Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography for Emily & Gareth

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography for Emily & Gareth

It was a lovely day for Emily and Gareth’s Wedding at this stunning Wedding Venue. On arrival at Gosfield Hall we met up with Emily, her Bridesmaids and Mother. Everybody was relaxed,enjoying Champagne whilst carrying out their preparations. Emily’s Wedding Dress and Accessories were in the Rococo Suite, so I split my time between taking pictures of these and capturing some getting ready pictures. Emily and Gareth’s colour scheme for the day was beautiful, with the flowers being provided by www.vikkibrowne.com. Meanwhile David went off to find Gareth who was in the bar greeting the arrival of the Wedding Guests. Leaving the Guests to look after themselves for a few minutes, Gareth with his Best Man and Ushers had a few pictures taken outside Gosfield Hall as well as inside. When David returned upstairs, the girls were in the wonderful Rococco Suite, getting dressed. Timings were spot on so we had time when everybody was dressed to take some pictures without hurrying. With all the Guests seated in the Queen’s Gallery, Emily escorted by her Father and with the Bridesmaids leading the way made their way to the Ceremony.

Gosfield Wedding PhotographerAfterwards, the Guests followed Emily and Gareth down the stairs and into the Courtyard. Everybody enjoyed the Drinks Reception and during this time we got on with the family group pictures. In between we captured informal and fun pictures  which were going on. We took the ‘everybody’ picture in the courtyard for a change as that was where they all were and it worked well. Gosfield Hall Wedding PhotographerFor a few minutes we took the Bridal Party aside for a few relaxed and fun pictures. Wedding Photographer Gosfiedl HallThe Bridal party then returned to the Courtyard whilst we took Emily and Gareth for a few pictures around the grounds of Gosfield Hall. The Receiving Line was before the Wedding Breakfast in the Ballroom, with the Speeches following. Reactions during the Speeches made for some great pictures. Once these were finished everybody went into the gardens to enjoy the evening sunshine, participating in the Garden games if they wished. After a little while Emily and Gareth wanted a couple of pictures in the Rococo Suite which were happy to do. Cutting of their Wedding Cake and Emily and Gareth’s First Dance followed shortly after. Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer Evening celebrations were now in full swing!  After capturing a flavour of the evening we left them to continue the party! A wonderful day!


Wedding Photographs Gosfield Hall for Gill & Chris

Wedding Photographs Gosfield Hall for Gill & Chris

Gill and Chris chose the stunning Gosfield Hall for their Wedding and we were delighted to be asked to photograph their big day. Bridal preparations were taking place upstairs at Gosfield Hall when we arrived. Everything was running smoothly and Gill, her Mother, Val, Father, Cliff, and Sister, Nicola were all very relaxed. Meanwhile Chris was getting ready with this Best Man, Richard, and his Ushers, Steve, Mike and Graham. With  preparations and details completed and ready, Chris then spent a little time greeting some of the Guests in between having some pictures taken.

Gosfield Wedding PhotographerWhilst this was going on Gill was getting dressed in the Rococco Suite assisted by her Mum and Sister. Everybody looked lovely! The Rococco Suite is a lovely room for Bridal portraits etc, and as time was on our side we got on with these taking full advantage of the setting. Gosfield Hall Wedding PhotographyAfter seeing the Registrars, Gill took her Father’s arm and made her way to the Queen’s Gallery for the Civil Ceremony. Following the Ceremony, Gill, Chris and their Guests went into the Salon for the Drinks Reception.Wedding Photographs Gosfield Hall  It was raining at this time but the forecast was for it was to stop, so Gill and Chris enjoyed some social time with their Guests including being entertained by a Wedding Singer. This gave us ample opportunity for some informal pictures. Starting off inside at Gosfield Hall we got on with the few requested family pictures that Gil and Chris wanted before going off with them for a short while for their pictures.  The rain had stopped earlier so after a few pictures of them inside Gosfield Hall we went outside. Wedding Photographer Gosfield Hall Returning to their Guests, Gill and Chris had a little time before the Receiving Line.  The Wedding Breakfast  followed and then it was time for the Speeches.  Speeches took a different spin today! Questions and Answers! It worked well! In between the end of the Wedding Breakfast and the evening celebrations we took a few more pictures of Gill and Chris together with some special requested pictures.  The First Dance followed the cake cutting  and after capturing a flavour of the rest of the evening celebrations it was time for us to leave. Such a relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding day!


Gosfield Hall Wedding photographer Testimonial

Gosfield Hall Wedding photographer Testimonial

We are still a few weeks behind with our blog at present, so it was very timely that just after publishing Rebecca and Michael’s blog about their at Gosfield Hall winter wedding,  we were delighted to receive this lovely Review from the happy Bride:-

We love love love our album! David & Sandra captured every emotion during our wedding day. The photos are moving and tell a beautiful story. We really enjoyed having them as our photographers as they were warm & personable without being intrusive. Definitely recommend having the engagement shoot as it helps build rapport and relaxes the poses before the big day.


Gosfield Hall Wedding photographer Testimonial

Gosfield Hall Wedding – Rebecca & Michael

Gosfield Hall Wedding – Rebecca & Michael

It was a windy but dry day for Rebecca and Michael’s Wedding at the wonderful Gosfield Hall. Arriving in the morning we met with Rebecca and her sisters, Tareena and Nahida, who were having their hair and make-up done upstairs. David went off to meet with Michael and his Groomsmen who were downstairs  Once all the men were present the Courtyard was the setting for their pictures. With some formal and then fun images captured, Guests were arriving so they greeted them and socialised in the bar area. Whilst this was happening, I was keeping an eye on the ‘getting ready’ pictures in between capturing details of Rebecca’s Wedding Dress and accessories which were in the Rococco Suite. Everything was running smoothly but as always the last hour seems to go twice as quick so as soon as Rebecca’s veil was on, it was time to move and get dressed in the Rococco Suite.  Rebecca looked stunning in her Wedding Dress and without further ado we got on with her Bridal Portraits. Gosfield Hall Wedding  Rebecca’s Brother, Shafi, was giving her away, so after he saw her for the first time we had a little time for a few pictures before the Registrars appeared. The Flowergirls, Megan and Ellie, then led the way along the corridor for the Ceremony in the Queens Gallery.Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer Once the formalities were completed we capturing some relaxed  pictures as Rebecca and Michael returned down the aisle before making their way downstairs into the Grand Salon. As it happened Michael and Rebecca had a few minutes to themselves which for us resulted in some nice natural images. Their Guests joined them for the Drinks Reception and Canapes, allowing us time for the informal pictures. After a little whilst socialising it was time to get on with the requested Group pictures and some Bridal Party pictures. Although chilly, these pictures were taken outside in the Courtyard before returning to the warmth of Gosfield Hall! Wedding Photography Gosfield HallA very quick walk around the outside of Gosfield Hall took place a little later on, well done Rebecca and Michael, more than a touch windswept! We took a few requested pictures just before the Greeting Line and theWedding  Breakfast. There were some wonderful expressive images during the Speeches which of course we were pleased to get. Wedding Photographer Gosfield HallEverybody then made their way downstairs for the evening reception. Rebecca and Michael cut their Wedding Cake then took to the dance floor for their First Dance. Wedding Photographer Gosfield HallAfter capturing a few relaxed evening pictures we said our goodbyes and left them to continue their evening celebrations.  A lovely day and it was nice to work with Luke (Videographer) Look Back and Remember.


Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall – Sarah & Kevin

Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall

It was a beautiful day for Sarah and Kevin’s  Wedding at the stunning Gosfield Hall. Sarah was upstairs getting ready in the Rococco Suite when we arrived, whilst Kevin  was arriving with his Groomsmen.  Whilst Kevin made his way upstairs to get ready David took various pictures around Gosfield Hall and of the men getting ready, whilst I stayed with the girls.  The Rococco Suite was a hive of activity, not just with the girls getting ready but with the Pageboys too. Kevin and his Groomsmen were getting ready at Gosfield Hall as well and once they were ready they had a few pictures taken. Wedding photography Gosfield Hall  The Rococco Suite provides a wonderful setting for pictures, both formal and informal, and today was no exception.  After Sarah’s Dad had seen her, it was time for the Registrars to see her before the Ceremony. Once the Wedding Guests were all seated in the Queen’s Gallery, it was time for Sarah to be escorted by her Dad along the corridor and into the Ceremony Room.  Following the Ceremony Sarah and Kevin made their way down the staircase and into the Courtyard with their Guests behind them. Wedding Photographer Essex Gosfield Hall  Enjoying the Drinks Reception in the sunshine, Sarah and Kevin spent a little time with their Guests . We then took them for a quick walk around Gosfield Hall for a few of their ‘together’pictures.Gosfield Hall Wedding PhotographerSarah and Kevin were showered in confetti upon their return as they walked under the Bell Tower and into the Courtyard.  For the family group pictures everybody   made their way to the lawn by the fountain. It was soon time for the Receiving Line, followed by the Wedding Breakfast.  The Speeches followed, with Guests surprised at a Speech delivered by Callum, Sarah and Kevin’s son.  Afterwards, everybody relaxed in the rooms and in the grounds of Gosfield Hall before the evening celebrations.  Being such a lovely evening, the light was better and it wasn’t as hot, we were able to escape to take a few relaxed pictures of Sarah and Kevin.  The cake cutting was before the First Dance . Gosfield Hall Wedding PhotographyFinishing with a couple of night shots we than said our goodbyes and left them to continue with their celebrations.


Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall for Emma & David

Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall

Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall – Emma and David booked us for their Wedding  in 2012 and now it was finally here! It was a beautiful day and extremely hot for their Wedding at Gosfield Hall. The Roccoco Suite at Gosfield Hall was where we made our way to when we arrived at Gosfield Hall.  Emma, her Mother and the Bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done and with lots of details and accessories to photograph, it was a busy time for us all!

Wedding Photography Gosfield HallDavid and his Groomsmen were making their final preparations before having their a few pictures taken. Once the girls were ready we took a few  portraits of them and Emma. The Wedding Ceremony was being held outside in the Courtyard. The Guests were shown to their seats outside at the last minute before the Ceremony was due to begin as it was an extremely hot day. Emma took her Mother’s arm, came down the stairs and waited for the music to start for her entrance. The shade was in great demand once Emma and David had exchanged their vows and signed the Register! Essex Wedding Photographer Emma and David then led their Guests to the steps of Gosfield Hall for the Drinks Reception.  After socialising for a little while, it was time to get on with the family group pictures, followed by the fun Bridal pictures.  Before the Wedding Breakfast there was a short time for us to take Emma and David for a walk around the grounds for their pictures. Wedding Photographer EssexEmma and David greeted their guests on their way into the Wedding Breakfast. which was followed by Speeches. A sunset picture is always a popular romantic wedding photograph and Emma and David were delighted to be able to get one.Wedding Photographer EssexThe guests took advantage of the warm evening and relaxed outdoors while the evening Guests arrived. Emma and David cut the cake and took to the dance floor for their First Dance together as husband and wife.  Guests then joined them on the dance floor to continue the celebrations, and a little while later we took our leave.  A lovely day!


Engagement Pictures

Engagement Pictures – It was nice to catch up with Emma and David to go over their Wedding plans and take a few pictures.  Emma and David are getting married at Gosfield Hall, soon.


Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall for Stephanie & Marc

Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall – We were delighted to be asked to photograph Stephanie and Marc’s Wedding at the superb Wedding Venue, Gosfield Hall.  This Wedding was extra special to us as we have known Marc for a number of years, growing up with our son Jonathan.  On arrival at Gosfield Hall, the Rococco Suite was where the girls were getting ready and that is where we made our way to.  The girls were busy with the bridal preparations with the boys downstairs attending to their jobs.  With lots going on David and I were kept busy and once everyone was ready the posed pictures were taken.  The Civil Ceremony was held in the Queen’s Gallery and Steph looked radiant as she made her entrance.  Afterwards, Steph and Marc led their Guests down the stairs and into the Drawing Room for the Drinks Reception. With rain in the air just at the time we were going to go outside, we let Steph and Marc make the most of some extra time with their Guests.  Fortunately, the weather improved enabling everyone to go outside for the required family pictures and Bridal fun pictures. During the afternoon we took Steph and Marc for a short walk around the grounds of Gosfield Hall for their together pictures.  Following the Receiving Line, the Wedding Breakfast was served before the Speeches.  A ‘first’ for us during the Speeches, photographing our son, who was Best Man! It turned out that we were more nervous than our son!  Stephanie and Marc were lucky enough to get a sunset picture, it was not looking as if there was going to be one!  With the evening celebrations beginning, Steph and Marc’s evening Guests arrived. followed by the cutting of the cake.  Steph and Marc then had their First Dance and we captured some lovely moments.  With some night shots taken of them both we left them all to continue the party. A wonderful day!

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall – Amanda & Damian

Wedding Photography Gosfield Hall for Amanda and Damien – We were delighted to be asked to photograph Amanda and Damian’s Wedding at the superb Gosfield Hall. Amanda is the Principal Registration Officer in Braintree so knows and meets many photographers, so we were privileged to be chosen to photograph her Wedding.  Arriving at Gosfield Hall we went upto the Rococco Suite to meet with Amanda where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Things were going well. Meanwhile, David met Damian downstairs to take some pictures of him with his Best Man, Jamie. The weather was not behaving itself but it didn’t matter as Gosfield Hall is such a stunning Venue there are plenty of wonderful backdrops for some pictures inside as well as outside. It wasn’t long before Amanda was looking radiant and ready for some photographs,  before familiar faces from Braintree Registrars  as well as Chelmsford Registrars entered the Rococco Suite for checking the Registers prior to the ceremony. Damian and the Guests were seated in the Queen’s Gallery ready for the Ceremony, Amanda, who was given away by her Brother, Chris, made her way down the corridor for the Ceremony.  Afterwards, Amanada and Damian led their Guests down the staircase for the Drinks Reception.  As it was still raining outside we took a few group pictures in the Grand Salon in between some informal pictures. Amanda and Damian socialised with their Guests for a while before we took them for their pictures together.  Unfortunately the rain continued to prevent us going outside so we stayed in the dry. The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Banqueting Hall with the Speeches taking place beforehand. Later a break in the weather allowed us to take a few nightime pictures with Gosfield Hall lit up before the evening celebrations started.  The evening Guests arrived so Amanda and Damian  cut their Wedding Cake and then it was time for the First Dance. A little later and happy with what we had captured of Amanada and Damian’s lovely Wedding Day, we said our goodbyes.

Gosfield Hall wedding photographer Gosfield Hall Essex wedding photography Gosfield Hall Essex wedding photos

Wedding photography Gosfield Hall – Amanda and Damien


Pre-Wedding Pictures

We met Amanda and Damien again just before their Wedding at Gosfield Hall, Essex, for their pre-wedding pictures meeting.Pre-wedding pictures