Horsemeat found in wedding photography!

The scandal continues now that authorities have discovered up to 100% Horsemeat in some wedding photography.  The culture of cheap deals has been blamed with large quantities of untested, unregulated snappers looking to make a quick buck and hoping that nobody will find out.

A government spokesman said Horsemeat in wedding photography was only hazardous to the health of the snapper, the lack of a Bride’s happy memory of her big day was only an issue for Civil Courts.

Miss Hacked Offbride, a spokesperson for Disgruntled Brides Association, said she was surprised to find that despite having good cameras some unqualified photographers were delivering 100% horsemeat!

Qualified Professional Photographers who are Members of The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) and Master Photographers Association (MPA) seem less affected by this scandal and are seeing an increase in trade.

Further revelations regarding other wedding trades are expected soon.