PR Photography Essex

PR Photography Essex

Some of the other work we get involved in is PR photography, mostly local, occasionally other areas in South-East England. This was a job for a Construction Company who are promoting to enlist Apprentices. Joel has been through the system and was selected to be the role model. The site was the old Warley Hospital which has now been redeveloped into high quality apartments and houses. The brief was to incorporate the subject with the beautiful buildings both in his PPE site clothing and business suit. PR Photography Essex


Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is not something we cover a great deal, as we are so busy photographing weddings that we really do not get much time!  This job was to capture finished rooms for a local Interior Design and Decoration business run by Paul Walden.  Unfortunately, we did not meet Paul in time to do the ‘before’ as well at the ‘finished’ pictures but here’s looking forward to his next project.

Commercial photography for decorator