Wedding Photography Down Hall for Natasha and Ryan

Wedding Photography Down Hall for Natasha and Ryan

It was nice to make a welcome return to the stunning Down Hall for Natasha and Ryan’s summer Wedding. Our day started early with our first trip of the day to Down Hall Country House Hotel, which is where Natasha was getting ready. On arrival Natasha was well on the way with her preparations, everything was running smoothly. This was a good thing as Natasha and Ryan’s Church Wedding was back in Witham at mid-day. Natasha’s Wedding Dress and Accessories were laid out ready to be photographed so we got on with doing these. The first of the Bridesmaids got dressed and then lent a helping hand, as did Mum,  in dressing Natasha. With Natasha ready we took a few pictures of her in the room whilst the Bridesmaids finished off their preparations.  We didn’t have to wait for long, which was great. We were then able to go out of the room onto the landing and stairs where there was more space and take a few pictures of all of them.

Wedding Photography Down Hall After a few pictures of Natasha we left to go to St Nicolas Church in Witham. Ryan was there when we arrived with his Best Man and Ushers.  It was at this time a shower of rain made an appearance but thankfully not for long! It had dried up by the time Natasha arrived. With the Guests seated in the Church, Natasha took her Father’s arm  and walked up the path to make her entrance. After the service, we quickly took a couple of pictures outside the Church, before the Guests lined the path for the confetti throwing.Essex Wedding Photographer It was then off to Down Hall for the Reception. We took a couple of pictures outside Down Hall as Natasha and Ryan arrived, Whilst the rest of the Guests were arriving we took them for a short walk around the grounds for their pictures. Wedding Photographer Down Hall Natasha and Ryan then had time to socialise with their Guests before we got on with the family pictures and fun Bridal pictures, which were great.  During this time the Guests were entertained by Natasha’s Uncle Gavin who is also a Magician. It was soon time for the Receiving Line prior to theWedding Breakfast. The Speeches followed before everyone came out of the room so it could be set up for the evening. It was a beautiful evening and the ‘golden hour’ beckoned. Once the room was ready, it was time for the cake cutting followed by Natasha and Ryan’s First Dance. Surprise! During their dance, the music changed, dancers emerged from the people watching and took to the dance floor! The Flashmob dance began! Natasha and Ryan’s Parents joined them as well!  Brilliant! What a performance! Down Hall Wedding Photographer Soon after this it was time for us to leave them to continue the celebrations. Congratulations to Natasha and Ryan on a lovely day! Well done to Natasha, your timings were impeccable! It was nice to work with Mark Greatbach again and for the first time Philip White Visuals.


Portrait in the woods

Great to meet Janna & Stephen for their pre-wedding picture. They brought along their sons Thomas & Jack so we could meet them also ahead of their wedding  which will be at Down Hall in afew weeks time. 

The picture is a great reminder that portraits do not have to be in a bland studio against a white wall! Children always seem better outdoors.Envioronmental Portrait