Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Beth & Alex

Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Beth & Alex

It was a nice day when we arrived to be Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Alex and Beth’s  Wedding. We arrived early at Fennes as Beth   was getting ready there before the Church Wedding at St Mary’s Church, Bocking. Beth was upstairs in the Bridal Changing Rooms with her Bridesmaids and all was calm and collected.   We got on with taking pictures of Beth’s accessories and details whilst capturing images of the final preparations.

It wasn’t long before Beth and the Bridesmaids were dressed and ready for some photographs. After a couple of pictures upstairs we went downstairs and into the Gold Room. It is really nice when there are no Guests inside the House as we are able to take some pictures in the downstairs rooms before leaving for a Church Wedding. With the pictures taken we left Beth to go to the Church.

St Mary’s Bocking

Alex and his Groomsmen were there carrying out their duties we were able to interrupt them just for a few minutes to take a few pictures.St Mary's Church Bocking Wedding Photographer We took some Guests arrival pictures coming up the path and into the Church before Beth arrived. At the Church Tippi, the Flowergirl, joined Beth, her Father and the Bridesmaids.St Mary's Church Bocking Wedding Photographer Beth and her Father followed the Bridesmaids into the Church for the service. It was a nice service and when it was finished everybody exited the Church for a few quick family pictures.  Beth and Alex then walked down the path being showered by confetti as they went. Returning to Fennes, we got on with the car pictures before the Guests arrived.

The Drinks Reception followed outdoors with the weather holding. Alex and Beth wanted to have plenty of time to spend with their Guests and that is exactly what they had. During the afternoon we took a few smaller group pictures. We spent a few minutes with Beth and Alex taking their pictures as the forecast was not looking too good for later. Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate Then the rain came just before we could get the ‘everybody’ shot done. Thankfully Fennes has lots of space and with the help of the staff we managed to improvise just prior to the Wedding Breakfast.

The Wedding Breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and this was followed by the Speeches. Afterwards there was Crazy Golf and other games in the Banqueting Hall to keep the adults and children entertained. Later Beth and Alex cut their Wedding Cake and then took to the dance floor for their First Dance. The weather prevented us taking Beth and Alex outside for some evening pictures so we made use of the steps and took the ‘heart’ picture. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerHappy with our pictures we then said our ‘goodbyes’. It was a lovely day and nice to see Stephanie (Alex’s sister)  and Tim, whose Wedding we photographed 21 years ago at Leez Priory!



Wedding Photos Fennes for Nikki & Rob

Wedding Photos Fennes for Nikki & Rob

We were very pleased to be asked to photograph Nikki and Rob’s Wedding Day at Fennes. Nikki works in the Accounts Office at The Fennes Estate.

Our day started at Fennes, arriving whilst the girls preparations were underway and the excitement was increasing.

Fennes Wedding Photographer Nikki and Rob chose to be married at St Mary’s Church, Bocking, so we had to be very aware of the time so we would not miss the Guys’ arrival shots at church. With pictures of the details and accessories in the bag, and everybody was ready, we got on with taking the posed pictures. After Nikki’s Dad saw her for the first time in her Wedding dress and escorted her downstairs, we went into the Gold Room.One of the nice things with Nikki and Rob choosing a Church wedding, was that the downstairs of Fennes was available for Nikki’s pictures before she went. Once we had taken the pictures we left to go to the Church.  The pathway up to the St Mary’s allows for some nice Guest arrival pictures whilst Rob, his Best Man and Ushers were having a few pictures taken, before he disappeared into the Church.

Recommended Fennes Wedding Photographer Nikki arrived, took her Father’s arm and walked up the path to the Church. After the Church service we organised the few requested family pictures.  The Guests then lined the path at the gate for Nikki and Rob to walk through, throwing confetti as they did so.  Nikki, Rob and ourselves were first back to Fennes so after a couple of pictures with the car driven by Adrian of Vintage Dreams, we walked over to the Bridge, a must for Weddings at Fennes! With Lottie, front of house co-ordinator and the staff at Fennes as always taking good care of the Guests as they arrived, we carried on with a short tour of the grounds for Nikki and Rob’s pictures. Wedding Photos Fennes They then joined the Drinks Reception and talked to their Guests. Bridal fun pictures happened later, shortly before the Wedding Breakfast. A singer entertained everybody during the Wedding Breakfast before the Speeches. Whilst waiting for the Evening Reception to start Guests enjoyed walking around in the grounds of Fennes.  A short time later the evening Guests started to arrive for the Reception in the Marquee.  The Pavilion looked wonderful as Nikki and Rob greeted all their Guests as they made their way in.  After the cutting of the Wedding Cake they took to the dance floor for their First Dance together as man and wife. Recommended Essex Wedding Photographer Fennes Making sure we were happy with our images of capturing Nikki and Rob’s special Day, catching up with people we knew, we said our ‘goodbyes’. Congratulations Nikki and Rob on a lovely day!


Fennes Wedding Photos – Jaimey & Mehmet

Fennes Wedding Photos for Jaimey & Mehmet

The sun was shining for Jaimey and Mehmet’s Wedding day at Fennes.  We arrived at Fennes just before Mehmet arrived with his Groomsmen.  They made their way into the Library to finish getting ready.  Jaimey was upstairs having her hair done and the room was a hive of activity! Working around their preparations I got on with photographing the details and accessories, whilst David was downstairs with the men capturing their preparations.  David couldn’t leave the men as a surprise was in store for Mehmet!  Unbeknown to Mehmet, Jaimey had arranged for a Ferrari to arrive at Fennes and take him to St Mary’s Church, Bocking for the Church service. It wasn’t long before the Ferrari arrived and Memhmet’s Best Man persuaded Mehmet to go to the front of the house .  How surprised Mehmet was!  Grinning from ear to ear, Mehmet just stared at the Ferrarri before climbing in to have some pictures taken. Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes Jaimey was delighted her surprise had worked and enjoyed the feedback from the Bridesmaids and a few Guests who had watched the drama unfolding.  Mehmet  was then chauffeured to St Mary’s Church.  Time was racing by and with so many people getting ready we decided that I would go to the Church whilst David stayed behind capturing what was happening.  After meeting the men at the Church and capturing some pictures of the Guests as well as Mehmet, it wasn’t long before Jaimey arrived.  We captured the moments as they happened as they all made their way into the Church. Fennes Weddng Photography After the Church service we took a few family pictures outside the Church before the Guests made their way down to the gate for the confetti pictures. Before leaving the Church we took a couple pictures of Jaimey and Mehmet with the car before they left for the Reception.  As we were back at Fennes with Jaimey and Mehmet well before their Guests, we went to take some pictures on the bridge and around the grounds. Returning to the House we caught up on a few bridal shots of Jaimey that we didn’t get earlier in the Gold Room.Wedding Photographer Fennes Recommended As the Guests arrived they enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the gardens. The Wedding  Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and was followed by the Speeches. With the main Speeches delivered  a few of Jaimey and Mehmet’s relatives and friends said a few words.  It was a beautiful evening and afterwards Guests went outside and socialised.  Using the superb grounds we took some relaxed bridal party pictures before it was time for the First Dance.  Finishing Jaimey and Mehmet’s coverage of their special day a nice sunset picture. Fennes Wedding Photos Thank you so much Sue (Fennes Front of house) for your help, much appreciated as always!


Wedding Photography for Rebecca & Michael – St. Mary's Church, Bocking & The Fennes

Our day started at Fennes with Becky getting ready there before going to the Church.   After a few final preparation pictures upstairs, we took Becky’s Bridal portraits downstairs in the Gold and Red As Ian of Nixons Cars arrived, that was our cue to leave and head off to St. Mary’s Church, Bocking.  Capturing some pictures of Mike, his Best Man and Ushers, before many of the Guests arrived was achieved and as they made their way into Church, we waited for the arrival of Becky.  After the Church service and a few  family photographs outside the Church, everybody left to go to Fennes for the Reception. With the light being good, whilst the Guests were still arriving, we took Becky and Mike for a few pictures on the Prior to the Receiving Line, with the sun going down we quickly whizzed Becky and Mike outside to capture the sunset.  Following the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches, Becky and Mike enjoyed a little while to themselves in the Gold Room (discreetly we took a couple of pictures!), before returning to their Guests for the cutting of the Wedding cake and their First