Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers for Emma & Rob

Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers for Emma & Rob

We were delighted to be Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers for the Spring Wedding of Emma & Rob. The forecast for the day was that it was going to be a hot day and we were not disappointed.

When we arrived at Vaulty Manor on the morning of the Wedding it wasn’t long before we were looking for the shade! Emma was getting ready in the Bridal Suite with her Mum.

Preparations were going well so we got on with taking a few pictures of Emma’s Wedding Dress and accessories. We liked their Disney theme!

Rob and his Brother,Paul, were around the Venue sorting out a few last minute things before they went off to get ready. Preparation pictures taken, Rob and Paul got into their Wedding attire. Once they were ready they had a few pictures with the Dads with the Wedding Car.

The car was for Emma and her Dad as they were going to go for a car ride before the Ceremony.Wedding Photographer Vaulty Manor Once Rob’s pictures were finished they went into the new Reception area. Emma had a few pictures taken in the Bridal Suite once she was ready but time was evaporating at an increased rate! Emma and her Father then went off for a ride. As the Guests arrived at Vaulty Manor they went into the new Reception area which is a lovely extension to this Wedding Venue.

The Wedding Ceremony

Before long it was time for the Guests to go into the room for the Civil Ceremony. Emma had arrived back at the Venue and after seeing the Registrars was ready to make her entrance into the room accompanied by her Father.Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographers Following the Ceremony the Guests made their way outside and waited for Emma and Rob to come out so they could cover them with confetti. As everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception we took some informal pictures. Emma and Rob wanted some family pictures taken which we took afterwards.

We couldn’t believe the swan in the grounds of the Manor House made an appearance so taking the Bride and Groom with us we went over to the pond and took a few pictures.Wedding Photographer Essex Vaulty Manor It was such a lovely day but rather hot so we didn’t take very long in taking their pictures, they were happy and so were we to do catch up on their pictures in the evening.

The Wedding Breakfast

It was soon time for the Wedding Breakfast. The Speeches followed. Rob delivered his Speech as is usual for the Groom, finishing it off with a magic trick. The pressure was on, especially as there was a Magician in the room! Brilliant! It worked, well done, Rob!Essex Wedding Photographer After the Wedding Breakfast the Magician entertained the Guests whilst we took Emma and Rob around the grounds to catch on a few pictures we didn’t do earlier. Wonderful light, lovely pictures. In addition the Swan made another appearance!Wedding Photographer Vaulty Manor

Evening Celebrations

Once the Band had set up Emma and Rob cut their Wedding Cake and had their First Dance. During the evening we took a few pictures of the evening Guests then made ourselves scarce for a little while. Later it was time for Sunset, Sparklers and as a surprise for everyone there were Fireworks.Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer Once these were finished we said our goodbyes. Thank you Rob and Emma for being such a lovely couple to work with, a very enjoyable day with some wonderful pictures!

So nice to catch up with Sam and Craig again as we photographed their Wedding at Crabbs Barn in 2015.


Vaulty Manor Wedding Photography for Joanne & Barry

Vaulty Manor Wedding Photography for Joanne & Barry

Our Vaulty Manor Wedding Photography for Joanne and Barry started in the morning at Joanne and Barry’s home. Jo was getting ready there with her Bridesmaids. All preparations were running smoothly and after taking pictures of Joanne’s dress and accessories, the girls got dressed.  Joanne’s Mother and Father arrived  with Mum then assisting Joanne with the final preparations.

Vaulty Manor Wedding PhotographerAfter a few family and girls’ pictures we left them to go to Vaulty Manor.  The men were all there so we got on with taking a few pictures of them outside.  Wedding Photographer Vaulty ManorWhen it was time,  everyone made their way inside for the Civil Ceremony. Joanne arrived soon after and once she had seen the Registrars took her Father’s arm and with the Bridesmaids leading the way, followed them into Vaulty Manor. It was nice to see Susie (Registrar) again, we photographed her Wedding at Stock Brook Manor in 2006 and have also taken family pictures since. Civil Ceremony Wedding PhotographerAfter the Ceremony, the Guests went outside with hands full of confetti and waited for Joanne and Barry to appear. This they did, so after being covered in confetti we got on with taking the requested group pictures. Some fun Bridal pictures followed before Joanne and Barry had a few minutes to talk to their Guests.  The forecast was not good, so we had to keep things moving and we were aware we needed to take Joanne and Barry for their pictures.  Making sure we had brollies to hand, we went off around the grounds, achieving some nice pictures in the daffodils.Vaulty Manor Wedding Photography Finishing their pictures, the rain started to fall, and by the time Joanne and Barry were walking back to Vaulty Manor, that signalled the end of outside pictures for the day! The Greeting Line preceded the Wedding Breakfast with the Speeches following. The Best Man’s Speech was superb, very amusing and we captured some great reactions. During the evening we took a few pictures of Joanne and Barry upstairs in between the arrival of their evening Guests. Before the First Dance Joanne and Barry cut their Wedding Cake, then the Guests joined them on the dance floor. Not long afterwards, it was time for us to say goodbye.  A lovely day!


Pre-Wedding Session for Joanne & Barry

Pre-Wedding Session for Joanne & Barry

Not long before Joanne and Barry’s Wedding we met up with them for their pre-wedding session. As we were at Joanne’s Parents house, not wanting to be left out, their dogs joined us for a few pictures! Later whilst talking about their Wedding we found out that Barry went to primary school with our son, we thought he looked familiar! Joanne and Barry are getting married at Vaulty Manor, Heybridge.

Pre-Wedding Session Essex

Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer for Katie & Howard

Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer – Arriving at Katie’s Parents’ house, preparations were going well.  Timings were spot on, giving us time to photograph everything we needed to. Predicted weather for the weather later on was not brilliant so we took the opportunity of going outside for the pictures of Katie, Bridesmaids and Parents.   This worked well as one of the Flowergirls and the Pageboy were unwell and disappointed that they could not come to the Wedding, but were well enough to have a couple of pictures of taken in the garden with Katie.  We then left to go to Vaulty Manor, Hebridge.  With the weather still holding we managed to take pictures of Howard and his Groomsmen outside before they were needed.  As Katie approached the driveway into Vaulty Manor, the heavens opened! After seeing the Registrars and inside Vaulty Manor, Katie took her Father’s arm and walked into the Ceremony Room.

Essex Wedding Photographer After the Ceremony everybody enjoyed the Drinks Reception whilst we arranged space in the Room for the requested family group pictures. During the Reception we took some informal pictures before going outside for a couple of pictures of Katie and Howard.  Bearing in mind it was pouring, Katie and Howard wanted to go outside.  With minimum fuss and organisation we captured some nice pictures. Wedding Photographer Essex The Wedding Breakfast took place in the Barn and towards the end the rain stopped and the sun came out.  A short while later Katie, Howard and ourselves made the most of a nice evening, achieving some wonderful results. Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer We even managed to do the confetti shots and the ‘everybody’ picture outside as well. Wedding Photographer Vaulty Manor With the Barn ready for the evening celebrations, Katie and Howard took to the floor for their First Dance, then joined by their Guests for the dancing.  After capturing a few of their Evening Guests enjoying the celebrations, and catching up with talking to familiar faces, especially Melissa, Howard’s sister and her husband Dave, whose Wedding we photographed at Marks Hall, Coggeshall, a couple of years ago.  A wonderfully rewarding day and a lovely couple!