Burgh Island wedding photographer testimonial

Burgh Island wedding photographer testimonial

Just before Christmas we finally retired one of our all time favourite sample books of ‘Lottie and Rich’ who were married on Burgh Island, Devon in 2007. Although we use mostly Graphistudio books these days we still do offer Queensberry to those who appreciate the difference. Although the pictures are timeless sadly even Queensberry albums show their age eventually with the large number of wedding exhibits we do! As the family have subsequently used us for children’s portraits a few times, we thought it would be a nice gift for the couple so we dropped the album into Lottie’s Mum. Here are some kind words she sent to us:-

“I have just been enjoying a wonderful trip down memory lane looking at the photo album (the shopping list had to take second place!). Lottie and Rich are going to be over the moon at such a fabulous surprise. I know they are going to adore the album. The photos are incredible and stunningly beautiful. Not that many are repeats of ones we chose which is a great bonus. In fact there are a few that I can hardly remember seeing. I don’t have the words to thank you, we were blessed when Sam at the Wedding Shop recommended you. The only recommendation from her I hasten to add. She said she didn’t like giving Brides suggestions but made an exception with you because your photos were the best she had ever seen. She wasn’t wrong either!!

Glad that you are having a little bit of a respite. Make sure you really relax over Christmas.

Our love to all the family,

If you looking for a Burgh Island wedding photographer we would be delighted to talk to you!

Burgh Island wedding high quality photography and album Devon wedding photographer Queensberry Album

Wedding photographer provides 1500 images

We had a discussion with one bride this weekend who was keen to tell us that she was getting 1500 pictures from her wedding photographer and we only offered about 300.  LOL, all I can say is she must have an amazing photographer if they can produce that many unique images at a wedding ….oh did I use the word unique?  We edit ours down in numbers so our couples do not have to do that work, I guess we put in a bit more effort than some others!  Less is often more, do you want bloomers or lingerie ?


Wedding Fayres at Fennes and Smeetham Hall Barn

Sunday 19 Jan finds us exhibiting at The Fennes and Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding Fayres.

Come and have an informal chat to Sandra (Fennes) or myself (Smeetham) regarding your wedding photography and how we use our experience to ensure you have a great memory of your day!

wedding photo at Smeethem Hall BarnFennes

Crabbs Barn Wedding Photography – Amy & George

Amy arrived at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon, for her Wedding with her hair and make-up done except for the finishing touches.  Having the use of the Bridal Suite to complete her getting ready and the pictures worked well.  With Accessories pictures and last minute getting ready pictures taken, there was time for a few family pictures.  As the weather was good we stepped outside and had enough time to complete these pictures before it was time for the Civil Ceremony.  Following the Ceremony Amy, George and their Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the grounds of Crabbs Barn.  Music was provided by Sister Sax.  As Amy and George wanted Wedding Photography coverage of their Wedding up until the Wedding Breakfast, it wasn’t long before family groups were organised as well as the fun shots of the Bridal Party.  After Amy and George had a little while with their Guests we took them for a short walk around the gardens of Crabbs Barn.  They were also happy to venture into the lane and a visit to the Cornfield opposite, which achieved some nice pictures.  Upon their return to the Barn, it was time for the Wedding Breakfast time for us to leave them to enjoy the rest of the day.

wedding photos at Crabbs Barnwedding photography at Crabbe Barn130808-Amy-George-03