Wedding Photography at Fennes for Katie & Daniel

Wedding Photography at Fennes for Katie & Daniel

Katie and Daniel booked us to provide their wedding photography at Fennes.  It was nice to be back at this wonderful and popular venue.

Arriving at Fennes the girls were busily getting ready upstairs in the house and Daniel and his Groomsmen were getting ready at Fennes as well so David and I split to cover all the preparations. Katie and Daniel were very relaxed about their Wedding especially as where their children were concerned. Belle, their daughter, was with the girls and Jake, their son was with Daniel and the Groomsmen. Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesPreparations were going well and when Daniel was ready with his Groomsmen, they had some pictures taken. Daniel then went to see the Registrars and then socialised with the Guests. Once Katie was ready we took some pictures upstairs. Katie’s Father was waiting for her to come down the stairs and we were there to capture this special moment when it happened.

The Ceremony and Reception

After meeting with the Registrars they took their places in the Pavilion. The Bridesmaids and Belle, the Flowergirl, went first, followed by Katie and her Dad. Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesAfter the Ceremony everyone went outside as the weather was nice. During the Drinks Reception we took the requested family pictures followed by some fun Bridal Party pictures. Jake, the Pageboy enjoyed helping David take the pictures! Katie and Daniel’s ‘together’ photos were taken during the afternoon as well. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerThe Guests threw confetti over Katie and Daniel in the Gold Room just before the Guests were called into the Pavilion for the Wedding Breakfast. Katie and Daniel had a few minutes to themselves before they made their entrance into the Pavilion. After the Wedding Breakfast it was time for the Speeches. An couple of additional Speeches were made. Katie delivered one and so did Grace, Daniel’s daughter. They both did very well.

The Evening Reception

There was a short time before the start of the evening celebrations so we took Katie and Daniel for a short while for a few more pictures around Fennes including  a glorious sunset picture. Before their First Dance later Katie threw her bouquet. Sparklers, night bridge shots finished our coverage of Katie and Daniel’s Wedding a little later on.Fennes Wedding Photographer A great couple, a lovely family, and a most rewarding day with some lovely unexpected shots.


Fennes Open Day – Sunday 18 February 2018 – 11am-3pm

Fennes Open Day – Sunday 18 February 2018 – 11am-3pm

David and I are looking forward to Fennes Open Day, this Sunday from 11am-3pm. Fennes is a wonderful Wedding Venue and a very popular one to hold your Wedding. On show we will have various pictures and Albums of Fennes Weddings. Our display  stand will be in the large pavilion.

Fennes Open Day

Fennes Wedding Photography for Debi & Rob

Fennes Wedding Photography for Debi & Rob

Debi and Rob booked us for Fennes Wedding Photography for their early autumn Wedding. After meeting everyone in the Bridal Room, we got on with taking pictures of the details and accessories. In between we made sure we captured the getting ready pictures of both Debi and Rob. David was with the men and once they were dressed they had some pictures taken outside as it was still dry.

A wedding Disaster!

The girls were nearly dressed but unfortunately the zip broke in the one of the Bridesmaids’ dresses! Not to worry, the only way to solve the problem was to sew the zip together! My job today, no problem! It was at this moment David returned! Good timing! David just carried on with the photography! Debi  was unaware of what was going on, which was fine by all of us! By the time Debi and the rest of the Bridesmaids were ready, the job was completed! Pictures taken and then it was time for Debi to go downstairs for the Ceremony. The plan was to have an Outdoors Ceremony but the weather put paid to that! The Guests were seated in the Pavilion and Debi came downstairs and went to the Pavilion for the Ceremony.   Fennes Recommended Wedding Photographer

The Rain Stopped

A break in the rain allowed us all to go outside for the everybody shot before it started again. We got on with taking a few requested pictures using the rooms in the house during the Drinks Reception and we were able to use the steps outside for a few more. The rain did ease and we were able to go outside later on, using the Gazebo and the bridge. Fennes Wedding PhotographyDuring the rest of the afternoon we captured some informal pictures before the Guests threw confetti over Debi and Rob. The rain stopped again during the Wedding Breakfast, so in between courses we stepped outside with Debi and Rob for a few pictures. Fennes Wedding Photography

A wedding Sunset

After the Wedding Breakfast as there was time for a few more pictures of Debi and Rob around the House and as the the sun was setting, a lovely sky, both in the lane and on the bridge! Not to be missed!Recommended Wedding Photographer Fennes Evening Guests were arriving as we returned so the Wedding Cake was cut and Debi and Rob had their First Dance. Later on we said our goodbyes. A great day! Thanks to Sharon of Fennes for helping the day to go like clockwork, despite the zip mishap which held together right through the evening!


Fennes Wedding Open Day – Sunday 28 January 2018 – 11am-3pm

Fennes Wedding Open Day – Sunday 28 January 2018 – 11am-3pm

We are looking forward to attending Fennes  Wedding Open Day this Sunday, 28th January. Fennes is such a popular and wonderful venue to hold your Wedding and well worth coming along to view the place, as well as meet with various Suppliers. We will be in the large pavilion and will have a range of sample albums for you to see.


David Islip Photography Stand at Fennes Wedding Open Day

David Islip Photography Stand at Fennes Wedding Open Day



Fennes Photographer Recommendation

Fennes Photographer Recommendation

We received thisFennes Photographer Recommendation from Ness & Malcolm after their Renewal of vows at Fennes:-

Hi David and Sandra,

Happy New Year.

“David and Sandra’s work is amazing. They captured our day perfectly. They were professional, understanding, gave advice on the type of photo’s and spent time with us. The pre-wedding shoot was a chance for us to get used to each other and really built up a relationship with us. When the big day arrived we both felt really comfortable as did our guests.

Our vicar praised them as being non intrusive through the ceremony which meant that the important part of the ceremony was not dominated by a photographer. David and Sandra perfectly captured these moments without us knowing they were there.

The service they gave us from beginning to end was excellent. David and Sandra captured our personalities, the mood of the day and produced the most amazing album to treasure and can not praise them enough. We would recommend them to any future bride and groom.”

I know the above is long but I wanted to make sure we covered all aspects. Anne was really impressed with your work covering the ceremony, and said you were one of THE best photographers she has ever worked with.

Everyone who has seen the album absolutely love it. Especially the way it is laid out and how you really did capture what the day was all about.

We can not thank you enough for making our day so special.

Kind regards

Ness and Malcolm

Fennes Photographer Recommendation

Recommended Fennes Wedding Photographers

Recommended Fennes Wedding Photographers


Some lovely words from Katie & Dan and this was BEFORE they saw their pictures!

“Hi guys,

We just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for all your hard work yesterday! You guys were absolutely amazing, helpful and blended in so well that you felt part of us. You were everything and more that we could of asked for, espically with our little ones.

The amount of comments on how professional yet friendly you were and just how well you work together has been amazing to hear from our guests.

We couldn’t of asked for better people to of been our photographers and just want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts on being there capturing our day!!

Lots of love
Katie and Dan xxx”

They also put it on our Facebook review page – Thank You Katie & Dan!

Recommended Fennes Wedding Photographers nighttime picture on the bridge

Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Beth & Alex

Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Beth & Alex

It was a nice day when we arrived to be Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate for Alex and Beth’s  Wedding. We arrived early at Fennes as Beth   was getting ready there before the Church Wedding at St Mary’s Church, Bocking. Beth was upstairs in the Bridal Changing Rooms with her Bridesmaids and all was calm and collected.   We got on with taking pictures of Beth’s accessories and details whilst capturing images of the final preparations.

It wasn’t long before Beth and the Bridesmaids were dressed and ready for some photographs. After a couple of pictures upstairs we went downstairs and into the Gold Room. It is really nice when there are no Guests inside the House as we are able to take some pictures in the downstairs rooms before leaving for a Church Wedding. With the pictures taken we left Beth to go to the Church.

St Mary’s Bocking

Alex and his Groomsmen were there carrying out their duties we were able to interrupt them just for a few minutes to take a few pictures.St Mary's Church Bocking Wedding Photographer We took some Guests arrival pictures coming up the path and into the Church before Beth arrived. At the Church Tippi, the Flowergirl, joined Beth, her Father and the Bridesmaids.St Mary's Church Bocking Wedding Photographer Beth and her Father followed the Bridesmaids into the Church for the service. It was a nice service and when it was finished everybody exited the Church for a few quick family pictures.  Beth and Alex then walked down the path being showered by confetti as they went. Returning to Fennes, we got on with the car pictures before the Guests arrived.

The Drinks Reception followed outdoors with the weather holding. Alex and Beth wanted to have plenty of time to spend with their Guests and that is exactly what they had. During the afternoon we took a few smaller group pictures. We spent a few minutes with Beth and Alex taking their pictures as the forecast was not looking too good for later. Wedding Photographer Fennes Estate Then the rain came just before we could get the ‘everybody’ shot done. Thankfully Fennes has lots of space and with the help of the staff we managed to improvise just prior to the Wedding Breakfast.

The Wedding Breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and this was followed by the Speeches. Afterwards there was Crazy Golf and other games in the Banqueting Hall to keep the adults and children entertained. Later Beth and Alex cut their Wedding Cake and then took to the dance floor for their First Dance. The weather prevented us taking Beth and Alex outside for some evening pictures so we made use of the steps and took the ‘heart’ picture. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerHappy with our pictures we then said our ‘goodbyes’. It was a lovely day and nice to see Stephanie (Alex’s sister)  and Tim, whose Wedding we photographed 21 years ago at Leez Priory!



Fennes Wedding Photography for Maxine & Ben

Fennes Wedding Photography for Maxine & Ben

Maxine and Ben booked us for their Fennes Wedding Photography. Arriving at Fennes it was overcast but the forecast was that the weather was going to break.  Maxine and Ben really wanted an outside Ceremony so the decision was made to go ahead and fingers were crossed. It wasn’t long before the sun was out which enhanced the setting for their Wedding. Maxine was getting ready upstairs with her Mother and the Bridesmaids. In another room Ben was getting ready. Preparations were going well were going well for both of them and once the men were ready they headed off downstairs and outside.

Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesBen and his Groomsmen had a few pictures outside and inside Fennes House then they carried out their duties of greeting the Guests. Maxine was soon ready for her ‘ready’ pictures together with the Bridesmaids. Fennes Wedding Photography The Drinks Reception followed the outdoor Ceremony and everyone enjoyed socialising in the sunshine and being entertained by a magician.We got on with taking the requested family pictures and a few Bridal Party pictures later on. Leaving the Guests we whisked away Maxine and Ben for a short session of pictures on the Bridge and through the Bluebells. Wedding Photographer FennesEveryone congregated in the Gold Room just before the Wedding Breakfast for the confetti throwing. The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and the Speeches followed. A bouncy castle provided entertainment afterwards for the Bride and Groom as well as their Guests! The break between the speeches and evening celebrations allowed us to create Maxine and Ben’s special pictures which they requested involving the  bridal party as well. These pictures were fun to do as well with everyone being extra relaxed!Fennes Recommended Wedding Photographer Finishing off with Maxine and Ben’s evening pictures inside Fennes we then returned to the Pavilion.  Maxine and Ben cut their Wedding Cake and then took to the dance floor for their First Dance. After good weather during the day a sunset was not to be, so instead we took a couple of night pictures. This finished our coverage their Maxine and Ben’s Wedding Day. Thank you Maxine and Ben for an enjoyable and rewarding day also to the staff  who make Fennes Wedding Photography a pleasure.



Wedding Photography Fennes for Paula & Jason

Wedding Photography Fennes for Paula & Jason

Wedding Photography Fennes – Great to be back at the wonderful Fennes a few days after our previous Wedding there.  It is a brilliant Venue with superb staff to make your Wedding Day so special. Paula and Jason’s Wedding was no exception! It was overcast but dry when we arrived at Fennes on the morning of the Wedding.  We headed up to the Bridal Changing Room where Paula was getting ready. Everybody was very relaxed and preparations were going well. The men were getting ready in the Lodges so David made his way over to them to see how things were progressing. Very well was the answer, so after capturing a few of these pictures, Jason and his Groomsmen made their way over to the House for a few pictures. Afterwards, as the Guests arrived, Jason greeted them whilst we captured a few arrival pictures as well. The girls were well on their way by this time and soon ready for their pictures. Paula’s Brother came to join us as we started as he was going to be giving her away. Wedding Photographer FennesAfter a few pictures it was time for the Civil Ceremony.  The Pavilion looked lovely, the Guests were seated, the Harpist was playing and all was ready for Paula to make her entrance. Following the Ceremony everyone walked up to the front of the house for the Drinks Reception.  It was raining outside so everybody socialised inside for a while. Fortunately, the weather did break, long enough for us to take some requested family pictures outside. Once these were completed we took Paula and Jason for a very quick walk around the grounds. Recommended Wedding Photographer FennesIt was drizzling a little bit by now so we started with a brolly but were able to discard it after a couple of pictures as it had virtually stopped.. It would have been a shame if we didn’t include the bluebells and blossom in Paula and Jason’s pictures so were very lucky. Riding our luck we did a few fun Bridal Party pictures outside before going back inside for to take a few more.Wedding Photography FennesPaula and Jason then carried on with talking to their Guests. During the rest of the time before the Wedding Breakfast we took a variety of informal pictures.The Speeches provided some good reactions which we were there to capture. During the time before the Evening Guests arrived we took a few pictures in Fennes as it was raining of Paula and Jason and some group shots as of their Evening Guests. Later Paula and Jason cut their Wedding Cake  before taking to the dance floor for their First Dance.Wedding Photographer Fennes Essex A lovely couple! Congratulations Paula and Jason on your Wedding and thank you for asking us to photograph your Wedding.


Fennes Wedding Photography for Emma & Ben

Fennes Wedding Photography for Emma & Ben

It was a nice spring day when we arrived at The Fennes Estate for the Wedding of Emma and Ben. Emma was getting ready in the house with her Bridesmaids. Ben and his Groomsmen arrived a little later and carried out their final preparations. Once Ben and his Groomsmen were ready they had some pictures taken at the front of Fennes House. Fennes Recommended Wedding PhotographerMeanwhile Emma enjoyed sipping her Champagne and it was then time for her Mum to assist her to get dressed. Ben was greeting the Guests and went with them as they made their way to the Pavilion for the ceremony. We took a few Bridal portraits of Emma together with a few other pictures before it was time for Emma to go and see the Registrars. The String Quartet played as Emma took her Father’s arm and entered the Pavilion for the Ceremony. After the Ceremony the Guests followed Emma and Ben to the front of the house for the Drinks Reception. Everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception in the sunshine whilst we took some informal pictures. During the afternoon we arranged the requested family group pictures. Taking Emma and Ben for a walk around the grounds later was very nice, especially through the bluebells.Fennes Wedding Photography Before the WeddingBreakfast the Wedding Guests threw confetti over Emma and Ben in the Gold Room. After the Wedding Breakfast it was time for the Speeches. For early evening entertainment Emma and Ben had arranged the fabulous Caricaturist Steve Hearn  to provide caricatures. After Emma and Ben had their caricature we managed to steal them away for a few evening pictures. When we returned a few minutes later their evening Guests were arriving. After Emma and Ben had cut their Wedding Cake they took to the dance floor for their First Dance. Fennes Love sign on dance floorTo finish our coverage of Emma and Ben’s lovely Wedding, the sun was setting and off we went to capture it. Fantastic! Fennes sunset wedding photos