilst Greg stood waiting for Tori to enter the room. Recommended Wedding Photographer Prested Hall

After the Ceremony

After the Ceremony Tori and Greg together with their Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception. A short time later we got on with the requested family pictures. The sun was out whilst we took the pictures but as we were coming to the finish with the group pictures, dark clouds appeared! The Guests made their way into Prested Hall  as it started to rain, but Tori, Greg and ourselves decided to head over to the Gazebo.  Under cover we took a few of Tori and Greg’s together pictures, David got a touch wet! Essex Wedding Photographer Prested HallTori and Greg then returned to their Guests until the Wedding Breakfast. The Marquee was where the Wedding Breakfast was held and after the meal we captured the moments of the Speeches. Once the Speeches were completed there was a break before the start of the evening celebrations.

The Evening

During this time, Tori, Greg and ourselves went off for a short while to take some more pictures of them and the sunset. The rain had stopped, it was a pleasant evening and we made the most of the time.
Prested Hall Wedding Photographer

On our return, the evening Guests had arrived and after a short while Tori and Greg cut their Wedding Cake. Their First Dance was next and afterwards we took a few informal pictures of the evening celebrations.  Our last pictures of the night were the Sparklers’ shots. Tori and Greg’s Wedding Day was a memorable day, they are a wonderful couple! Congratulations!


Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Laura & Alex

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Laura & Alex

We had the pleasure of providing wedding photography for Laura and Alex’s wedding at the wonderful Crabbs Barn. Meeting with Laura when we arrived there was a nice feel of relaxation with the girls getting ready without rushing.Recommended Wedding Photographer Crabbs Laura was having her hair finished, her Wedding Dress and accessories were out for us to photograph. As final preparations were going on Alex was out at the front of the Barn with his Groomsmen. When they were all ready we got on with taking their pictures. It was such a beautiful day and the setting for the outside Ceremony looked lovely.  Alex and his Groomsmen greeted the Guests as they arrived and they all mingled outside until it was time for them to be seated for the Ceremony.

Laura was ready with time to spare, great! Laura was wearing her Grandma’s veil and knowing this was extremely special we made sure this featured !Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn

The Ceremony & Reception

When the Registrars’ meeting was completed, Laura, her Father and the Bridesmaids exited the Barn and made their way toward the Gazebo for the Ceremony.  Once the Ceremony was over the Guests followed Laura and Alex into the grounds for the Drinks Reception. Laura and Alex spent a nice time socialising with their Guests before we got on with the requested family pictures. These went smoothly and after Laura and Alex had a little social time we took them for a short walk around the Grounds.

Following their ‘together’ pictures, there was still time for Laura and Alex to mingle again before being showered in confetti. Following the Wedding Breakfast the Speeches followed.Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn Afterwards we managed to take Laura and Alex away for a few minutes for some evening pictures in the lane.Essex Wedding Photographer After a beautiful day a nice sunset! A little while later Laura and Alex cut their Wedding cake and had their First Dance. Guests then joined them on the dance floor. After capturing a flavour of the evening, some informal people pictures, it was time for us to leave. A wonderful day and and a lovely couple!


Vows Renewal Ceremony Fennes

Vows Renewal Ceremony Fennes

We went to Fennes for a Vows Renewal Ceremony for Vanessa and Malcolm.  The Ceremony was at The Fennes Estate, Bocking. Vanessa and Malcolm were joined by their family and friends for this occasion. We arrived at Fennes where Ness was getting ready helped by her Bridesmaids, whilst Malcolm was getting ready in the Cottage.

David went to see how the men were getting on whilst I stayed with Ness and the girls. Once Malcolm and his Groomsmen were ready they had a few pictures taken in front of the house.Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerIt was a lovely day and as the Guests arrived they socialised outside in the grounds and were joined by Malcolm and his Groomsmen. In the house final preparations were finished, it was nice to see Michelle of Bumblebee Bridal again, and we got on with taking some pictures of them all. With the Guests seated outside for the Ceremony, Ness came downstairs and met with Malcolm  before they went into the Gold Room and then outside. Fennes Wedding Photographer

The Ceremony and Drinks Reception

It was lovely that Malcolm’s Aunt carried out the Ceremony for Ness and Malcolm. Following the Ceremony, Ness and Malcolm spent with their Guests during the Drinks Reception.  During this period we also got on with taking the pictures that Ness and Malcolm requested, as well as taking some capture the moment pictures. Wedding Photographer Fennes

The Wedding Breakfast and Evening

After the confetti pictures everyone made their way into the Pavilion. There were a couple of Speeches before the Hog Roast then Ness and Malcolm cut the cakes. One of the cakes was the top tier of Ness and Malcolm’s original Wedding Cake and it was edible! There was some time available after that so we took Ness and Malcolm for  a short time away from their Guests to take some pictures together with a sunset picture.Wedding Photographer Fennes Returning a little time later dancing followed. A box of dressing up items proved a hit with lots of the Guests and we were there to capture the results! Happy with our coverage of Ness and Malcolm’s Wedding Day we then said our ‘goodbyes’. Ness and Malcolm had a wonderful day and we were delighted to be asked to be part of it. Thank you, Ness and Malcolm.


Moreves Barn Wedding Photography for Katy & Sean

Moreves Barn Wedding Photography for Katy & Sean

Katy and Sean booked us for Moreves Barn wedding photography. A perfect place for a summer country Wedding, we loved it!  On the morning of the Wedding we travelled to The Case, Assington, which is where Katy, her Parents and Bridesmaids were  staying and getting ready for the Wedding. Not only is The Case a wonderful place to stay but the food is absolutely fabulous!

Katy was enjoying her morning of getting ready and was so relaxed! Come to that so were all of them! Whilst the final preparations were taking place we took pictures of Katy’s dress and accessories. Leah, the Flowergirl looked lovely  in her dress as did the Bridesmaids. Katy looked stunning in her Wedding Dress. Once her Father had come into the room and seen her we got on with the pictures. We stepped outside and found a sheltered spot as it was a touch windy.

Moreves Barn Wedding Photographer

Moreves Barn

With a few pictures taken we left them to go to Moreves Barn for the Ceremony. Sean and his Groomsmen were there and quickly took a few pictures of them before they were needed for their duties. With the guests all safely out of the way  Katy arrived and went up the outside steps into the Barn. A few minutes later Katy and her Father walked down the aisle. Katy’s Grandma was able to view the Ceremony from the ground floor which was perfect. Moreves Barn Wedding Photography

Following the Ceremony the Guests left by one entrance, then when they all gathered in the Courtyard, Katy and Sean came down the steps and once on terra firma were showered in confetti. Everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception outside. Katy and Sean went for a short drive in the car before we got on with the requested family pictures. There are so many photo opportunities at Moreves Barn that you are spoilt for choice, so during the rest of the afternoon we used a few of these without taking Katy and Sean away from their Guests for too long. Wedding photos at Moreves Barn

The Speeches and Evening Celebrations

Time for the Speeches before the Wedding Breakfast. It was a nice evening so whilst waiting for the evening Guests to arrive and the evening celebrations to begin we took Katy and Sean for a few more pictures around the grounds. Katy and Sean cut their Wedding Cake before going onto the dance floor, not for their First Dance though!

A game took place between the two of them which was amusing. After their First Dance and when we had taken a few informal pictures to capture the evening, the sunset beckoned! A massive ‘thank you’ to Katy and Sean for that extra walk for the sunset picture, it was worth it! Wedding Photographer Suffolk Moreves BarnHappy with our coverage of Katy and Sean’s Wedding we said our ‘goodbyes’.  A fantastic Wedding and a pleasure to work with such a lovely couple! It was lovely to catch up Nicola (Sean’s sister) and Kris again, we photographed their Wedding at Crabbs Barn in 2013. It was also nice to see Katherine and Matt again whose Wedding we photographed at Haughley Park Barn in 2013. This was our first Moreves Barn Wedding Photography and we thoroughly liked it, we are looking forward to working there again.


Fennes Wedding Photographers For Najette & Bobby

Fennes Wedding Photographers

The sun was shining brightly when we arrived to be Fennes Wedding Photographers for the the Wedding of Najette and Bobby. After saying ‘hello’ to Naj and Tors, Naj’s Matron of Honour. David went off to find Bobby and the men. Naj was getting ready in the Bridal Changing Rooms helped by her friends. Bobby was getting ready in the Cottage.

Preparations were going well for both of them so after capturing a flavour of these Bobby and his Groomsmen were soon ready for some pictures. Making the most of the summer sunshine these were taken outside although we love taking pictures inside at Fennes as well! When these were finished they all mingled with the Guests. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerMeanwhile Naj was almost ready for her pictures. Her Father came upstairs to see her before we took a few pictures and then it was time for Najette to go downstairs heading to the Ceremony. Whilst this was happening the Guests were taking their seats outside for the outside Ceremony.

The Ceremony

The weather was holding, just! Naj then took her Father’s arm and made her way out of the Gold Room and into the grounds of Fennes. The Ceremony started and the clouds gathered! A couple of claps of thunder in the distance followed but fortunately the rain held off! Essex Wedding Photographer FennesAs the Ceremony finished the sun re-appeared and everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the grounds. After having a little time to socialise we then got on with taking  the requested family pictures. Naj and Bobby’s ‘together’pictures were taken during the afternoon around Fennes.  We did take umbrellas with us but only needed them when we finished their pictures. Good timing! Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes

The Wedding Breakfast

After the confetti it was time for the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches. Before the start of the evening celebrations there was time for everyone to continue with socialising in the Pavilion or take a wander around the gardens of Fennes. It was during this time and the weather was fine we took Naj andBobby for a few minutes for a few evening pictures around the Venue and Naj and Bobby were happy to try out a couple of different pictures that we had been thinking of.Fennes Wedding Photographers Once the Evening Guests had  arrived  Naj and Bobby cut their Wedding Cake. Their First Dance followed before they were joined on the dance floor by their Guests. Our final pictures of Naj and Bobby’s Wedding Day was of the sunset. Naj and Bobby are a lovely couple and were great to work with. A wonderful day!


Wedding Photography Fennes for Paula & Jason

Wedding Photography Fennes for Paula & Jason

Wedding Photography Fennes – Great to be back at the wonderful Fennes a few days after our previous Wedding there.  It is a brilliant Venue with superb staff to make your Wedding Day so special. Paula and Jason’s Wedding was no exception! It was overcast but dry when we arrived at Fennes on the morning of the Wedding.  We headed up to the Bridal Changing Room where Paula was getting ready. Everybody was very relaxed and preparations were going well. The men were getting ready in the Lodges so David made his way over to them to see how things were progressing. Very well was the answer, so after capturing a few of these pictures, Jason and his Groomsmen made their way over to the House for a few pictures. Afterwards, as the Guests arrived, Jason greeted them whilst we captured a few arrival pictures as well. The girls were well on their way by this time and soon ready for their pictures. Paula’s Brother came to join us as we started as he was going to be giving her away. Wedding Photographer FennesAfter a few pictures it was time for the Civil Ceremony.  The Pavilion looked lovely, the Guests were seated, the Harpist was playing and all was ready for Paula to make her entrance. Following the Ceremony everyone walked up to the front of the house for the Drinks Reception.  It was raining outside so everybody socialised inside for a while. Fortunately, the weather did break, long enough for us to take some requested family pictures outside. Once these were completed we took Paula and Jason for a very quick walk around the grounds. Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesIt was drizzling a little bit by now so we started with a brolly but were able to discard it after a couple of pictures as it had virtually stopped.. It would have been a shame if we didn’t include the bluebells and blossom in Paula and Jason’s pictures so were very lucky. Riding our luck we did a few fun Bridal Party pictures outside before going back inside for to take a few more.Wedding Photography FennesPaula and Jason then carried on with talking to their Guests. During the rest of the time before the Wedding Breakfast we took a variety of informal pictures.The Speeches provided some good reactions which we were there to capture. During the time before the Evening Guests arrived we took a few pictures in Fennes as it was raining of Paula and Jason and some group shots as of their Evening Guests. Later Paula and Jason cut their Wedding Cake  before taking to the dance floor for their First Dance.Wedding Photographer Fennes Essex A lovely couple! Congratulations Paula and Jason on your Wedding and thank you for asking us to photograph your Wedding.


Pre-Wedding Pictures Hylands Park for Nicola and Nick

Pre-Wedding Pictures Hylands Park for Nicola and Nick

We met Nicola and Nick one morning a couple of months ago at Hylands Park, Chelmsford. First of all we went for a walk around the grounds taking a few pictures of them. Happy with the results we then went for a coffee and a chat to the teashop to discuss the details of their Wedding Day. This discussion works really well giving us a good idea of what is planned for the wedding day. Nicola and Nick are getting married this summer at Channels.

Pre-Wedding Pictures Hylands Park Essex