Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Beth & Alex

Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Beth & Alex

It was a nice day when we arrived to be Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Alex and Beth’s  Wedding. We arrived early at Fennes as Beth   was getting ready there before the Church Wedding at St Mary’s Church, Bocking. Beth was upstairs in the Bridal Changing Rooms with her Bridesmaids and all was calm and collected.   We got on with taking pictures of Beth’s accessories and details whilst capturing images of the final preparations.

It wasn’t long before Beth and the Bridesmaids were dressed and ready for some photographs. After a couple of pictures upstairs we went downstairs and into the Gold Room. It is really nice when there are no Guests inside the House as we are able to take some pictures in the downstairs rooms before leaving for a Church Wedding. With the pictures taken we left Beth to go to the Church.

St Mary’s Bocking

Alex and his Groomsmen were there carrying out their duties we were able to interrupt them just for a few minutes to take a few pictures.St Mary's Church Bocking Wedding Photographer We took some Guests arrival pictures coming up the path and into the Church before Beth arrived. At the Church Tippi, the Flowergirl, joined Beth, her Father and the Bridesmaids.St Mary's Church Bocking Wedding Photographer Beth and her Father followed the Bridesmaids into the Church for the service. It was a nice service and when it was finished everybody exited the Church for a few quick family pictures.  Beth and Alex then walked down the path being showered by confetti as they went. Returning to Fennes, we got on with the car pictures before the Guests arrived.

The Drinks Reception followed outdoors with the weather holding. Alex and Beth wanted to have plenty of time to spend with their Guests and that is exactly what they had. During the afternoon we took a few smaller group pictures. We spent a few minutes with Beth and Alex taking their pictures as the forecast was not looking too good for later. Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate Then the rain came just before we could get the ‘everybody’ shot done. Thankfully Fennes has lots of space and with the help of the staff we managed to improvise just prior to the Wedding Breakfast.

The Wedding Breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and this was followed by the Speeches. Afterwards there was Crazy Golf and other games in the Banqueting Hall to keep the adults and children entertained. Later Beth and Alex cut their Wedding Cake and then took to the dance floor for their First Dance. The weather prevented us taking Beth and Alex outside for some evening pictures so we made use of the steps and took the ‘heart’ picture. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerHappy with our pictures we then said our ‘goodbyes’. It was a lovely day and nice to see Stephanie (Alex’s sister)  and Tim, whose Wedding we photographed 21 years ago at Leez Priory!



Wedding Photography Fennes – Nicola & Ian

Wedding Photography Fennes

Nicola and Ian chose the lovely Fennes for their Civil Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  It was a bright warm day when we arrived at The Fennes Estate.  Nicola was having the final touches of her make-up applied when we popped our heads through the door upstairs to see how things were going. After taking a few pictures of the dress and shoes, and capturing the smiles and moments as they happened, it was time for Nicola to get dressed.  David was busy with  Ian’s pictures and his Groomsmen over by the Bridge and after this rejoined us to complete the portraits of the girls.  After greeting her Dad at the bottom of the stairs, Nicola made her way into the Pavilion for the Civil Ceremony.  Following this, Nicola and Ian led their Guests outside for an everybody picture and some requested group pictures.  Nicola and Ian then enjoyed the Drinks Reception with their Guests in the sunshine. A little while later, it was time to take Nicola and Ian for a walk around Fennes for their pictures.  Spoilt for choice as always at Fennes for photographic opportunities we ended up as usual with a good selection.  Nicola and Ian were showered in confetti before the Wedding Breakfast took place.  Coverage of the Speeches followed before the evening Reception.  Nicola  provided her own props for some evening entertainment for her Guests and whilst Guests were having fun we left them to it and went with Nicola and Ian to do their sunset pictures.  We returned in next to no time for the cake cutting and First Dance.  Dancing followed and we left shortly after the FirstDance.  Dancing followed and we left shortly afterwards.

wedding Photography Fennes Essex

The Fennes Estate Wedding Photography – Danielle & Tom

Fennes was the chosen Wedding Venue for Danielle and Tom’s Wedding Day.  From the moment we stepped through the door excitement was plentiful! The girls were busily getting ready and with lots to photograph there was no time to lose!  Everything was going well downstairs with the men making sure they were looking their best and getting ready for their pictures to be taken. Once the girls were ready we took a few portraits, also including Danielle’s parents.  The Civil Ceremony was held in the Pavilion and afterwards everybody went outside. Following a few family pictures and capturing some informal shots, it was time for a few together pictures of Danielle and Tom around the grounds.  We had an enjoyable time taking the Bridal Party fun pictures later.  Danielle and Tom received their Guests before they entered the Marquee for the Wedding Breakfast.  Irie J provided the entertainment during this time and it was great to see him again.  Coverage of the Speeches provided us with some wonderful relaxed pictures.  Evening Guests arrived later and after capturing some couple shots, it was time for the First Dance, with Irie J singing again.  Not long afterwards we left them all to continue the celebrations.  A lovely day and nice to work with White Dress Films again.

Fennes wedding photos Fennes130907b wedding photography Fennes, Braintree, Essex

Fennes Wedding Photography – Emily & Geoffrey

It was a beautiful day when we arrived at The Fennes Estate for the pictures of Emily’s final preparations for her Wedding Day.  After taking some photographs upstairs, we used the opportunity of using the Gold Room for a few pictures before making our way to the Church.  All Saints Church, Cressing was where we went to and met Geoffrey, his Ushers and Best Man for their pictures.  We used the shade and coolness of the Church door for their pictures before it was time for Geoffrey to go inside.  Emily arrived soon afterwards and took her Mother’s arm as they walked up the path and into the Church.  Once the service had finished, Emily and Geoffrey came out of the Church followed by their Guests.  After a couple of pictures and confetti pictures it was time to leave for the Reception. Fennes looked stunning in the sunshine and as we arrived with Emily and Geoffrey we made the most of the setting for their pictures whilst the Guests were arriving.  The Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception outside whilst requested family group pictures took place later.  Following the Speeches after the Wedding Breakfast everybody had time to enjoy the evening sunshine before the cake cutting and First Dance.  We left feeling happy and confident we had recorded the events of Emily and Geoffrey’s Wedding Day in a good pictures from Fennes, Essex Fennes wedding photographs Fennes wedding photos


Baby Pictures

It was lovely to see Jo and Alex again, the last time we saw them was on their Wedding Day at The Fennes Estate, Bocking, in 2009.   Jo and Alex wanted some baby pictures of their daughter, Emily, and we more than happy to oblige.  Emily was brilliant and we are looking forward to taking some more pictures of her in the coming pictures


Wedding Photography for Sammy & Jack – The Fennes Estate

Sammy and Jack chose the superb Wedding Venue, The Fennes, for their Wedding.  Our first port of call on our arrival at Fennes was to the girls to see how things were coming along.  All was running smoothly, time for some detail pictures and capturing the atmosphere of the day.  Before long it was time for Jack, his Best Man and Usher to greet the first of their Guests downstairs as well as having a few photographs.  It was a dry bright day so stepping outside for the guys pictures was a must.  Once Sammy was ready, and after seeing the Registrars, it was time for her to make her entrance into the Pavilion for the Ceremony. wedding-photographer-essex-fennes After the Ceremony, Sammy and Jack led the way to the Drinks Reception at the front of the House and outside to take the ‘everybody’ picture.  The Guests remained outside enjoying the Drinks and sunshine  so we took the opportunity to take their family photographs. Sammy and the Bridesmaids wanted some pictures on the bridge we then took Sammy and Jack for their pictures around Fennes. wedding-photographer-essex-fennes After confetti pictures in the Gold Room, it was time for the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches, before a few pictures of Sammy and Jack followed by the evening reception.  After taking some informal pictures of their Evening Guests and the First Dance, Sammy and Jack wanted a night picture with Fennes Bridal cottage which we took before saying goodnight and watching them re-join their Guests for the rest of the evening. wedding-photographer-essex-fennes Thanks to the staff at Fennes for looking after us so well.


Pre-Wedding Pictures

It was great to meet Estelle and Wayne recently for their pre-wedding pictures.  Hylands House, Chelmsford, was our meeting point and we took a few images of Estelle and Wayne around the grounds. Estelle and Wayne are getting married at The Fennes Estate, Bocking,


Pre-Wedding Pictures

It was nice to meet Kavita and Sam again as it was a while ago when they booked us for their Wedding Photography.  Hylands Park was where we met them for a few pre-wedding pictures before their Wedding soon at The Fennes Estate, picture


Wedding Photography for Judith and Cameron – St. Mary's Church, Bocking and Fennes, Bocking

We started our coverage of Judith and Cameron’s Wedding at The Fennes Estate,Bocking.  Preparations were going well and after a few pictures of Judith, her Parents and Bridesmaids in the lovely rooms of Fennes, we left to go St. Mary’s Church, Bocking for the Church service. wedding-photographer-essex-fennes Cameron and his Groomsmen were greeting Guests as we arrived and after capturing a few photographs of the men we awaited the arrival of Judith. With a blue sky and fluffy white clouds it was a glorious setting as Judith made her way into Church.  After the service and a few family photographs outside the Church, Judith and Cameron left to go to Fennes covered in confetti!  The couple and their Guests enjoyed a Drinks Reception outside, interrupted at times for various requested photographs.  For Judith and Cameron’s pictures a short walk around Fennes provided them with some wonderful relaxed Following the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches, and as Judith and Cameron (as well as us!) wanted to have some more pictures taken we used the beautiful insides of Fennes as our settings.  We had planned a few outside but the rain put paid to that! After capturing a wonderful set dance routine, we took some pictures of the evening Guests, taking our time, as we knew there was going to be a surprise later for everybody.  A superb surprise firework display ended a wonderful day for us whilst everyone else returned inside to carry on the celebrations. wedding-photographer-essex-fennes Congratulations to Cameron on his Distinction and his Appointment as a Doctor.