Easton Grange Wedding Photography

Easton Grange Wedding Photography

Easton Grange Wedding Photography for  Karly and Mark. This was our  first time photographing a Wedding at this wonderful venue.

The Winter so far had not been the best so we had our fingers crossed their day there would be a change for their day. Although chilly, it was a bright day when we arrived at Easton Grange and we went off to meet Karly and the girls.Easton Grange Wedding Photography

The Preparations

There was laughter and lots going on in the Bridal Changing Room. Karly, her Bridesmaids and Madison, Karly’s daughter  were busy getting ready.

Mark was getting ready in the Bakehouse so after a little while David went off to see the men.

Preparations were going well, pictures of Karly’s Wedding Dress and Accessories were take as well as capturing some nice informal moments. In the other camp Marka nd his Groomsmen were getting ready and once they were ready they made their way to the Barn.

There was time for their pictures to be taken just before the Coach bringing the Wedding Guests arrived. Mark and his Groomsmen then greeted the Guests. Meanwhile the girls were getting dressed  as the time was going very fast. Once they were dressed a few pictures were taken before it was time for the Wedding Ceremony.

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Everyone was seated in the Ceremony Barn ready for the entrance of Karly. Karly looked amazing as she walked down the aisle and joined Mark at the front of the Barn. Wedding Photographer Easton GrangeAfter the Ceremony, everyone moved to the area between the two Barns for the Drinks Reception. As the wind was blowing and it was not  very warm we decided to take the requested family groups in the Barn a little later on. After Karly and Mark had time to spend with their Guests we took them and the Bridal Party outside for a few pictures. Easton Grange Wedding PhotographerThe sun was shining and we captured some good  fun pictures. Karly and Mark wanted a picture on the bridge over the river. Unfortunately, due to the recent wet weather it was flooded. Nevertheless, we made good use of the grounds around Easton Grange for their pictures.

During the afternoon we also took some informal shots of the Guests.

The Speeches, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Celebrations

The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Celebratory Barn. Karly and Mark chose to do the Speeches then have the meal. We took Karly and Mark outside between courses for a couple of pictures as the sun was setting. Once the meal was finished everyone went out of the Barn so it could be turned around for the evening celebrations.Easton Grange Wedding Photographer It was nice that many of the Guests then went outside into the Courtyard for the ‘Sparklers’ pictures. What great pictures!

it was then time for us to leave them all to continue with their evening celebrations. Thank you Karly and Mark for asking us to be your Wedding Photographers.

We had a lovely day! Congratulations!


Woodhall Manor Wedding Photography – Natalie & Shane

Woodhall Manor Wedding Photography

It was nice to be back for more Woodhall Manor wedding photography in Woodbridge, Suffolk. This time for the Wedding of Natalie and Shane. This beautiful country Mansion looked a picture in the sunshine as we arrived and it was going to be a hot day.  Natalie was getting ready inside the Manor so first of all we went off to meet with her. Make-up and hair were well underway and other preparations were going well. Shane was getting ready in the Cottage with his Groomsmen and once they were ready we took a few pictures. The Bridesmaids were first to put their dresses on, the chosen colour complimenting the weather! Natalie followed soon after and looked lovely. After taking a few pictures it was time for the Civil Ceremony outside. Taking her Father’s arm Natalie followed the Bridesmaids towards the Dovecote in the walled garden where the Ceremony was taking place.

Woodhall Manor Wedding Photography Following the Ceremony Natalie and Shane mingled with their Guests during the Drinks reception in the superb grounds. Later we got on with the requested family pictures and then with confetti and fun Bridal Party pictures.Wedding Photographer Woodhall Manor Natalie and Shane’s timings for their Wedding Day were good, allowing time for other pictures as well as having time to spend with their Guests.Woodhall Manor Wedding Photographer Later the Wedding Breakfast took place in the Banqueting Suite, followed by the Speeches. Before the start of the evening entertainment Guests spent time outside around the wonderful grounds of Woodhall Manor in the evening sunshine. Making the most of the evening as well, we took a few more pictures of Natalie and Shane. Woodhall Manor PhotographerCutting of Natalie and Shane’s Wedding cake preceded their First Dance together a little later on. Thank you Natalie and Shane for letting us be a part of your Wedding Day.


Wedding Photography Woodhall Manor for Jade and Andy

Wedding Photography Woodhall Manor for Jade and Andy

We were delighted in more ways than one, to be asked to photograph Jade and Andrew’s Wedding at Woodhall Manor, Woodbridge, Suffolk. We had previous bookings when asked previously for Weddings at Woodhall Manor, so we were pleased when Jade and Andrew gave us their date for their Wedding and we were available! We arrived early at the stunning Wedding Venue,  Woodhall Manor, Woodbridge on the morning of Jade and Andrew’s Wedding with the staff preparing for an inside Ceremony. Although Jade and Andrew wanted an outside Ceremony it was considered the grass was rather wet so inside was planned.  First off we went to find Jade who was getting ready with her Bridesmaids.

Woodhall Manor Wedding PhotographerWhilst the girls were getting ready, David went off to find the men who were finishing off their preparations in the Cottage. During this time there was a quick turnaround with the Ceremony, outside it would be, the sun was out, the temperature was increasing rapidly and the grass was fine!Wedding Photographer Woodhall Manor  Woodbridge SuffolkAfter taking some pictures of Andrew and his Groomsmen, as Jade and her Bridesmaids and Parents were ready we took a few pictures of them. Jade looked amazing! Soon it was time for the short walk to where the Wedding Guests were seated for the outside Ceremony. After the Ceremony, Jade and Andrew walked around the back of Woodhall Manor for the Drinks Reception and we had time for a couple of pictures of them before they were joined by their Guests.Wedding Photography Woodhall Manor Suffolk For a while everybody then mingled before we got on with taking the requested family group pictures, allowing us to capture some nice informal pictures. During the time before the Wedding  Breakfast we took Jade and Andrew for a short walk around the Venue for a few pictures of them. Just before the Wedding Breakfast in the Banqueting Suite we took an ‘e shot in front of the Manor House.  Coverage of the Speeches took place after the Wedding Breakfast then everybody went outside where Garden games were set up. It was a beautiful evening and during this time we had a chance to chat with Georgina (Andrew’s sister) and Simon, whose Wedding we photographed at The Fennes Estate in 2010. With the room set up for the evening celebrations Jade and Andrew cut their Wedding cake before taking to the dance floor for their First Dance together. Some evening pictures of Jade and Andrew ended our coverage of their wonderful Wedding Day. Woodhall Manor Wedding Photographer A big ‘thank you’ to Jade and Andrew for working with us to obtain some great pictures!   A truly lovely couple!


Priory Hall Wedding Photography for Victoria and Sam

Priory Hall Wedding Photography for Victoria and Sam

It was lovely to be back for a Priory Hall Wedding Photography at this wonderful Wedding Venue in Hadleigh, Suffolk. This was for the Wedding of Victoria and Sam. Our day started at the home of Victoria’s Parents, where Victoria and her Bridesmaids were getting ready.  Arriving at the house all was relaxed although busy with all the preparations. After taking a few details and getting ready shots,  the Bridesmaids got dressed followed by Victoria who was  assisted by her sister and Mum. Rain was in the air so we didn’t venture outside so instead made use of the Conservatory and took some Bridal Portraits of Victoria, who looked amazing, in the Lounge.

Priory Hall Wedding PhotographySt Mary’s Church, Woolpit, was where Victoria and Sam were to be married so when it was time we left for the short journey to the Church. Meeting up with Sam at the Church we took a couple of pictures of him and his Groomsmen in Church as it was now drizzling.  The brollies made the first appearance of the day when the Bridesmaids arrived with the Ushers doing a wonderful job in keeping them dry! As Victoria arrived, the drizzle had stopped, so taking her Father’s arm she followed the path and into the Church. During the service we kept a eye on the weather outside, although we had Plan B lined up if the weather did it’s worst! After the service instead of going outside when they came down the aisle, Victoria and Sam stayed in the Church, ready for Plan B! Having earmarked our spot for the family groups we got on with the requested pictures. Afterwards Victoria, Sam and their Guests made a quick dash to the cars for the journey to  Priory Hall. Hadleigh.Suffolk Church Wedding Photographer

The skies were brightening as we drew nearer to Priory Hall but the rain was still falling, so Victoria and Sam had their Reception drinks and canapés inside. As the Guests were socialising we took a couple of pictures upstairs and as Victoria and Sam re-joined their Guests the rain stopped. Making sure Victoria and Sam had their share of the drinks and canapés and socialised we got on with some fun group pictures followed by the confetti.  Priory Hall Wedding PhotographerThis worked really well and a little while later it was time for the Wedding Breakfast,which was held in the Marquee. Victoria and Sam wanted  a couple of pictures in the maze and  it worked well  to take these in between their Starter and Main Meal. The Speeches provided some great reactions, caught of course! Once these were finished everybody made their way back into Priory Hall for the evening celebrations.Recommended Wedding Photographer Priory Hall A few evening pictures were taken later together with capturing images of the First Dance. A couple of night shots ended our coverage of Victoria and Sam’s Wedding Day. A wonderful day and a lovely couple!


Wedding Photography Smeetham Hall Barn – Sasha & Neil

Wedding Photography Smeetham Hall Barn

It was a beautiful day for Sasha and Neil’s Wedding at Smeetham Hall Barn, Bulmer, Suffolk.  Sasha, her Bridesmaids and Parents were getting ready at The Mill Hotel, Sudbury and that’s where we met them early on the Wedding Day.  After capturing some getting ready pictures, we took a few formal pictures when they were all dressed.

Wedding Photography Smeetham Hall Barn Sasha looked amazing and we took some lovely bridal images of her.  Leaving them we made the journey to Smeetham Hall Barn for the Civil Ceremony.   Neil was busy with last minute preparations when we got there but we managed to find some time for his pictures and some with his Groomsmen.  Once these were completed Neil greeted a few of the Guests before moving out of sight into the Barn before Sasha arrived. After meeting with the Registrars, Sasha took her Father’s arm and joined the Bridesmaids in the Marquee, before they made their way into the Barn for the Ceremony.  Sasha and Neil exchanged their vows with the sun streaming in through the windows.  After the Ceremony, Sasha and Neil led the way into the Marquee where they spent a little while talking with their Guests. During the Drinks Reception, the requested family pictures were taken outside as it was dry and bright. The grounds of Smeetham Hall Barn looked lovely bathed in winter sunshine and Sasha and Neil as well as ourselves wanted to make the most of the opportunity.Wedding Photography Smeetham Hall Barn  Later the Speeches took place followed by the Wedding Breakfast.Wedding Photographer Smeetham Hall Barn Whilst the Barn was arranged for the evening Reception and the Band was setting up, it was nice to take some shots of Sasha and Neil by the Christmas Tree.  Sasha and Neil’s evening Guests arrived and a short while later it was time for the cake cutting and the First Dance. Smeetham Hall Barn at night looks beautiful and before we left we took a couple of pictures of Sasha and Neil outside.  A lovely end to our Wedding photography coverage of a wonderful couple and a fantastic day.Smeetham Hall Barn Bulmer Suffolk

Wedding Photography for Catherine & Ugo at Kersey Mill, Suffolk

Catherine and Ugo were very happy to have such a beautiful day for their Wedding at Kersey Mill, Suffolk.  This was our first Wedding at Kersey Mill which always adds extra interest and creative challenges.  There was a nice Courtyard for the Drinks Reception and for group photographs.  There were also some lovely areas in and around the Mill where we went to for Catherine and Ugo’s pictures.  A mixture of Italian, Irish and English nationalities added to the character of the day and it was nice to see people from Fennes enjoying themselves instead of working where we normally see them.