Wedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg

Wedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg

We were delighted to be theWedding Photographer Prested Hall for Victoria & Greg.  It was a dry bright day when we arrived at Prested Hall. Preparations were taking place upstairs in Prested Hall so that’s where we started.  Everything was running well and all the girls were very relaxed and enjoying what was going on. Without hurrying, there was time to take the details and accessories pictures in between capturing a variety of getting ready pictures.

Greg was in the Apartment getting ready and we captured a few pictures of his preparations as well. Once Greg and the guys were ready they made their way over to Prested Hall where they had a few pictures taken. Greg and his Groomsmen then greeted the Guests. Once the girls were ready and Tori’s Father had come into the room to see his daughter we got on with their pictures. It was nice to have a little extra time to take Tori’s Bridal portraits, she looked amazing! Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Finishing the pictures it was time for the Ceremony. The Guests were seated in the Garden Room ready for the Ceremony, whilst Greg stood waiting for Tori to enter the room. Recommended Wedding Photographer Prested Hall

After the Ceremony

After the Ceremony Tori and Greg together with their Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception. A short time later we got on with the requested family pictures. The sun was out whilst we took the pictures but as we were coming to the finish with the group pictures, dark clouds appeared! The Guests made their way into Prested Hall  as it started to rain, but Tori, Greg and ourselves decided to head over to the Gazebo.  Under cover we took a few of Tori and Greg’s together pictures, David got a touch wet! Essex Wedding Photographer Prested HallTori and Greg then returned to their Guests until the Wedding Breakfast. The Marquee was where the Wedding Breakfast was held and after the meal we captured the moments of the Speeches. Once the Speeches were completed there was a break before the start of the evening celebrations.

The Evening

During this time, Tori, Greg and ourselves went off for a short while to take some more pictures of them and the sunset. The rain had stopped, it was a pleasant evening and we made the most of the time.
Prested Hall Wedding Photographer

On our return, the evening Guests had arrived and after a short while Tori and Greg cut their Wedding Cake. Their First Dance was next and afterwards we took a few informal pictures of the evening celebrations.  Our last pictures of the night were the Sparklers’ shots. Tori and Greg’s Wedding Day was a memorable day, they are a wonderful couple! Congratulations!


Prested Hall Wedding Photography for Hayley & Jason

Prested Hall Wedding Photography for Hayley & Jason

It was nice to be back for more Prested Hall Wedding Photography. This time for the Wedding of Hayley and Jason. Hayley, her Parents and Bridesmaids were getting ready in the Prested Apartments, situated in the Spa complex. We started our coverage from there as the girls were having their hair and make-up finished.

Hayley’s Dress and accessories were over in the main house so we made sure pictures of these were taken. Preparations were going well and it wasn’t long before the girls were ready to transfer to Prested Hall itself.  Hayley’s timings were good and allowed us time to get the required photographs with her Bridesmaids and parents.Recommended Wedding Photographer Essex

Carriage Ride to Church

The Horse and Carriage was ready for Hayley as we finished the pictures to take her with her Father to All Saints Church, Feering. David and I left to get to the Church before them and take a few pictures of Jason and his Groomsmen, who were very relaxed and enjoying the moments. We managed to complete taking Jason’s pictures before too many of the Guests arrived, then left Jason, his Best Man and Ushers to continue greeting them.

It was a beautiful day, ideal for arriving at Church in a Horse and Carriage. After taking a couple of pictures, Hayley and her Father walked towards to the Church. The Bridesmaids were first to enter the Church, then Hayley and her Father followed. Wow! The atmosphere, emotions, reactions were fantastic and these continued all the way through the service. Some wonderful moments captured! Essex Church Wedding PhotographerAfter the Church service, everybody came outside and after a few minutes we got on with the requested family pictures.  It was nice for Jason to have a large contingent of his family over from Australia, where he originates from. With the group pictures completed the Guests threw confetti over Hayley and Jason.

Hayley and Jason then enjoyed the ride to Prested Hall for the Reception. The Drinks Reception awaited them and their Guests on their arrival and there was time for everyone to socialise. During the rest of the afternoon we took some fun Bridal Party pictures and a few of Hayley and Jason by themselves.Prested Hall Recommended Wedding Photographers

The Wedding Breakfast

The Marquee looked wonderful for the Wedding Breakfast and when the time was right the Guests everyone took their seats. The Speeches followed the meal before all the guests went outside to enjoy the evening sunshine.  Prested Hall Wedding Photography

The Evening

Hayley and Jason were pleased we asked them to create a few more pictures in the evening light. Moving around Prested Hall we ended up with a variety of nice relaxed and fun evening pictures. The Evening Guests were arriving when we returned so we left Hayley and Jason greeting them.

Later after cutting their Wedding Cake, they took to the dance floor for their First Dance. During the evening we captured a few informal pictures whilst waiting for the sunset. We whisked Hayley and Jason away for a little while by car for the sunset. Not to be missed! It was spectacular! Recommended Wedding Photographer Prested HallThis ended our coverage of Hayley and Jason’s wonderful Wedding. A lovely couple! A great Wedding! Thank you to Hayley and Jason for such  a memorable Wedding. A mention to Rachel of Prested Hall, it was nice working with you as always.



Prested Hall Wedding Photographer for Charlotte & Lee

Prested Hall Wedding Photographer

Prested Hall, Feering was the Wedding Venue chosen by Charlotte and Lee for their Civil Ceremony and Wedding Reception.  Charlotte and her Bridesmaids were getting ready upstairs in the Bridal Suite so we captured these moments as well as taking the detail and accessory pictures.  Charlotte & Lee’s sons, together with Lee and his Groomsmen  arrived so David went off to meet  them for some pictures.  Once  Charlotte and her Bridesmaids were dressed and ready we took a few pictures. The Ceremony was in the Orangery, so when it was time, with the Harpist playing, Charlotee took her Father’s arm and they walked into the room.

Prested Hall Wedding After the Ceremony, Charlotte and Lee came out of the Orangery and went into the Lounge area, followed by their Guests.  Drinks were served and after a little time we all went outside. The weather was fine, the sun was out, and the garden games were on the lawn. During this time a few family pictures were taken, some fun bridal party pictures taken outside the front of Prested Hall.  After making sure Charlotte and Lee had socialised, it was time for some pictures of them together. A short walk around Prested Hal  provided us with the opportunity of taking some nice pictures.Prested Hall Wedding Photographer Getting some pictures of the boys was a must so picking the right time was important.  By this stage in the afternoon, Ryan and Oliver and  just wanted to have fun, fine with us!  Images achieved! The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Marquee with the Speeches following. Lee started off his Speech traditionally, then came the surprise! Playing his Guitar, singing a song, which he had written, brilliant! Prested Hall Wedding PhotographerAfter the Best Man’s Speech everybody had time to wander around the grounds or go in the house before the evening entertainment. The best place today for Charlotte and Lee’s sunset picture was a quick drive away and Charlotte and Lee were more than happy to do this! The Cake cutting and First Dance happened a little while later.  Now came the hardest part of the evening, keeping a low profile (disappearing!) as there was to be a ‘surprise’ firework display curtesy of her Dad, which Charlotte, Lee and the Guests did not know about! When everybody was ushered outside later in the evening, we reappeared! Charlotee said she thought we had gone without saying ‘goodbye’! Not us! Our time to go was after the brilliant display. A lovely day to be a Prested Hall Wedding Photographer!Wedding Photographer Prested Hall

Wedding Photographer Prested Hall – Sue and Mark

Wedding Photographer Prested Hall

Sue and Mark’s home was where we started our coverage of their Wedding. We took the details and accessory shots together with a few getting ready picture, before they were all dressed.

Essex Wedding Photographer Not long after we left to go to Prested Hall, Feering. Mark was there with his son, Finley and Best Man, Ian, so before they got busy with greeting the Guests we took a few pictures of them.  Sue arrived early at Prested Hall with her sons, Ben and Jack. Making the most of the time and nice weather,we took a few pictures in and outside the Dingle.  When it was time they walked over to Prested Hall.  After seeing the Registrars, Sue, escorted by her sons made her way into the Orangery and down the aisle for the Ceremony. Once the formalities were completed Sue and Mark walked out of the Orangery and into the Lounge area. After getting a drink, people went outside.  During the afternoon we took a few requested family group pictures, confetti and informal pictures.  Allowing time for Sue and Mark to speak to their Guests and enjoy the Drinks Reception, we still had time to take them off for a short walk around the grounds. Wedding Photographer Prested Hall After taking some relaxed and  pictures of the children it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. Essex Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Sue and Mark chose to have their Speeches after the main course, which we were on hand to cover. After the finish of the Wedding Breakfast, the Guests had time to wander around the grounds or just relax and catch up with each other over coffee.  The Orangery had been transformed for the the evening’s entertainment.  Sue and Mark’s evening Guests had arrived so after the cake cutting, they had their First Dance together. 1897- 8 Not having a sunset to finish their day, we made sure of a few night pictures for them.  A lovely day and once again it’s great to be a Prested Hall Wedding Photographer!


Sue & Mark’s Pre-Wedding Pictures

Sue & Mark’s Pre-Wedding Pictures

Just before the Wedding of Sue and Mark at Prested Hall, Feering, we managed to get together with them to talk about their plans and special requirements for their Wedding Day. We also took some pre-wedding pictures so they could experience working with us ahead of the big day!

Essex Wedding Photographer

Prested Hall Wedding Fair – Sunday 27 September 2015

Prested Hall Wedding Fair – This Sunday from 12-4pm we will be at Prested Hall, Feering.  Come and enjoy looking around this lovely Wedding Venue and meet with various Suppliers.  We will be in the Library, so do pop in and have a chat with us about your Wedding Day.  We look forward to seeing you.


Beach Engagement shoot – Charlotte & Lee

Beach Engagement shoot

We met Charlotte and Lee one evening at their home for a chat before going to do some pre-wedding pictures.  Being a warm evening we decided to go along the seafront at Dovercourt. Charlotte and Lee are getting married at Prested Hall, Feering in the near future.

A Beach Engagement shoot is always fun and our clients are a little more relaxed, which then carries over to the wedding day – just what we want! We also use our small discrete Leica camera which just seems that little bit less scary to those not used to being photographed, than the large Nikons we use for weddings!

Beach Engagement shoot essex

Prested Hall Wedding Photography – Charlotte & Jonathan

Prested Hall Wedding Photography

Prested Hall Wedding Photography – It was nice to be asked by Jonathan and Charli to photograph their Wedding at St Nicholas Church, Witham and then Prested Hall, Feering. We have known Jonathan since he was born and it was a pleasure to provide Wedding Photography for them. Prested Hall was where we started on the day of Charli and Jonathan’s Wedding. Charli, her Mother and Bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done before moving to the Dingle.  After capturing a few ‘getting ready’ shots, we then moved to the Dingle where we took a few pictures of Charli’s Wedding Dress and accessories. It was soon time for Charli to move from the Spa to the Dingle to get dressed, assisted by her Mum. With everybody ready we took a few pictures outside before leaving to go to our local Church St Nicholas, Witham, where the Wedding service was taking place. We met Jonathan and as a few guests had started to arrive we promptly took his pictures together with his Best Men and Ushers. Once the Guests had made their way into the Church, Leah the Flowergirl joined Charli and the Bridesmaids who had just arrived and  we had a few extra minutes for a some nice pictures.  Charli then took her Father’s arm and walked up the path and into the Church.

St Nicolas Church Witham Prested Hall Wedding Photos After the service, Charli and Jonathan led their Guests out of the Church for a few requested family pictures.  Being a nice dry afternoon, we had a choice of where to do these. Everybody then threw confetti over Charli and Jonathan as they walked towards the Wedding car, making for some nice relaxed images.Prested Hall Wedding Photographer  Arriving at Prested Hall everybody socialised during the Drinks Reception and after the car pictures so did Charli and Jonathan.  With the Wedding Breakfast time not far off we decided to take Charli and Jonathan for their pictures over the bridge. Prested Hall wedding photographyOn our return it was time for the Wedding Breakfast.  The Marquee looked lovely and whilst Charli and Jonathan greeted their Guests we captured the reactions of their Guests as they had their ‘first look’ at the lego centrepieces on the tables.  Charli was extremely proud of her Brother’s work in making them all.  After the meal it was time for the Speeches,which included an ‘ode’ by Jane, the Groom’s Mum. Everybody then went outside for a big group photo  before the evening entertainment.  Charli, Jonathan and ourselves went for a stroll in the grounds, finding a patch of bluebells, just right for some relaxed evening pictures.  On our return the Band had set up, evening Guests had arrived and Charli and Jonathan had their First Dance. Later Jonathan surprised Charli with joining the Band playing his Guitar for a couple of songs. A little while later we said goodbye, finished with a couple of nice evening pictures. Another great day of Prested Hall Wedding Photography Essex Wedding Photographer Prested Hall Congratulations to Charli and Jonathan! A wonderful day!


Testimonial Prested Hall Photographer – Rebecca & Tom

Testimonial Prested Hall Photographer

This Testimonial for us as Prested Hall Photographer is short and to the point! Although we are recommended Prested Hall Photographers it is always nice to have it confirmed by our clients that we are still living up to that recommendation. We love our Storybook albums and it’s great to hear our clients do as well!

“We love the book it’s perfect !


Essex Wedding Photographer Prested Hall



Prested Hall wedding Fair

Prested Hall wedding Fair

What a good  Prested Hall wedding fair we all had on Sunday! Thanks to the team at Prested Hall for their hard work and thank you to everybody who attended.  We enjoyed being there and were delighted to come away with bookings and appointments!

Prested Hall wedding fair

Prested Hall, Feering, Essex