Fellowship of BIPP!

Membership of an organisation and qualifications sadly does not guarantee you to be a better photographer! What it does show is a willingness to learn and the ability to achieve a standard. This discipline will always carry forward and therefore improve the photographer’s regular work.

The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) was founded over 100 years ago and has four levels. The qualified levels are based on the submission of work.


Licentiate (LBIPP) – the photographer is competent in that discipline.

Associate (ABIPP) – a developing sense of style, a halfway point if you prefer.

Fellowship (FBIPP) – the highest accolade, showing distinctive style and only awarded to less than 5% of professional photographers.

It was a great honour for David yesterday to be awarded Fellowship of The British Institute of Professional Photography, in the difficult discipline of wedding photography. To our knowledge there is no other working Wedding Fellow based  in Essex!

Thanks to Kevin Pengelly FBIPP for providing mentoring over the last year or so.


BBC The One Show – A great piece of TV showing what we are not!


This episode of the One Show made me want to cry for the couples involved and then it made me angry on several counts!! The photography shown is simply dire, obviously we did not see all of it so a balanced judgement is difficult, we have to trust that the BBC were fair in what they showed and the couples all knew what they were booking.

Just because somebody calls themselves a ‘Photographer’ or a ‘Professional Photographer’ does not mean they are any good at what they do and not all clients understand what style of photography they really require. Do check that your photographer is qualified in ‘Wedding Photography’, as there is nothing to stop a qualified ‘Industrial’ or ‘ Medical’ photographer for instance, starting in weddings!

For many jobs these days you need to have qualifications before you start. Unfortunately ANYBODY can pick up a camera, call themselves a wedding photographer and potentially mess up somebody’s wedding . Weddings are a once only event for most people and need to be right despite all the pressure of the weather, time and 100 guests with a different agenda! !!

In the show the ‘photographer’ was not even dressed appropriately – I love my jeans but NOT at a wedding that is showing no respect

A little piece written in the 19th Centuary:-

“It’s better to have paid too much.

When you pay too much all you risk is loosing a little money.

When you pay too little you risk losing everything if what you bought is incapable of doing what you wanted”

Please make sure you know the difference between a £700 photographer and a £2000 photographer (and what you get for your money!) before you set your budget and wedding dreams. Make sure you understand the style that your photographer works in. There are some truly great photographers who work fully ‘Reportage’, ‘Photo-Journalistic’ or ‘Documentary’ style and do not do family groups, but for some it is an excuse for not arranging anything and them claiming it was ‘all natural’!

Although it guarantees nothing, we are proud to be Qualified Member of the two main bodies for Professional Photographers in The UK – The British Institute of Professional Photography & The Master Photographer Association, if your photographer is not at least a member of one of these it may be worth politely backing off!