Bride in tears after receiving wedding photos!

Bride in tears after receiving wedding photos!

“we received them- they are amazing i cried my eyes out! as did my family!”

Thankfully these are the type of tears we want, tears of joy!! We hear so many stories of Brides who used inexperienced or ‘budget’ photographers and didn’t get the happy memories of their big day. That’s not to say that we are perfect! However, with approaching 2000 weddings of experience there is pretty good chance of us providing you with the service you expect!

All the sample pictures on this site were taken by either myself or Sandra and all at real live weddings. All our sample albums are from individual weddings, not just a collection of the best pictures over a period. Photographing a couple dressed in wedding attire but not on a wedding day, can result in some fantastic pictures, they are  however, not wedding pictures! Do check with your intended photographer exactly what you are looking at. How much experience have they got photographing weddings?

Bride in tears