Wedding Photography for Maria & Ian

Wedding Photography for Maria & Ian

It was a bright dry day when we arrived at Crabbs Barn for the Wedding Photography for Maria and Ian.  Maria was getting ready in the Bridal room and we joined her to take a few pictures of her Wedding Dress and Accessories, as well as a few ‘capture the moment’ shots.

When Ian arrived before he got on with  greeting too many of the Guests, we took a few pictures of him with his Groomsmen. Everyone mingled until it was time to go inside the Barn for the Ceremony. Maria was soon ready and was joined by the Bridesmaids. After a few pictures, it was time to walk around to the Barn. Rain started to fall so we hurried inside quicker than usual.Wedding Photography Essex

The Reception

Following the Ceremony, the Guests went into the Garden Room for the Drinks Reception, whilst we took Maria and Ian for a couple of pictures at the gate. The rain had stopped and the ground was drying up. Maria and Ian then joined their Guests.Crabbs Barn Wedding Photographer A little while later we went outside and took the requested family pictures with a variety of others. We managed to take Maria and Ian for a quick walk around the grounds before it was time for the Wedding Breakfast.

The Speeches followed, during this time it rained again but worked nicely for Maria and Ian because just as the Speeches had finished a rainbow appeared! A nice picture followed by the Guests joining us for the confetti pictures.Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn By now it was nice evening,  sunny and the children and adults had the choice of staying outside or return to the Garden Room.  For their entertainment a Magician was on hand, whilst  we took Maria and Ian out into the lane for a couple of sunset pictures. As we returned the Evening Guests were arriving and a little while later everyone returned to the Barn for the cutting of the Wedding Cake and Maria an Ian’s First Dance.Crabbs Barn Recommended Wedding Photographer After capturing a flavour of the evening and happy with our coverage of Maria and Ian’s Wedding we said our ‘goodbyes’. A lovely day!


Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Laura & Alex

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Laura & Alex

We had the pleasure of providing wedding photography for Laura and Alex’s wedding at the wonderful Crabbs Barn. Meeting with Laura when we arrived there was a nice feel of relaxation with the girls getting ready without rushing.Recommended Wedding Photographer Crabbs Laura was having her hair finished, her Wedding Dress and accessories were out for us to photograph. As final preparations were going on Alex was out at the front of the Barn with his Groomsmen. When they were all ready we got on with taking their pictures. It was such a beautiful day and the setting for the outside Ceremony looked lovely.  Alex and his Groomsmen greeted the Guests as they arrived and they all mingled outside until it was time for them to be seated for the Ceremony.

Laura was ready with time to spare, great! Laura was wearing her Grandma’s veil and knowing this was extremely special we made sure this featured !Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn

The Ceremony & Reception

When the Registrars’ meeting was completed, Laura, her Father and the Bridesmaids exited the Barn and made their way toward the Gazebo for the Ceremony.  Once the Ceremony was over the Guests followed Laura and Alex into the grounds for the Drinks Reception. Laura and Alex spent a nice time socialising with their Guests before we got on with the requested family pictures. These went smoothly and after Laura and Alex had a little social time we took them for a short walk around the Grounds.

Following their ‘together’ pictures, there was still time for Laura and Alex to mingle again before being showered in confetti. Following the Wedding Breakfast the Speeches followed.Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn Afterwards we managed to take Laura and Alex away for a few minutes for some evening pictures in the lane.Essex Wedding Photographer After a beautiful day a nice sunset! A little while later Laura and Alex cut their Wedding cake and had their First Dance. Guests then joined them on the dance floor. After capturing a flavour of the evening, some informal people pictures, it was time for us to leave. A wonderful day and and a lovely couple!


Essex Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Stacey & Craig

Essex Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Stacey & Craig

It was a beautiful day for Essex Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Stacey & Craig at  Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon. On arrival at Crabbs Barn, Stacey was very relaxed getting ready with her Bridesmaids. We got on with taking the details and accessories pictures as well as capturing moments of the final preparations.

Craig arrived out the front of Crabbs Barn and when the Groomsmen joined him we took a few pictures. Essex Wedding Photography Once Stacey was ready we got on with taking her pictures making the most of the lovely weather outside. The Guests had arrived and took their seats outside for the Wedding Ceremony. Stacey took her Father’s arm and walked from the Barn outside towards the Gazebo where the Ceremony was taking place. Recommended Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn

Drinks Reception

After the Ceremony everyone enjoyed the Drinks Reception. Garden games and the Space Hoppers kept a lot of the Guests entertained during the afternoon. At times we took some requested family pictures,  fun pictures of the Bridal Party and pictures of Stacey and Craig.The Guests threw petals over Stacey and Craig just before they went in for the Wedding Breakfast.

The Evening Reception

The Speeches followed then everyone went outside to enjoy the evening sunshine.Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn It was such a glorious evening so we took Stacey and Craig and the Bridesmaids to the lane next to Crabbs Barn for a few pictures. Happy with the pictures of Stacey and her Bridesmaids, Stacey stayed with Craig whilst the Bridesmaids returned to Crabbs Barn. We couldn’t miss the opportunity of getting some nice evening pictures of the happy couple. Timings worked well and we ended up with a super sunset in the field.Crabbs Barn Wedding Photographer When we rejoined everyone the evening Guests had started to arrive and we took some informal pictures. Stacey and Craig  cut their Wedding Cake soon after then took to the dance floor for their their First Dance. A lovely Wedding and a delightful couple!


Essex Wedding Photographers at Crabbs Barn for Jasmine and Jake

Essex Wedding Photographers at Crabbs Barn for Jasmine and Jake

We had the pleasure to be Essex Wedding Photographers at Crabbs Barn for Jasmine and Jake –  The weather was beautiful for Jasmine and Jake’s Wedding in the Summer at Crabbs Barn. Our day started at the fabulous Air B & B Maysent House, Bocking, Braintree. Jasmine and Jake had hired out this house for a couple of days. Jasmine, the two Mums and the girls were getting ready there and it was perfect. When we arrived the preparations were going well. We chatted with Pam, Jasmine’s Mum for a few minutes to catch up as we took her Wedding photographs when she married Dan at Fennes a few years ago.

Essex wedding details

It was nice to see Michelle of  Bumblebee Bridal again (we have worked with her a lot recently) working her magic on the girls’ hair.  Just loved the colour scheme and the flowers in the hair! Whilst the hair and make up preparations were going on in the downstairs rooms and after capturing some images we went upstairs to take pictures of Jasmine’s dress and accessories. It was nice to have room to take these pictures. These taken, the  Bridesmaids were getting dressed, Jasmine’s Mum, Pam, who was ready then helped Jasmine get dressed. After a few pictures we all went outside into the garden.Wedding Photographer Essex A shady area provided enough room for us to take a few pictures of them all before we left to go to the wedding. Good timing!

Crabbs Barn

We arrived at Crabbs Barn just as Jake did! Jake and his Best Men had a few pictures taken before they carried out their duties.Crabbs Barn Recommended Wedding Photographer Guests mingled in the gardens before Jasmine arrived so we were able to capture a few informal pictures before they made their way into the Barn for the Ceremony. Jasmine’s  Mum, Pam, escorted her into the Barn when it was time for the Ceremony. Following the Ceremony everyone went outside for the Dove release.

During the Drinks Reception we got on with taking the required family pictures. There was time for Jasmine and Jake to have several breaks from various pictures to socialise with their Guests. Jasmine and Jake were covered with petals just before going inside the Barn for the BBQ.

The Speeches

Crabbs Barn Wedding PhotographerThe Speeches followed the meal and afterwards every went outside into the grounds to enjoy the evening sunshine. The evening light was superb so we went with Jasmine and Jake for a walk in the lane. Lovely pictures! Essex Wedding PhotographersWhen we returned the Evening Guests had arrived and they joined the audience as they were being entertained by the fabulous Magician, Nick Crown. As always some great reactions! Today also provided a great Sunset which was followed by Jasmine and Jake cutting their Wedding cake then taking to the dance floor for their First Dance. It wasn’t long after that we said our goodbyes. A beautiful day, and such a lovely couple.


Kind words from Jasmine and Jake

Kind words from Jasmine and Jake

“A big thank you from us both, made the photos run so smoothly, really pleased with your work”

Kind words

Engagement Session for Jasmine & Jake

Engagement Session Shoot for Jasmine & Jake

With not long to go before their Wedding Jasmine and Jake came for their Engagement Session and to see us again to go over the details of their Wedding Day. Jasmine and Jake had booked us as their Wedding Photographers over a year ago so there was a lot to talk about. We filled in the details, had a chat and then went off to take some pictures of the two of them. It was a nice day so we went to one of our local areas to do the Engagement Shoot. We are looking forward to Jasmine and Jake’s Wedding at Crabbs Barn soon.

 Engagement Session Essex

Relaxed Pre-Wedding Pictures for Stacey & Craig

Relaxed Pre-Wedding Pictures for Stacey & Craig

Stacey and Craig came to see us one evening recently for some Relaxed Pre-Wedding Pictures. Firstly their visit was to chat and update our details of their Wedding Day. Afterwards we went for a short walk to take some pictures locally. As always this doesn’t take very long as our aim is to just get re-acquainted, find out more about our couples before their Wedding Day. It was a beautiful evening so we made use of the early evening sunlight, ending up with some nice results.  We are looking forward to Stacey and Craig’s Wedding at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon, soon.Relaxed Pre-Wedding Pictures Essex


Essex Wedding Photography at Crabbs Barn for Tracey & Mike

Essex Wedding Photography at Crabbs Barn for Tracey & Mike

Essex Wedding Photography – Tracey and Mike held their Wedding at the lovely Wedding Venue Crabbs Barn. Tracey and Mike’s daughters were getting ready with Tracey in the Bridal Room at Crabbs Barn when we arrived. Preparations were going well and the three of them were very relaxed.

Mike was with his son, who was his Best Man, so before many of the Guests arrived, we took a few pictures of them.  With having lovely weather they greeted, then socialised with the Guests outside. Once the hair and make-up was finished the girls got dressed. After taking a couple of pictures of Tracey, it was then time to walk along the path to the Barn for the Ceremony. Recommended Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn The Guests had taken their seats in the Barn and a few minutes later Tracey who was given away by her daughter Rebecca walked into the Barn. After the Ceremony a short Celebrant Service took place, starting with the lighting of the Memorial Lantern. This service was very important to Tracey and Mike and it was nice to be present to capture the moments. Afterwards everyone went outside for the Drinks Reception, with the setting providing some informal pictures.

Once Tracey and Mike had spent a little time with their Guests we got on with the requested family group pictures. Other special pictures were taken during the afternoon. Tracey and Mike’s ‘together’ pictures took place around the grounds a little later on in the sunshine.Essex Wedding Photography  Their Guests later threw petals over Tracey and Mike before the Wedding Breakfast. Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn

The Wedding Breakfast

Everyone was entertained by the wonderful Irie J during the meal. After the Speeches, which followed the meal, everyone relaxed in the grounds of Crabbs Barn. This allowed us to escape for a few minutes with Tracey and Mike for a short walk for a few evening pictures. After cutting their Wedding Cake they had their First Dance. Later a Sunset finished our coverage of Tracey and Mike’s wonderful Wedding Day.Evening Wedding Photographer Crabbs Barn It was a pleasure to carry out Essex Wedding Photography for Tracey and Mike, thank you for asking us.



Engagement Photo shoot for Laura & Alex

Engagement Photo shoot for Laura & Alex

Laura and Alex came to see us again one afternoon a few weeks ago for their Engagement Photo shoot and to talk about their forthcoming Wedding. After a chat and discussing how their wedding day would run we went off for a short while along the banks of the river to take some pictures of the two of them. We are looking forward to Laura and Alex’s Wedding at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon in the summer.

Engagement Photo shoot  Essex

Pre-Wedding Pictures for Tracey & Mike

Pre-Wedding Pictures

It was a lovely morning when we visited Tracey and Mike for their Pre-Wedding pictures.  Tracey and Mike asked us if we would mind going to their home for their pictures.  We were happy to do so, and after seeing their wonderful garden it was the right place to take some pictures.  First of all though we chatted and talked through details of their Wedding at Crabbs Barn which is going to be taking place soon. Afterwards we went out into the garden where we were spoilt for choice as to where we could take the pictures. The backdrop to the pictures was lovely, and we achieved some nice pictures.

Pre-Wedding Pictures