Corporate Head shots Witham Chamber of Commerce

Corporate Head shots Witham Chamber of Commerce


We recently took Corporate Head shots  in association with Witham Chamber of Commerce.

For all business people a good quality up to date profile picture is essential for websites and social media.

The temptation is of course to do a selfie and save some money. Unfortunately this often creating a poor quality picture which then reflects on the business.

Whilst we are able to offer larger companies this service at their premisis the cost benefit ratio for smaller companies and sole traders is hard to justify!

By working with Witham Chamber of Commerce we were able to provide a high quality low cost option at a central location.

The even was so successful that we will be running it again in the near future!

Essex corporate head shots



Benton Hall Golf Captains

Benton Hall Golf Captains

Once again it was nice to be asked to photograph Benton Hall Men’s Golf Captain and Benton Hall Lady’s Golf Captain at the end of last year. This time we took the portraits of Dave Claxton and Sara Hodges.

Benton Hall Golf Benton Hall Golf  Photos

Profile picture for Linkedin

Profile picture for Linkedin

What message does it give if yourProfile picture for Linkedin is a poorly lit phone picture?

Szilvia wanted to look her best on her page and commissioned us for a portrait.

Portraits which are to promote you as a person or a business need to good!

profile picture for Linkedin