A Testimonial for Wedding Photography at The Ritz, London

OMG!!! What can we say – we absolutely LOVE the photo’s!! We watched them when we came home (from honeymoon) at 1am this morning with my mum, dad, nan and grandad and we are all blown away!
You have both captured our day perfectly and we cannot believe how it tells a complete story of the day – it is truly amazing. We are lost for words and of course now have the terrible task of having to choose them.
Also we were thinking of putting all our photo’s on the jpeg for guests to see, except the ones of us getting ready etc – Alan  is a little uncomfortable of our guests seeing him in his pants, then there is me and my rollers and of course my dad is worried about his belly (lol..) Shall we let you know tonight where to start from?
we love the photo’s so much and are so happy we found you both (this feeling is echoed by my family and only 4 people have seen them so far!!)
Thanks and see you soon
London wedding photographer
‘Official’ blog for the day will get done soon……