Wedding Photography Article, Daily Mail today

Interesting Article on page 3 of the Daily Mail today regarding what they refer to “Are these the worst wedding photos ever taken?” The answer to that is an easy no – we have seen worse! Having said that they are definitely not shining examples of professionalism or editing!  If a picture is that far out of focus or is a completely missed shot (yes it happens) then the photographer should not have shown those to the client.

Sadly, the paper does not seem to have asked either of the main bodies for Professional Photographers the MPA or BIPP for an opinion.

Of course we only know what The Mail tells us which can only be part of the story and of course they do have a slightly old fashioned opinion because the couple do not HAVE to stand next to each other in every shot – having said that those pictures are still no better!

I would like to know why the couple who put so much importance on their pictures seem to have done so little reasearch on the qualities of their Photographer! At £750 I guess the photographer was what we refer to as a ‘weekend warrior’, ie somebody doing weddings to earn a bit on the side but not their full-time job. They probably only had basic training and I can only imagine were unqualified.

As Members of the MPA or BIPP we work within a code of conduct, have had our work assessed and are seeking even higher Qualifications.

If your Wedding Photography is important please check out carefully the Qualifications, Awards and Testimonials of your Photographer (and if you like them as people!)- there is a Victorian saying which roughly goes; “better to have paid too much than not enough. When you pay too much you risk losing a little money, when you pay too little you risk losing everything, if what you bought was not capable of doing what you wanted”