Wedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg

Wedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg

We were delighted to be theWedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg.  It was a dry bright day when we arrived at Prested Hall. Preparations were taking place upstairs in Prested Hall so that’s where we started.  Everything was running well and all the girls were very relaxed and enjoying what was going on. Without hurrying, there was time to take the details and accessories pictures in between capturing a variety of getting ready pictures.

Greg was in the Apartment getting ready and we captured a few pictures of his preparations as well. Once Greg and the guys were ready they made their way over to Prested Hall where they had a few pictures taken. Greg and his Groomsmen then greeted the Guests. Once the girls were ready and Tori’s Father had come into the room to see his daughter we got on with their pictures. It was nice to have a little extra time to take Tori’s Bridal portraits, she looked amazing! Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Finishing the pictures it was time for the Ceremony. The Guests were seated in the Garden Room ready for the Ceremony, whilst Greg stood waiting for Tori to enter the room. Recommended Wedding Photographer Prested Hall

After the Ceremony

After the Ceremony Tori and Greg together with their Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception. A short time later we got on with the requested family pictures. The sun was out whilst we took the pictures but as we were coming to the finish with the group pictures, dark clouds appeared! The Guests made their way into Prested Hall  as it started to rain, but Tori, Greg and ourselves decided to head over to the Gazebo.  Under cover we took a few of Tori and Greg’s together pictures, David got a touch wet! Essex Wedding Photographer Prested HallTori and Greg then returned to their Guests until the Wedding Breakfast. The Marquee was where the Wedding Breakfast was held and after the meal we captured the moments of the Speeches. Once the Speeches were completed there was a break before the start of the evening celebrations.

The Evening

During this time, Tori, Greg and ourselves went off for a short while to take some more pictures of them and the sunset. The rain had stopped, it was a pleasant evening and we made the most of the time.
Prested Hall Wedding Photographer

On our return, the evening Guests had arrived and after a short while Tori and Greg cut their Wedding Cake. Their First Dance was next and afterwards we took a few informal pictures of the evening celebrations.  Our last pictures of the night were the Sparklers’ shots. Tori and Greg’s Wedding Day was a memorable day, they are a wonderful couple! Congratulations!


Prested Hall Wedding Photographer Testimonial

Prested Hall Wedding Photographer Testimonial

Hayley and Jason have done us proud with their Prested Hall Wedding Photographer Testimonial!

Not only have they sent a lovely card but have also given us testimonials on Facebook and Google. Thank you Hayley and Jason!!

“To David & Sandra,

Thank you so much for capturing our special day!

The photos are fantastic and so many people commented on how great you both were!

I can’t stop going through the pictures!

Thank you again, love

Hayley + Jason Brentnall”

Hayley and Jason were married at Feering Church with a Reception at Prested Hall in June this year. They worked promptly on their picture selection and have a beautiful finished Storybook album by mid-August.

Prested Hall Wedding Photographer Testimonial Essex Prested Hall Wedding Photographer Testimonial David Islip

Wedding Testimonial Prested Hall

Wedding Testimonial Prested Hall

Carrie and Daniel were married at Prested Hall in the summer (blog post to come!) and we were delighted to  be part of their special day and take their Wedding Photographs. Carrie and Daniel gave us this Testimonial.

Dear David & Sandra

Thank you both so much for our gorgeous wedding photos. We had a lovely day and we couldn’t be happier with the memories you captured.

It has been so lovely to get to know you both over the last couple of years we hope to bump into you in years to come.

Thank you both for all your help & support leading up to during the wedding day.

Take care.

Love Carrie & Daniel


Wedding Testimonial Prested Hall

Prested Hall Civil Wedding – Victoria and Philip

Prested Hall Civil Wedding – Victoria and Philip

A Prested Hall Civil Wedding was the chosen by Victoria and Philip for their marriage. Our day started with arriving at Prested Hall and going to find Vicky. Vicky was getting ready upstairs in Prested Hall with her Mum and her two best friends whilst Phil was getting ready in The Dingle with his Best Men. The guys were ready first so after a couple of pictures there, they left The Dingle and walked over to Prested Hall. Essex Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Just before they greeted the Guests, Phil, his Best Man and Ushers had a few pictures taken outside. With final hair and make-up preparations finished Vicky was ready to put her Wedding Dress on.  Once dressed, Vicky’s Dad came into the room to see his daughter before we got on with a few pictures.  The Wedding Guests took their seats in the Garden Room whilst Vicky met with the Registrars. Prested Hall Recommended Wedding Photographer Taking her Dad’s arm Vicky then entered the Garden Room for the Ceremony to begin.  Following the Ceremony everybody went outside as it was dry although slightly chilly. We got on with the requested pictures straight away during the Drinks Reception making sure Vicky and Phil had time with their Guests.After the confetti pictures, we went for a short walk around the grounds for Vicky and Phil’s pictures.  Soon it was time for the Wedding Breakfast in the Marquee with the Speeches taking place before the meal. During this time the sun came out and we had our fingers crossed it would last! Fortunately it did! Prested Hall Civil WeddingA little later after the finish of the meal, we took  few pictures in the evening sunshine and found a patch of bluebells for some nice images. A while later Vicky and Phil cut their Wedding Cake before taking to the floor for their First Dance. Prested Hall Wedding Photography As a surprise to their Guests, Vicky and Phil performed a choreographed First Dance which was superb. A nice Sunset picture finished our coverage of  Vicky and Phil’s lovely Wedding Day.







Prested Hall wedding Fair

Prested Hall wedding Fair

What a good  Prested Hall wedding fair we all had on Sunday! Thanks to the team at Prested Hall for their hard work and thank you to everybody who attended.  We enjoyed being there and were delighted to come away with bookings and appointments!

Prested Hall wedding fair

Prested Hall, Feering, Essex


Prested Hall Wedding Photography for Anna & Chris

Prested Hall Wedding Photography – It was an early start for us arriving at Anna’s Parents’ home for the preparation pictures.  It was a beautiful day, and preparations were well underway. After capturing the getting ready shots, it was time for a few pictures in the garden which Anna’s Dad had worked so hard on to provide a nice backdrop.  It was sunny and very humid so we took the garden pictures as quickly as we could! Essex Wedding Photographer David and I then left to go St Nicolas Church, Witham. Chris and his Groomsmen were at the Church when we arrived and we managed to take a few pictures of them in between their duties.  It wasn’t long before Anna arrived, driven to the Church by her Dad in the E-Type Jag. With all the Guests in the Church she made her way up the path and into the Church with her Dad followed by the Bridesmaids. During the service there was an almighty downpour which was quickly followed by brilliant sunshine!  At the end of the Ceremony, Anna and Chris led their Guests out of the Church for some requested family photographs. Once these were finished everybody made their way to the gate for the confetti pictures, before leaving for the Reception. Wedding Photographer Essex Anna and Chris wanted some pictures with the car along the driveway to Prested Hall, which we were happy to do.  Timings were perfect, us arriving, getting set up just as they turned into the driveway.  It was a great fun session with Anna and Chris also rehearsing (without music!) their dance steps for later, with us getting the fun images we wanted.  Anna and Chris then joined their Guests for the Drinks Reception whilst we took a few informal pictures. A little while later as we were starting to organise the everybody picture, the rain made another appearance!  The Wedding Breakfast beckoned!  After the meal, we covered the Speeches, which was then followed by a second attempt at the ‘everybody’ picture with more  success this time!  Before the start of the evening celebrations and the arrival of their evening Guests, we took the happy couple for a short walk around the grounds of Prested Hall for a few relaxed pictures.  Being a day of good but mixed weather, they ended up with a brilliant sunset picture as well as a rainbow picture!Wedding Photographer Essex Essex Wedding Photographer Later Anna and Chris’ s rehearsed First Dance wowed their Guests before they joined them on the dance floor.  It was nice to see familiar family members again. An amazing Wedding!


Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos for Anna & Chris – It was nice to meet Anna and Chris again recently, for their Engagement Photos and a chat about the final details for their Wedding at Prested Hall, Feering,  It was a beautiful evening and walking through Central Park, Chelmsford, provided us with some good opportunities resulting in some nice images.

Essex Wedding Photographer



Wedding Fair at Prested Hall, Feering

A thank you to everyone who visited us at the Wedding Fair at Prested Hall, today.  We enjoyed meeting and speaking to prospective Bride and Grooms about their Wedding plans and it was great to come away with several bookings.


Wedding Photography for Sandra & Pete at Prested Hall

Sandra and Pete chose to have a Civil Ceremony and their Wedding Reception at Prested Hall, Feering, Essex.  The grounds unfortunately were very wet and as it was a cold day Sandra and Pete elected to have their pictures taken inside.  The interiors of Prested Hall allowed for some nice photographs.  Sandra and Pete had a black and white theme which looked good and we dressed accordingly for their special day.

photographer Prested Hall

Wedding Photography for Emma and Jamie at Prested Hall

The heavy downfall of snow added an extra dimension to the Wedding of Emma and Jamie at Prested Hall, Feering.  After the Civil Ceremony we used the ample space in Prested Hall for the family group shots.  Emma then put her wellies on, as she wanted to have some fun in the snow, as we did as well, and the grounds of Prested Hall provided us with some great picture opportunities.  After photographing the Speeches we took a break before we photographed the cake cutting and the First Dance.