Prested Hall Wedding Photography for Hayley & Jason

Prested Hall Wedding Photography for Hayley & Jason

It was nice to be back for more Prested Hall Wedding Photography. This time for the Wedding of Hayley and Jason. Hayley, her Parents and Bridesmaids were getting ready in the Prested Apartments, situated in the Spa complex. We started our coverage from there as the girls were having their hair and make-up finished.

Hayley’s Dress and accessories were over in the main house so we made sure pictures of these were taken. Preparations were going well and it wasn’t long before the girls were ready to transfer to Prested Hall itself.  Hayley’s timings were good and allowed us time to get the required photographs with her Bridesmaids and parents.Recommended Wedding Photographer Essex

Carriage Ride to Church

The Horse and Carriage was ready for Hayley as we finished the pictures to take her with her Father to All Saints Church, Feering. David and I left to get to the Church before them and take a few pictures of Jason and his Groomsmen, who were very relaxed and enjoying the moments. We managed to complete taking Jason’s pictures before too many of the Guests arrived, then left Jason, his Best Man and Ushers to continue greeting them.

It was a beautiful day, ideal for arriving at Church in a Horse and Carriage. After taking a couple of pictures, Hayley and her Father walked towards to the Church. The Bridesmaids were first to enter the Church, then Hayley and her Father followed. Wow! The atmosphere, emotions, reactions were fantastic and these continued all the way through the service. Some wonderful moments captured! Essex Church Wedding PhotographerAfter the Church service, everybody came outside and after a few minutes we got on with the requested family pictures.  It was nice for Jason to have a large contingent of his family over from Australia, where he originates from. With the group pictures completed the Guests threw confetti over Hayley and Jason.

Hayley and Jason then enjoyed the ride to Prested Hall for the Reception. The Drinks Reception awaited them and their Guests on their arrival and there was time for everyone to socialise. During the rest of the afternoon we took some fun Bridal Party pictures and a few of Hayley and Jason by themselves.Prested Hall Recommended Wedding Photographers

The Wedding Breakfast

The Marquee looked wonderful for the Wedding Breakfast and when the time was right the Guests everyone took their seats. The Speeches followed the meal before all the guests went outside to enjoy the evening sunshine.  Prested Hall Wedding Photography

The Evening

Hayley and Jason were pleased we asked them to create a few more pictures in the evening light. Moving around Prested Hall we ended up with a variety of nice relaxed and fun evening pictures. The Evening Guests were arriving when we returned so we left Hayley and Jason greeting them.

Later after cutting their Wedding Cake, they took to the dance floor for their First Dance. During the evening we captured a few informal pictures whilst waiting for the sunset. We whisked Hayley and Jason away for a little while by car for the sunset. Not to be missed! It was spectacular! Recommended Wedding Photographer Prested HallThis ended our coverage of Hayley and Jason’s wonderful Wedding. A lovely couple! A great Wedding! Thank you to Hayley and Jason for such  a memorable Wedding. A mention to Rachel of Prested Hall, it was nice working with you as always.