Wedding day time plan

I do hope that the Royal wedding (taking place at 11.0am) will start a new trend in our culture for slightly longer wedding celebrations. Some cultures have weddings over 2 or 3 days!

In this country we seem to often want the wedding as late as possible in the day, with the Wedding Breakfast served as soon as possible after the Ceremony, which leads to some Brides saying, “The Day went by in a flash” – the answer of course is to leave more time. Having laid out all that hard earned money for the day, why not spend a little more time to enjoy it.

The standard time between the Wedding  Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast in the UK seems to be 90 minutes, in which time there is a scrap to take the family pictures, create some beautiful pictures for the Bride and Groom and for the happy couple to relax and enjoy time with maybe 70-100 guests. Think about spending just one minute with each guest and you will see where the difficulties can start!!

This has been solved in some countries by the Bride & Groom having their Portraits created before the Ceremony so they are free to enjoy the time afterwards – OK so it will never happen here but you see where I am going! Leaving just a minute per guest and another 60 minutes for photography will ensure the wedding day experience will be great and not rushed.

Planning a wedding you want to enjoy? Please talk to us, we really can help!

This is just a thought inspired by Kate & William’s wedding time. We hope they have a great day.