Environmental Portraits

Environmental Portraits

Out of the blue in the Autumn last year we received a phone call from Val who wanted some Environmental Portraits. We last saw Val about eight years ago. We first met Val and Matt a few years prior to that when we too pictures of  their first son Jake. Again for their son Oli and then again for their daughter Lexi!

Our conversation lasted a long time catching up on their lives since their return to the UK! Val and Matt’s family had now increased by three! Val and Matt wanted some informal environmental pictures taken of their family. A date and day was chosen and how lucky we were with the weather. We couldn’t of asked for a better Autumn day.

Portraits in the park!

Off to the park we went! What a time we had, ending up with a variety of pictures.  It was great to meet Sam and the twins, Frankie and Ben for the first time and as well as seeing the rest of the family. It was a privilege to provide Val and Matt with a book of the memories of their family.

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