Street Photography

Street Photography

What do photographers do to unwind? – Go and take some pictures of course!  A great trip to London with a friend Ivan Finch, who is another professional photographer. After a sensor clean at The Leica Store, Mayfair (thanks Leica!) we walked through London looking for interesting parts of life, the street performers, people working, people at cafes and families on holiday. Street Photography is a great observational practice and I certainly don’t claim to be an expert, it’s just for fun!Street Photography - David Islip

Street Performers in Trafalgar Square

Street Photography with Leica

People at work and play in London

I use my discrete Leica M9 camera for Street Photography. A camera that encourages a photographer to think about the pictures that are wanted, especially as it does not have auto focus!  Black and white seems to suit so many of these observational pictures – of course I did a few colour pictures but I liked these best. My particular favourites are the men talking at the ice-cream stall and the businessmen taking coffee. That’s enough of a  Cartier-Bresson moment, now back to the weddings…….