Fellowship of BIPP!

Membership of an organisation and qualifications sadly does not guarantee you to be a better photographer! What it does show is a willingness to learn and the ability to achieve a standard. This discipline will always carry forward and therefore improve the photographer’s regular work.

The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) was founded over 100 years ago and has four levels. The qualified levels are based on the submission of work.


Licentiate (LBIPP) – the photographer is competent in that discipline.

Associate (ABIPP) – a developing sense of style, a halfway point if you prefer.

Fellowship (FBIPP) – the highest accolade, showing distinctive style and only awarded to less than 5% of professional photographers.

It was a great honour for David yesterday to be awarded Fellowship of The British Institute of Professional Photography, in the difficult discipline of wedding photography. To our knowledge there is no other working Wedding Fellow based  in Essex!

Thanks to Kevin Pengelly FBIPP for providing mentoring over the last year or so.



Just had an interesting conversation about how there are so many photographers these days. In this particular case with somebody who had just had their boiler serviced by ‘somebody who does weddings’. Well, that as ever got me thinking, perhaps I should launch into cheap boiler repairs? I have no particular skill or qualifications for that but it can’t be that hard, I could learn as I go…….. .!!!

If you are looking for a photographer for Weddings or Portraits please look out for the letters after their name :-

LBIPP or LMPA – Licensed as competent photographers

ABIPP or AMPA – Associate qualification, highly skilled photographers.

FBIPP or FMPA – The highest qualification for only awarded to a very few exceptional photographers.

It is worth asking which discipline (Wedding, Portrait, etc) they qualified in. Sandra and I are both Associate level in wedding photography.

Unlike a boiler service cutting corners on your wedding photography won’t kill you, but you could be left with a very unpleasant memory. Please only trust a Qualified Professional Photographer.


London & Essex Photographer of the Year Awards

Last night was the Awards Night for our local photographer’s group covering covering the London & Essex region for the Master Photographers Association and The British Institute of Professional Photography.  The judge was Ray Lowe FMPA FBIPP who is an internationally respected judge and one of the best qualified photographers in the UK.

Congratlutions to the overall winners Kevin Pengelly and Brian Baker who put in some great pictures and those of our other friends who also achieved Awards of Excellence.