Wedding Photography Parklands, Quendon Hall – Jessica & George

Wedding Photography Parklands

A beautifully, extremely warm spring day for Jessica and George’s Wedding Day at Parklands, Quendon Ha,ll in the north of Essex.  Our coverage started upstairs in the Bride’s changing room where it was all happening!  Sam,, was doing the make up and Tina, was doing the hair, so some nice images were captured.

Wedding Photography ParklandsWith pictures of other details and accessories taken it was soon time to move to Room l.  Whilst this was happening, George, his Best Man and Ushers were having their pictures taken in front of the House out of sight.   Some of the Guests as they arrived enjoyed mingling in the sunshine in the grounds of Parklands. When Jessica was ready we took a few pictures of her and her with her Mother and Bridesmaids.  It was soon time for the outside Ceremony.  Jessica, looking so elegant, made her way down the stairs with the Bridesmaids leading the way. With the Guests seated it was time for the Ceremony. It was at this point, the wind decided to play havoc with Jessica’s veil!  Parklands Quendon Hall Recommended Wedding PhotographerAfter the Ceremony the Wedding Guests followed Jessica and George to the Drinks Reception in the grounds.  For a little while Jessica and George socialised with their Guests whilst we captured some less formal images. Some requested family pictures followed,  and we were assisted by Glen Mayes, the Toastmaster.  We managed to take Jessica and George for a short time around the grounds of Parklands and to the lake for their pictures and do some bridal part fun shots before the Receiving Line.Parklands Quendon Hall Wedding Photographer The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Banqueting Suite followed by the Speeches.  Once these were finished, many of the Guests retreated outside to enjoy the warmth of the evening sunshine. Whilst the evening’s entertainment was being set up, the result of a beautiful day provided a nice sky.Wedding Photographer Parklands, Quendon Hall  Later after the First Dance we finished our coverage of Jess and George’s Wedding with a couple of night pictures. A wonderful day!


Parklands Wedding Photographer for Kerry and Richard

Parklands Wedding Photographer for Kerry and Richard

It was a beautiful day for Kerry and Richard’s Wedding at Quendon Hall.   Our day started with Kerry’s bridal preparations in the Changing Rooms, where she was assisted by her Bridesmaid, Rachael. David went to find Richard who was downstairs to take a few pictures of him before the Ceremony.  Kerry moved to the Red Room for a few pictures, whilst the Guests were arriving and being shown to their seats. A short time later Kerry took her Father’s arm and entered the Banqueting Hall for the Ceremony.  Afterwards Kerry and Richard led their Guests outside, not quite believing the wonderful late autumnal weather! Their Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception and during the afternoon joined Kerry and Richard for a few family and friends pictures around the fountain.  Kerry and Richard wanted some pictures around the grounds of Parklands as well as in the rooms in the house.  Leaving the Wedding Guests for a short while, off we went.

parklands wedding photographer  Returning, the Guests showered Kerry and Richard with confetti before the Wedding Breakfast.  This is where we ceased being Parklands wedding photographers for Kerry and Richard’s special day. A lovely small, relaxed Wedding.


Wedding Photographer Parklands Quendon Hall

Wedding Photographer Parklands –  Sian and Liam’s Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall, was held on a beautifully warm day.  Sian with her Daughter Holly and the Bridesmaids were getting ready and all things were going well.  Meanwhile Liam was with his Best Men making their final preparations.Essex Wedding Photographer Once the men were ready a few pictures of them were taken outside.   Back to Sian for a few pictures of the girls together with Sian’s parents.  As always, weddings provide many emotional moments, but the moment when Sian’s Dad saw his daughter for the first time in her Wedding Dress was so extremely emotive for all of us!  With things back on track and time moving swiftly on, it was time for Sian to take her Dad’s arm and go down the stairs for the Civil Ceremony.  With all the Guests seated Sian made her entrance for the Ceremony. Following the Ceremony, Sian and Liam led their Guests outside to enjoy the Drinks Reception in the sunshine.Wedding Photographer Essex After a while we took the requested family group pictures but doing these in the minimum time as the temperature was rising! Later after the fun bridal pictures it was time for Sian and Liam’s ‘together’ pictures around the grounds.  After Sian and Liam had their Caricatures drawn by Josie Camus  and then being showered in confetti it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. Essex Wedding Photographer During the Wedding Breakfast  Sian, Liam and their Guests were treated to surprise performance from ‘The Singing Waiters” , which was then followed by the Speeches. Afterwards everybody enjoyed socialising inside Parklands or outside in the evening sunshine. After the arrival of Sian and Liam’s evening Guests it was time for their First Dance.  Before leaving we managed to escape for a few minutes with Sian and Liam to do a few evening pictures and end our coverage of their day.Essex Wedding Photographer



Parklands Wedding Photography for Siri & Shaf

Parklands Wedding Photography – Siri and Shaf chose the poplar and superb Wedding Venue, Parklands, Quendon Hall, for their Wedding.  Our day started at Parklands, where all the preparations were underway. Siri with her family and Bridesmaids were upstairs in the  Bridal changing room whilst Shaf, his family and Groomsmen were also getting ready in another room and once they were ready, we took them outside for a few pictures. As Siri had the final touches applied for her make-up, a few pictures were taken of her before all the girls transferred to Room 1 for a few more pictures.  Loving this room, with so much more space, we were able to take some nice pictures formally as well as capturing some nice informal images. Wedding Photographer EssexEssex Wedding Photographer Soon it was time for the Bridesmaids to lead Siri and her Father down the staircase, through Parklands and into the Pavilion for the Civil Ceremony.  Following the Ceremony, Siri and Shaf were showered in confetti as they left the Marquee and led their Guests through to the Banqueting Hall for the Drinks Reception and Canapes.

Wedding Photographer Essex

With it being a nice day Guests made their way outside enjoying the grounds whilst socialising. After giving Siri and Shaf some time with their Guests it was time to get on with the requested family pictures.  We were extremely grateful for the help from Shaf’s brother,who was the Best Man, and Shaf’s Usher, as well as the co-operation of all Siri and Shaf’s Guests with the group pictures.  All of us working together, brilliant!  After the fun Bridal Party pictures, it was time for Siri and Shaf’s together pictures around the grounds of Parklands, finishing by the field with the oil seed rape.

Essex Wedding Photographer 140509-Siri-Shaf-w5

Siri tossed her bouquet when we returned and shortly afterwards, Siri and Shaf  changed into traditional Asian dress and we took a few pictures of them together.  Once their Wedding Guests had made their way back into the Pavilion they made their entrance.  Before they took their places for the meal they took part in a few traditional Sri Lankan games followed by the cutting of their Wedding cake.  We photographed the Speeches later and traditional ceremony games and captured some great images. Before the evening celebrations really began, we managed to take Siri and Shaf for a couple of evening pictures before returning for the dancing.  The Marquee looked fabulous as the couple took to dance floor for the First Dance, quickly joined by everybody else.  A spectacular scene! 140509-Siri-Shaf-w6  Essex Wedding Photos

Colourful, lots going on, a superb Bride and Groom, a fabulous day!  Siri looked lovely and Shaf didn’t look bad either!


Parklands recommended suppliers

Parklands recommended suppliers – it was a pleasure to put on a display with other Parklands recommended suppliers Elegant Stems and Unique Boutique Stationary, both of whom are highly professional, put on a great display  and who we also would have no trouble in recommending!

Parklands_recommended_suppliers Parklands Quendon Hall Essex

Parklands is located in the North West corner of Essex and is a great wedding venue offering a very relaxed atmosphere for all types of wedding. Parklands is a great venue for wedding photography.


Parklands Open Day

Tomorrow, Sunday 22 February, we will be displaying our wedding books at the beautiful Parklands, Quendon Hall Open Day, from 11.0am to 4.0pm. Please call in for an informal chat and see how we can help make your wedding memories happy. We look forward to meeting there.

Parklands Quendon Hall wedding venue

Pre-Wedding Pictures

It was a beautiful evening when we met Katharine and Phil for a chat about their forthcoming Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall.  We had an enjoyable time around the picturesque village of Thaxted taking some nice images.  wedding-photographer-essex-pre-wedding pictures-thaxted


Wedding Photography for Sally & Lee – Parklands, Quendon Hall

It was a beautiful day when we arrived at Parklands, Quendon Hall, for the Wedding of Sally and Lee.  The girls were getting ready and whilst I stayed with the girls, David went off to meet with the boys.  Having taken a few pictures of Lee, his Best Man and Ushers in the grounds of Parklands, the girls portraits were taken in the preparation rooms.  Sally and Lee chose to have an indoor Civil Ceremony and afterwards led their Guests outside for the Drinks Reception where they socialised for a little while before we got on with the requested family pictures and fun bridal party pictures.   We left the Guests to enjoy the sunshine whilst Sally and Lee joined us for a short stroll around Parklands.  With some nice pictures captured by the Lake and some walking shots it was time to go back. wedding-photographer-essex-parklands-quendon-hallWith some lovely evening light after the Wedding Breakfast, we took  Sally and Lee for a few more pictures which they wanted around Parklands, before the Evening Reception and their First Dance together, which were more than happy to do!


The sunset put on a good display for us of coloured sky and Sally and Lee were delighted to be photographed with and that is where our coverage of their Wedding Day ended. wedding-photographer-essex-parklands-quendon-hall


Wedding Photography for Gemma & Steve – Parklands, Quendon Hall

Gemma and Steve were so looking forward to their Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall and so were we.  As with many, their Wedding had been so long in the planning  but with Gemma and Steve they had a few more considerations.  Arriving at Parklands we made our way upto the Bridal Changing rooms where Gemma, her Mum and Bridesmaids were having their make-up done.  Gemma was having her hair done as well and how lovely it looked!  With hair and make up finished Gemma moved to the red room, which gave us more space with the Flowergirls, Bridesmaids and Pageboy! In between all this, we managed to meet Steve downstairs in the House capturing a few pictures of him with his Best Man and Ushers before we then returned to take some pictures of Gemma with all her Attendants before it was time for her to see the Registrars.   With Guests seated, Gemma made her entrance into the Civil Ceremony with her Mum at her side. After the Ceremony, although chilly outside but dry, we took the family group photographs they wanted in front of the fountain. Gemma, Steve and ourselves left the Guests socialising and enjoying the drinks reception whilst we went around the lovely grounds of Parklands. wedding-photographer-essex-parklands-quendon-hallThe sun came out on cue as we photographed the happy couple at the lake end, but not wanting to keep Gemma and Steve away from their guests for too long we soon sent then back to the The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Pavilion and once their Guests were seated, the speeches took place.  Afterwards and before the evening celebrations started, as Gemma and Steve wanted some images capturing the inside of Parklands we spent a short time with them taking these pictures. wedding-photographer-essex-parklands-quendon-hall Evening Guests arrived shortly afterwards and witnessed the cake cutting before the evening went into full swing.  A memorable day with endless smiles, a special couple, nothing was too much trouble for Gemma and Steve, which considering Gemma is wheelchair bound, was a big effort, in and out of her chair all day!  Thank you!