Family Portrait pictures and Pre-Wedding meeting

Family Portrait pictures and Pre-Wedding meeting

Family Portrait pictures and Pre-Wedding  – Charlotte and Paul asked us if we could include a few pictures of the family together with the dogs whilst we were taking their pre-wedding pictures. That was absolutely fine with us, so arrangements were made.  Charlotte and Paul suggested meeting one evening  at St Peter’s Church, Great Totham, which is where Charlotte and Paul are getting married.  Whilst the evening sun was still out we took  a few pictures of Charlotte and Paul then found a different area to take the family pictures.  The dogs were well behaved and we had some pleasing results.   We were all pleased the pictures went well because one of the dogs, Cosmo, unfortunately was put to sleep a few days later.  Memories!

Family Portrait pictures Essex Wedding Photographer

Childrens Portraits

Childrens Portraits -We photographed Rachel and Jon’s wedding in 2010 since when they have moved to Luxembourg, so it was a delight to meet them again whilst we were photographing Emma and David’s wedding at Gosfield Hall. As Rachel and Jon’s sons were not at the wedding we made a separate appointment to photograph them and also Rachel’s sisters children at the same time.  What a beautiful morning we chose!  Rachel’s sister’s garden was wonderful and provided us with ample opportunities of capturing some nice Children’s Portraits in a natural environment.

Childrens Portraits Essex

Baby Photography

Baby photography – It was great to see Lauren and Stuart again and meet for the first time the addition to their family, Scarlett.  Lauren and Stuart wanted a few photos of Scarlett as well as a couple of them as a family.  Scarlett was so good and in no time at all we managed to get some nice and family photography