Fennes Wedding Photographers For Najette & Bobby

Fennes Wedding Photographers

The sun was shining brightly when we arrived to be Fennes Wedding Photographers for the the Wedding of Najette and Bobby. After saying ‘hello’ to Naj and Tors, Naj’s Matron of Honour. David went off to find Bobby and the men. Naj was getting ready in the Bridal Changing Rooms helped by her friends. Bobby was getting ready in the Cottage.

Preparations were going well for both of them so after capturing a flavour of these Bobby and his Groomsmen were soon ready for some pictures. Making the most of the summer sunshine these were taken outside although we love taking pictures inside at Fennes as well! When these were finished they all mingled with the Guests. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerMeanwhile Naj was almost ready for her pictures. Her Father came upstairs to see her before we took a few pictures and then it was time for Najette to go downstairs heading to the Ceremony. Whilst this was happening the Guests were taking their seats outside for the outside Ceremony.

The Ceremony

The weather was holding, just! Naj then took her Father’s arm and made her way out of the Gold Room and into the grounds of Fennes. The Ceremony started and the clouds gathered! A couple of claps of thunder in the distance followed but fortunately the rain held off! Essex Wedding Photographer FennesAs the Ceremony finished the sun re-appeared and everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the grounds. After having a little time to socialise we then got on with taking  the requested family pictures. Naj and Bobby’s ‘together’pictures were taken during the afternoon around Fennes.  We did take umbrellas with us but only needed them when we finished their pictures. Good timing! Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes

The Wedding Breakfast

After the confetti it was time for the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches. Before the start of the evening celebrations there was time for everyone to continue with socialising in the Pavilion or take a wander around the gardens of Fennes. It was during this time and the weather was fine we took Naj andBobby for a few minutes for a few evening pictures around the Venue and Naj and Bobby were happy to try out a couple of different pictures that we had been thinking of.Fennes Wedding Photographers Once the Evening Guests had  arrived  Naj and Bobby cut their Wedding Cake. Their First Dance followed before they were joined on the dance floor by their Guests. Our final pictures of Naj and Bobby’s Wedding Day was of the sunset. Naj and Bobby are a lovely couple and were great to work with. A wonderful day!


Fennes Wedding Photographer for Stephanie & Paul

Fennes Wedding Photographer for Stephanie & Paul

What a glorious day to be Fennes Wedding Photographer for Stephanie and Paul’s Wedding at this stunning Venue! Starting at Fennes on the morning of the Wedding there was a hive of activity, excitement and people everywhere! With a large Bridal Party of adults and children it was lively! After saying ‘hello’, a quick chat and familiarising ourselves with where we would be taking pictures of the dresses, accessories, we got on with our work.

Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesSienna, Stephanie and Paul’s eldest daughter was very involved from the outset, helping and enjoying every moment. Ellie took a little while to do the same but then found it was good fun! Paul was in the Bridal Cottage finishing off his preparations so David went over there to meet him. When Paul,his Groomsmen and the Pageboys were ready there was time to take a few pictures before the ceremony. Meanwhile, Stephanie, the Bridesmaids and Flowergirls were getting dressed. Wow! Stephanie looked stunning as did the Bridesmaids and Flowergirls. The Pageboys looked so smart as well when they joined the girls. There was time to take a few pictures of them all before  Stephanie headed downstairs. Stephanie’s Grandad was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs and after greeting Stephanie they went in to to see the Registrars. Paul and the Wedding Guests were seated at the last moment outside for the Ceremony as it was a hot day, just in time for the Ceremony to begin! Lovely pictures as the children led the way from the Gold Room towards the Gazebo.Fennes Wedding PhotographerStephanie took her Grandad’s arm followed the Bridesmaids. The beautiful colour scheme that Stephanie and Paul had chosen for their Wedding enhanced the setting. Following the Ceremony and after Stephanie and Paul spent a little time with their Guests we got on with the requested family pictures. Moving over to the trees for the Bridal Party pictures for a little shade!Fennes Recommended Wedding Photographer During the afternoon we captured relaxed informal pictures of  everyone and spent a few minutes with Stephanie and Paul around the grounds for their pictures. Just before the Wedding Breakfast Stephanie and Paul were covered in confetti. The Pavilion looked lovely for the Wedding Breakfast.  We covered the Speeches which provided great amusement and reactions.  Stephanie and Paul took the opportunity for some time in the grounds in the evening as did a number of the Guests. We took this opportunity of a few evening pictures of the two of them as well as taking relaxed informal pictures of their Guests.Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes  Evening Guests arrived and Stephanie and Paul spent some time with them before sunset. On our return Stephanie and Paul cut their Wedding Cake and had their First Dance. We left them a little later to continue their evening celebrations. A wonderful day!