Fennes Wedding Photographs for Alison & Mark

Fennes Wedding Photographs for Alison & Mark

It was great to be back to the wonderful Wedding Venue Fennes for the Spring Wedding of Alison and Mark. Arriving at Fennes we went unto the Bridal Changing Room where Alison and the Girls were getting ready.  Preparations were going smoothly so we got on with taking pictures of Alison’s details and accessories in the Fennes Suite. Returning to the girls we captured a few getting ready pictures in between watching for Mark to arrive.  Unbeknown to Mark he was being picked up at his Hotel by www.delboyvan.co.uk as a surprise Wedding present from Alison! We definitely wanted to be around when he arrived at Fennes as did Alison! Making sure Alison was unseen in the Fennes Suite when the moment arrived worked well. Alison carried on with her preparations afterwards.  Mark got out of the van grinning from ear to ear, he was clearly delighted by the surprise.delboyvan.co.uk The Bridesmaids and Alison continued getting ready whilst Mark had some pictures taken with the van as well as with members of his family. As the Guests arrived they mingled in the Gold Room. Alison looked lovely in her Wedding Dress, and the Bridesmaids looked nice in their Bridesmaids’ dresses, and when everybody was ready we took some pictures. Fennes Wedding PhotographsAfterwards Alison went downstairs and had a quiet moment with her Father in the Library before seeing the Registrars. The Wedding Ceremony was in the Pavilion and afterwards everyone made their way upto the front of Fennes for the Drinks Reception. Alison and Mark had a little time for socialising whilst we took a few requested pictures of Guests with the del boy van and then got on with the requested family group pictures. All these pictures went fine.Wedding Photographer Fennes A little later on we took Alison and Mark for a short walk around Fennes for their pictures before ending up in the Gold Room for the confetti. Such nice pictures! The Wedding Breakfast was in the Pavilion and the Speeches followed. Before the start of the evening celebrations we took Alison and Mark for a few evening pictures around Fennes including the ‘heart’ picture.Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes The cutting of the Wedding Cake followed a little later and then their First Dance. Alison and the girls did a special dance afterwards to the Guests as well. After photographing this and happy with our coverage we said our ‘goodbyes’.  Alison and Mark, you are such a lovely couple, and it was a pleasure making Fennes Wedding Photographs with you, we captured some great pictures, thank you.


Fennes Wedding Photos – Jaimey & Mehmet

Fennes Wedding Photos for Jaimey & Mehmet

The sun was shining for Jaimey and Mehmet’s Wedding day at Fennes.  We arrived at Fennes just before Mehmet arrived with his Groomsmen.  They made their way into the Library to finish getting ready.  Jaimey was upstairs having her hair done and the room was a hive of activity! Working around their preparations I got on with photographing the details and accessories, whilst David was downstairs with the men capturing their preparations.  David couldn’t leave the men as a surprise was in store for Mehmet!  Unbeknown to Mehmet, Jaimey had arranged for a Ferrari to arrive at Fennes and take him to St Mary’s Church, Bocking for the Church service. It wasn’t long before the Ferrari arrived and Memhmet’s Best Man persuaded Mehmet to go to the front of the house .  How surprised Mehmet was!  Grinning from ear to ear, Mehmet just stared at the Ferrarri before climbing in to have some pictures taken. Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes Jaimey was delighted her surprise had worked and enjoyed the feedback from the Bridesmaids and a few Guests who had watched the drama unfolding.  Mehmet  was then chauffeured to St Mary’s Church.  Time was racing by and with so many people getting ready we decided that I would go to the Church whilst David stayed behind capturing what was happening.  After meeting the men at the Church and capturing some pictures of the Guests as well as Mehmet, it wasn’t long before Jaimey arrived.  We captured the moments as they happened as they all made their way into the Church. Fennes Weddng Photography After the Church service we took a few family pictures outside the Church before the Guests made their way down to the gate for the confetti pictures. Before leaving the Church we took a couple pictures of Jaimey and Mehmet with the car before they left for the Reception.  As we were back at Fennes with Jaimey and Mehmet well before their Guests, we went to take some pictures on the bridge and around the grounds. Returning to the House we caught up on a few bridal shots of Jaimey that we didn’t get earlier in the Gold Room.Wedding Photographer Fennes Recommended As the Guests arrived they enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the gardens. The Wedding  Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and was followed by the Speeches. With the main Speeches delivered  a few of Jaimey and Mehmet’s relatives and friends said a few words.  It was a beautiful evening and afterwards Guests went outside and socialised.  Using the superb grounds we took some relaxed bridal party pictures before it was time for the First Dance.  Finishing Jaimey and Mehmet’s coverage of their special day a nice sunset picture. Fennes Wedding Photos Thank you so much Sue (Fennes Front of house) for your help, much appreciated as always!


Wedding Photographer The Fennes for Caroline & Simon

Wedding Photographer The Fennes

Our Wedding Photography coverage of Caroline and Simon’s Wedding started at The Fennes Estate, Bocking on a bright and dry but chilly day. Caroline was in the final stages of having her hair done with the Bridesmaids, Flowergirls and Pageboys getting dressed. Simon was having a few pictures taken with his Groomsmen outside, with the ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean, which was going to take him to St Mary’s Church, Bocking, for the Wedding. It wasn’t long before Caroline got dressed with the help of her Mum and her Bridesmaids and she was ready for a few pictures.

Wedding Photographs The FennesDavid and I then left them to go to the Church. Many of Caroline and Simon’s Guests came on the Routemaster bus and as they arrived at the Church we took some arrival pictures as they made their way into the Church. Caroline arrived at the Church and as it was quite cold made her way quickly into Church for some warmth! After the Church service we quickly took a couple of family pictures before Caroline and Simon walked down the path and were showered in confetti. Once back at Fennes, the car took centre stage for a little while, making for some different pictures. With Caroline and Simon’s Guests enjoying the Drinks Reception inside as well, we managed to find a few minutes to take Caroline and Simon around Fennes for a few pictures of them together. Wedding Photographer FennesLater we used the Gold Room inside the House for a few requested family pictures before the Wedding Breakfast commenced. The Speeches followed the Wedding Breakfast and then it was time for the evening celebrations to begin. Caroline and Simon’s evening Guests started to arrive, so we took a few informal pictures of them before the cutting of the Wedding Cake and the First Dance. Happy to have been the wedding photographer The Fennes for another day and happy with the pictures that we had taken throughout the day we said our goodbyes.


Wedding Photographs Fennes for Kristen & Andrew

Wedding Photographs Fennes – The popular friendly Wedding Venue, The Fennes near Braintree, Essex, was Kristen and Andrew’s  choice for their Wedding Day. Arriving at Fennes, Kristen was busily getting ready upstairs with the Bridesmaids and Flowergirls.  Preparations were going well, so with keeping an eye on developments together with taking some detail pictures, it was busy! David sought out the men who were almost ready and when they were, there was time for some pictures to be taken.  For a change David took Andrew, with his Best Man, Andy, out the back of Fennes for their pictures, even though it was raining.  
wedding photographs FennePleased with the results they returned to the house.  Meanwhile, Kristen was in the final stages of getting dressed and soon ready for some pictures.  wedding photos fennes Essex

Equally some lovely pictures captured of Kristen and the girls. In no time at all it was time for the Wedding Ceremony.  With the Guests seated the Flowergirls led the way into the Pavilion followed by the Bridesmaids and Kristin escorted by her Father. Following the Ceremony, Kristen and Andrew led their Guests to the front of Fennes for the Drinks Reception.

wedding photographs Fenne

Unable to go outside at that particular time due to the continuing rain, the Wedding Guests made themselves comfortable in  the rooms in Fennes, leaving us the Gold Room to take some pictures of the happy couple.  A short while after the rain stopped, we all went outside for a few pictures, making good use of the steps.  Later after socialising with their Guests, Kristen changed her footwear so we could venture further outside for their pictures.  Kristen and  Andrew wanted to make the most of the superb grounds for their wedding photography, so off we went, for a short tour!  An enjoyable time, resulting in some lovely pictures for them. wedding photographs Fenne

Once they were back indoors the Guests threw confetti over Kristen and Andrew  before the guests made their way to the Pavilion for the Wedding Breakfast. This allowed a few minutes for some pictures of Kristin and Andrew  in the Red Room, before they also made their entrance into the Pavilion.  Speeches followed the meal and then the Pavilion was prepared for the evening celebrations.  After their evening Guests arrived in time for cutting the Wedding Cake shortly prior to the First Dance.  Some lovely moments captured!  Our coverage of Kristin and Andrew”s Wedding Day finished with their  ‘sparklers’. A great day!wedding photographs Fennes


Wedding Photography Fennes for Zarah & Glenn

Wedding Photography Fennes – Zarah and Glenn chose to have their Wedding at the popular Wedding Venue, Fennes.  It was a warm and dry day when we arrived at Fennes, with the chairs set out for an outdoor Ceremony.  We went upstairs to find Zarah and the girls who were busy getting ready.  Whilst the girls were getting ready, we took pictures of the dresses and accessories, in the Fennes Suite.

Wedding Photography Fennes

Wedding Photography Fennes Glenn with his Best Man and Ushers had arrived and were soon ready for their pictures.  As their pictures were being taken it started to rain.  This was not on the cards!  The shower of rain continued for a while, so the Ceremony was transferred to inside.  Upstairs Zarah and Glenn’s two sons, Jack & Teddy were looking very smart when they joined the girls upstairs.  Once the girls were finished dressing  we took  a few pictures before it was time for Zarah to make her way to the Pavilion for the Ceremony.  After the Ceremony the rain had stopped and it had dried up, so everybody went outside. The children enjoyed playing during the Drinks Reception and after taking the family pictures some fun time with the Bridal Party, resulted in some great images.  A quick walk around the grounds for Zarah and Glenn’s pictures was followed by the confetti pictures in the Gold Room. Wedding Photography Fennes After the Wedding Breakfast and coverage of the Speeches, before the evening Guests arrived, we took Zarah and Glenn for a few evening pictures around Fennes, including of course our signature Heart shot. Wedding Photography Fennes Zarah and Glenn’s took to the Dancefloor  for their First Dance after cutting their Wedding Cake.  A short time later we left them to continue the celebrations.  It was a pleasure to work with David of Rideout Productions again.


Fennes Wedding Photos -Testimonial

Fennes Wedding Photos – Here is a message from a couple who have just received their pictures from us.

Thank you to you and Sandra from the bottom of our hearts!! The photos are amazing and everything we could of hoped for! Will be in touch when we decide but just wanted to say a quick thank you!
Kind regards

Zarah & GlennFennes Wedding Photos


Fennes wedding Photography – Roxanne & Lee

Fennes wedding Photography – Fennes was the chosen Wedding Venue for Roxanne and Lee’s Spring Wedding.  The Fennes Estate looked wonderful with the daffodils in full bloom. When we arrived the bridal preparations were going well upstairs in the House providing some nice images.  Meanwhile, Lee, his Best Man and his Ushers were finishing getting ready and when they were ready, their pictures were taken outside in front of Fennes.  Once Roxanne and her Bridesmaids were ready we took a few pictures of them before they made their way downstairs.   After seeing the Registrars and the Guests were seated, Roxanne entered the Pavilion for the Civil Ceremony.  Following this, Roxanne and Lee led their Guests out of the Pavilion to the front of Fennes for the Drinks Reception.  Everybody enjoyed socialising with many Guests going outside as the weather was fine.  A little while later it was time for some family group shots and some fun shots with the Bridal Party.  Roxanne and Lee’s together pictures were taken later, on the Bridge and by the daffodils.  Their confetti pictures were taken in the Gold Room before the Wedding Breakfast.  Speeches followed and a while later the evening reception began.  When Roxanne and Lee’s evening Guests arrived Roxanne tossed her bouquet before the cutting of the Wedding Cake.  Our lovely day finished with a couple of night shots by Fennes Bridge of Roxanne and Lee.

Essex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding Photographer



Client Testimonial – Fennes Wedding

Hi David & Sandra,

Me and Dan would just like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to you and Sandra for creating long lasting memories for us in our wedding photos.
We couldn’t of asked for nicer photos and amazing photographers in yourselves. You were both so incredible on the day and made us feel completely relaxed but still allowing us to enjoy every moment of our day!
You captured every detail of our wedding day, we don’t think you missed a single thing!
When the photos arrived we couldn’t fault them, there were so many to look through and all so beautiful. We just love your style and you both did an amazing job! The final album is of high quality, with an amazing finish and we cannot stop looking through it. It always brings a smile to our faces of what a truly fantastic day it was. Your photos you took for us are our memories of our day and they are perfect and we cannot ‘Thank You’ both enough for all your hard work!
We will definantly be recommending you to everyone!
We hope to work with you both again.
Many Thanks,
Daniel & Vicki wedding-photographer-essex-fennes

Wedding Testimonial

We were delighted to receive this lovely ‘Thank you’ card with these words inside, ‘Thank you for being so professional on our wedding day.  Amazing work you made us look gorgeous!reccomemded photographers


Wedding Photography for Sarah & Mark – St Peter & St Paul Church, Black Notley & Fennes

Our day started at Sarah and Mark’s house where Sarah, her Mum, and Sarah & Mark’s daughter, Kiera were getting ready.  The day was running smoothly and it was not long before Sarah was ready for some photographs, to be joined shortly by her Mum and Kiera.  After taking a few pictures of all of them we left to go to St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Black Notley.  Mark was there with their son, Fraser, so we took some portraits of them before Sarah arrived.  Following the church service and a few family group shots and confetti in the grounds, Fennes was our next stop. wedding-photographer-essex-st peter & st paul church-black notley Fennes looked beautiful as always and the Autumn colours added to the setting.  Whilst the Guests were arriving, we took Sarah and Mark for a short walk around Fennes for some of their pictures. wedding-photographer-essex-fennes Later, when all Guests had arrived we took the remainder of their requested pictures as well as some informal ones.  The Receiving Line preceded the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches. Before Sarah and Mark’s evening Guests arrived Sarah and Mark asked for a few pictures taken in the rooms in Fennes which we were delighted to do.  Sarah tossed her Bouquet to her friends, prior to the cake cutting and First Dance.  Shortly afterwards it was time for us to leave everybody to enjoy the rest of the evening.wedding-photographer-essex-fennes