Professional Wedding Photography Training

Professional Wedding Photography Training

As a Master Craftsman and a Craftsman of theGuild of Photographers, we were delighted to be invited to provide basic wedding photography training to a group of Guild Members at The Upper House, Stoke on Trent. Day one was was business training by Guild Director Steve Thirsk. We took over for day two. We worked through a whole wedding day showing the basics of posing, lighting and how to run a wedding day.

Each delegate had the opportunity to work with the couple in a range of ‘real wedding’ locations and situations that could occur on a live wedding!

wedding photo training

pro wedding photo trainingA quote from one delegate:-

“I especially liked the way you made us adapt to different situations, ie lighting, space, surroundings etc. and the finer details, it opened my eyes, it really made me think. As a wedding photography newbie, it helped me more than you will ever know. ”

professional wedding photography trainingwedding photography trainer