10 years of Digital Photography

While looking for some pictures for a client, I have just realised that we have been digital photographers for 10 years  – where did that go!!

Our first camera was the Nikon D1x which we bought for £3500 in 2001, although it had been ordered in 2000 when it was first announced. Not an insignificant sum of money and quite a gamble on what was a relatively new technology. We used the camera for portraits and wedding candids in the first year, the full digital conversion would not be until September 2002.

There was a huge learning curve not only for the photographic side but also for the computer work afterwards and we are still learning!!

I remember thinking how we would save a fortune in film and processing costs not realising that we would use a significant amount more of our time and a huge investment in computing and ancillary equipment and of course camera upgrades!  So why did we continue if we were not saving money? Control is the answer, everything is now controlled in house and is printed just as we want it, the improvement in quality for our clients has been fantastic. The thought of trying to use film again brings me out in a cold sweat!!