Essex Family Pictures for Claire & Tim

Essex Family Pictures for Claire & Tim

Essex Family Pictures for Claire & Tim – As always a pleasure to spend the morning with Claire, Tim and their family. Every so often we update their family pictures for them. Our last visit was earlier last year a couple of weeks after their second son, Henry was born. Later on last year we went to see them again together with Tim’s side of the family. Timing was just right at our latest visit as Henry was on the verge of crawling. Moving around but not getting away! Claire and Tim wanted a selection of pictures of the boys on their own as well as some together. Enjoying our time spent with all of them we ended up with some nice pictures. Thank you Noah and Henry!Essex Family Pictures


Essex Family Pictures

Essex Family Pictures

At the end of last year we had a call from Louise enquiring about some family pictures. Louise had been recommended to us by her friend Sarah whose Wedding we photographed at Prested Hall in 2011  and have taken her family pictures in the last few years. We went to the family home one morning and after chatting and getting to know Louise, Paul, Isobel and Jack, we got on with taking some pictures.  It all turned out well and we ended up with some nice Essex Family Pictures.

Essex Family Pictures

Childrens Portraits

Childrens Portraits -We photographed Rachel and Jon’s wedding in 2010 since when they have moved to Luxembourg, so it was a delight to meet them again whilst we were photographing Emma and David’s wedding at Gosfield Hall. As Rachel and Jon’s sons were not at the wedding we made a separate appointment to photograph them and also Rachel’s sisters children at the same time.  What a beautiful morning we chose!  Rachel’s sister’s garden was wonderful and provided us with ample opportunities of capturing some nice Children’s Portraits in a natural environment.

Childrens Portraits Essex

Family Portraits – Childrens Pictures

Last year, Val, who is an Essex Registrar, asked us to take some family portraits of her grandchildren. They were altogether at Christmas and it was a chance for us to do so.  We had a fun morning and it was great to see Jennie again, Val’s daughter, whose Wedding we photographed at Crabbs Barn, back in 2007!

Essex lifestyle family portraits

Children’s Portraits

Children’s Portraits – We were delighted to be asked to photograph Lukas again by his Parents, Nina and Jon.  This time as Lukas was now two and a half, Nina and Jon wanted a collection of photos printed in a book.  After a while inside and a few pictures taken, outside we went.  Mission accomplished!

Family portraits Essex

Family Pictures

It was nice to meet the ‘Beach’ family again, it was ten years ago we last saw them when they were married at Layer Marney Tower.  They now live in New Zealand but were over here for a little while earlier this year to see family and friends.  We arranged to meet them one morning, with cousins as well!essex-portrait-photographer


Childrens' Portraits

In between our extremely busy time during August with photographing Weddings, it made a pleasant change to do something different.  We have known the “Berrill” family for quite a few years now.  David and I photographed Victoria’s Wedding in Kelvedon in 2004 and  Lottie’s Wedding at Burgh Island, Devon in 2007.  Not only that but we have met the extended family on numerous occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed hours spent with them and their children, today was no exception!  On arrival at the family home, the door opened with the children just wanting to go outside!  The children were just being themselves playing in the natural surroundings not taking any notice of us, whilst we photographed them and caught up up with all the news!  With the Grandparents and Parents having as much fun as the children, laughter was plentiful.  We had a lovely time, with William, Alex and Matilda being such lovely children, photographing them was a pleasure and so enjoyable.childrens' portrait photographer-essex
childrens' portrait photographer-essex
childrens' portrait photographer -essex


Baby Pictures

David and I couldn’t believe Lukas is now one year old, we saw him when he was a few days old!  We had such a lovely couple of hours (the pictures were taken within half an hour!), such fun Lukas is to be around and gave us time to catch up with what was happening in Nina and Jon’s


Children's Portraits

We spent an enjoyable time recently taking pictures of Lois and Zoe. We first photographed Lois a couple of years ago and it was nice to photograph Zoe for the first time as well as take pictures of the two of them.Children's Portrait - Essex


What no Blogs?!!!!

Our regular supply of blogs will return very soon and we’ll catch up with all those we are behind! It has been a very busy period in the run up to Christmas with Weddings, Babies, Family Portraits and Commercial jobs.  Thank you all for keeping us busy!!