Wedding Photos Reid Rooms – Charlotte and David

Wedding Photos Reid Rooms – Charlotte and David

Charlotte and David chose the lovely Reid Rooms for their Wedding.  The sun was shining when we arrived at The Reid Rooms on the morning of the Wedding.  Charlotte and David were getting ready in the Farmhouse so after saying ‘hello’ to the girls, I stayed with the Bride whilst David went off to meet with the Groom. Charlotte and David wanted a relaxed Wedding and from the start of their Wedding until the end, that’s what they had! Preparations were going well for both of them and once the men were ready they had a few pictures taken in the Farmhouse as well as outside.

Essex Wedding Photographer Reid RoomsThey then went off to greet the Guests. Charlotte’s sister, Hollie, was assisting Charlotte splendidly, despite being eight months pregnant! Kelly Hollands was doing a marvellous job (as always) with her duties. Once Charlotte was in her Wedding Dress, after taking a few pictures, Charlotte went down the stairs.  Charlotte’s Dad, was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs so after greeting her Charlotte went into the Lounge for some pictures with her family. After meeting with the Registrars and the Guests were seated for the Ceremony, Charlotte left the Farmhouse and made her way over to the Grannary for the wedding. Reid Rooms ceremony photosFollowing the Ceremony Charlotte and David socialised with their Guests in the Courtyard during the Drinks Reception for a little while.  During the afternoon we took a few requested family pictures, together with some fun pictures.  Making sure Charlotte and David had time with their Guests and a little time to go and take their together pictures. The Guests enjoyed throwing confetti over Charlotte and David making for some nice images just before the Wedding Breakfast.Wedding Photos Reid Rooms The Aussie Barbecue Company provided the meal and once this was finished it was time for the Speeches.  The cutting of the Wedding Cake followed and then everybody enjoyed the evening sunshine waiting for the evening celebrations to begin.  This gap allowed Charlotte and David to have a few evening pictures as well. Piana DJ provided the entertainment for the evening and a little while later Charlotte and David took to the dance floor for their First Dance. Reid Rooms sunset wedding photos A big ‘thank you’ to Charlotte and David for taking a  walk for the sunset!  Wow! It was worth it! This ended our day, a brilliant one at that!


Reid Rooms Wedding Photography for Sarah & Chris

Reid Rooms Wedding Photography

The Reid Rooms in the Essex countryside was Sarah & Chris’ choice of Wedding Venue for their Civil Ceremony and Wedding Reception.  It was a lovely Autumn day with the weather just right. Sarah arrived at The Farmhouse at the Reid Rooms with her hair and make-up done. Once Sarah, her Parents, Bridesmaids and Flowergirl were in and all sorted they got changed. Whilst this was going on David went off to find Chris and his Best Man, Matt, to take a few pictures.  When Sarah was ready we took a few bridal portraits of her before she went down the stairs to where her Father was waiting for her.

Wedding Photographer Reid RoomsAfter capturing the moment we went into the Lounge to take a few pictures family pictures. As this was happening, Chris was making his way into the Ceremony Room together with the Guests. It was then Sarah’s turn to make her way to the Ceremony. so taking her Father’s arm off they walked.  With the formalities of the Wedding Ceremony completed the Guests followed Sarah and Chris out into the Courtyard. Reid Rooms Recommended Wedding Photographer Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this Wedding Venue, Sarah and Chris had time to socialise with their Guests allowing us to capture the informal moments. After the family pictures and fun Bridal pictures, it was time for us to take Sarah and Chris for a mini tour around the Reid Rooms grounds. Pleased with our photos we returned in no time at all ready for the confetti pictures.Reid Rooms Wedding approved Photographer After the Wedding Breakfast we covered the Speeches. Loving our sunset shots as we do, we had to be ready to take these soon after the Speeches finished!  Once the Evening Guests had arrived it was time for the First Dance to take place. Finishing our coverage of Sarah and Chris’ Wedding Day we took a couple of pictures of them outside. Reid Rooms Wedding PhotographyA lovely day of  Reid Rooms Wedding Photograph, thank you Sarah and Chris, it was great working with you.


Bride in tears after receiving wedding photos!

Bride in tears after receiving wedding photos!

“we received them- they are amazing i cried my eyes out! as did my family!”

Thankfully these are the type of tears we want, tears of joy!! We hear so many stories of Brides who used inexperienced or ‘budget’ photographers and didn’t get the happy memories of their big day. That’s not to say that we are perfect! However, with approaching 2000 weddings of experience there is pretty good chance of us providing you with the service you expect!

All the sample pictures on this site were taken by either myself or Sandra and all at real live weddings. All our sample albums are from individual weddings, not just a collection of the best pictures over a period. Photographing a couple dressed in wedding attire but not on a wedding day, can result in some fantastic pictures, they are  however, not wedding pictures! Do check with your intended photographer exactly what you are looking at. How much experience have they got photographing weddings?

Bride in tears

Reid Rooms Wedding Photography for Louise & Stephen

Reid Rooms Wedding Photography

Our day started at Louise’s Parents’ house for the bridal preparations. We took a few pictures of Louise’s dress and accessories whilst capturing the ‘getting ready’ pictures. Once everybody was ready we took a few posed photos of them inside as it was drizzling outside. We left Louise to go and meet Stephen at The Holy Name Church, which they had chosen for their wedding.  Guests were starting to arrive at the Church as we got there but we managed to take Stephen, his Best Man and Ushers for a few pictures in between the flow of guests! The rain had stopped and as Louise arrived the skies were brightening which was good timing! Louise took her Father’s arm and they made their way into the Church. This lovely light Church with a Balcony allowed us to get a variety of pictures during the service from different angles.

Chelmsford Wedding PhotographerLouise and Stephen exited the Church and exchanged a few words with their Guests, before we arranged the requested family group pictures.  The  Guests threw confetti over Louise the happy couple as they left the churchyard heading to the Reception. The Reid Rooms was where the Reception was held and as always looked a picture.  Whilst waiting for all their Guests to arrive at the Reid Rooms, we took Louise and Stephen for a few of their ‘together’ pictures. Reid Rooms Wedding Photography Louise and Stephen then joined their Guests in the Courtyard for the Drinks Reception. Being a warm afternoon, everyone enjoyed socialising outside whilst we took some informal pictures. Reid Rooms Wedding Photographer informal pictures During the afternoon we took a few fun pictures of the Bridal party.  The Wedding Breakfast beckoned and everyone entered the Dining Room for this to commence. Speeches followed the Wedding Breakfast and then the cutting of the Wedding cake. Guests relaxed outside whilst waiting for the evening entertainment to begin.  James of PianaDJ  provided the music for the evening and when Louise and Stephen were ready they took to the dance floor for their First Dance.  A little while later we rounded off our coverage of Louise and Stephen’s Wedding with a couple of evening pictures. Reid Rooms Recommended Wedding Photographer A lovely day!


Pre-Wedding photo session – Charlotte & David

Pre-Wedding photo session – Charlotte & David

Charlotte and David’s pre-wedding photo session was at Hylands Park, Chelmsford recently. A very heavy shower shortly before was a little concerning however it worked out really well as most of the usual park visitors had stayed away making our job easier, if a little damp for the low angle shots! Hylands Park is a convenient meeting place with many opportunities for some nice pictures and a great place to walk and chat about wedding plans.  Charlotte and David are getting married at the Reid Rooms next year.

Pre-Wedding photo session  Essex

Wedding Testimonial – The Reid Rooms, Margaret Roding

We were delighted to receive this Wedding Testimonial from Richard and Lucy who were married in April at The Reid Rooms:-

Dear David and Sandra,

Thank you both so much for the fantastic service you provided.  From start to finish was a great experience and we are so glad we chose you as our photographers.  The photos really capture how we remember the day and we love the mix of formal/informal and colour/black & white.  The finished album is stunning and the parent album’s were a really nice extra.  We would recommend you to anyone and wish you both well in the future.

Thank you so much again! Richard & Lucy

wedding photos Reid Rooms

Wedding Photography The Reid Rooms – Lucy & Richard

It was nice to be back at The Reid Rooms, Margaret Roding, as it has been a while since we have photographed there. Lucy and Richard chose to have their Wedding Ceremony as well as their Wedding Reception at this popular Venue.  Lucy with her family and Bridesmaid, were getting ready in the superb Marks Hall Farmhouse.  Meeting Lucy upstairs we were greeted with excitement, calmness and plenty of time! We captured some lovely ‘moment’ images during the getting ready stages as well the accessory shots especially the beautiful bouquets, which Lucy had made. Richard was having a few pictures with his Best Man and Ushers in the Courtyard before Richard went for his Registrars interview. After a couple of pictures in the room, Lucy’s Dad greeted her at the bottom of the stairs and then made her way into the Lounge, for her bridal portraits. It was a glorious Spring day and Lucy looked a picture as she then made her way to the Ceremony Room. Following the Civil Ceremony, Lucy and Richard led their Guests into the Courtyard for the Drinks Reception.Wedding photographer essex To prevent too many people squinting, we took advantage of the sun disappearing behind a cloud for a few minutes to start the group pictures before everybody enjoyed socialising in the sun again. We took Lucy, Richard and the Bridal Party for some fun pictures followed by a stroll around the grounds for Lucy and Richard’s photography essexreid rooms wedding photographyWe arranged the confetti throwing just prior to  the Wedding Breakfast. Thank you to Lucy and Richard for inviting us to join them for the meal which was excellent! The Speeches followed and we captured some brilliant moments. Afterwards Guests enjoyed the evening sunshine outside in the Courtyard and we took the opportunity of whisking Lucy and Richard away for a few minutes for a couple of evening pictures.  With their Evening Guests arriving, the Band ready, it wasn’t long before Lucy and Richard took to the dance floor for their First Dance.  After capturing this and a few evening Guest pictures it was time for us to leave.  A lovely couple and a wonderful day! Essex Wedding Photography


Wedding Testimonial

We were delighted to receive this “Thank you” from Matt and Zoe, who were married in July this year at the Reid Rooms, Margaret Roding:-

David and Sandra

Thank you to you both for being such awesome photographers on our special day!

The photos are absolutely gorgeous and captured how beautiful our day was!

Lots of rooms

Matt and Zoe


Wedding Photography for Zoe & Matt – St James' Church, High Wych & The Reid Rooms

It was already a beautifully hot summer’s day when we arrived nice and early at Marks Hall Farmhouse at The Reid Rooms, Margaret Roding, and greeted Zoe, who was having the finishing touches applied to her hair and make-up.  After a few detail pictures and when Zoe was dressed we moved into the lovely lounge to create her portrait pictures using beautiful soft light from the rooms Zoe and Matt’s sunflower colour scheme for their Wedding was fabulous, just right for their special day.  On arrival at St James’ Church, High Wych, David went to see Matt who was in the pub opposite, whilst I photographed Guest arrivals.  We took a few pictures of Matt and his Groomsmen outside the Church before Zoe arrived.  After the service Zoe and Matt came out of the beautiful Church and headed towards the shade to greet their Guests and have some requested pictures james' church-high wych Zoe and Matt left the Church through a shower of confetti for their journey to the Reid Rooms.  A Drinks Reception awaited everybody in the courtyard at The Reid Rooms.  With ample opportunities for lovely photographs and having the time to take them we achieved some wonderful images.  Wedding Breakfast and Speeches followed and time allowed us to take Zoe and Matt for a short time around the grounds for some early evening together pictures, which turned out to be great fun, thank you Zoe and Matt! wedding-photographer-essex-reid rooms Evening Guests arrived for the evening celebrations and after the First Dance we ended our day.