Wedding Photographer Parklands Quendon Hall

Wedding Photographer Parklands –  Sian and Liam’s Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall, was held on a beautifully warm day.  Sian with her Daughter Holly and the Bridesmaids were getting ready and all things were going well.  Meanwhile Liam was with his Best Men making their final preparations.Essex Wedding Photographer Once the men were ready a few pictures of them were taken outside.   Back to Sian for a few pictures of the girls together with Sian’s parents.  As always, weddings provide many emotional moments, but the moment when Sian’s Dad saw his daughter for the first time in her Wedding Dress was so extremely emotive for all of us!  With things back on track and time moving swiftly on, it was time for Sian to take her Dad’s arm and go down the stairs for the Civil Ceremony.  With all the Guests seated Sian made her entrance for the Ceremony. Following the Ceremony, Sian and Liam led their Guests outside to enjoy the Drinks Reception in the sunshine.Wedding Photographer Essex After a while we took the requested family group pictures but doing these in the minimum time as the temperature was rising! Later after the fun bridal pictures it was time for Sian and Liam’s ‘together’ pictures around the grounds.  After Sian and Liam had their Caricatures drawn by Josie Camus  and then being showered in confetti it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. Essex Wedding Photographer During the Wedding Breakfast  Sian, Liam and their Guests were treated to surprise performance from ‘The Singing Waiters” , which was then followed by the Speeches. Afterwards everybody enjoyed socialising inside Parklands or outside in the evening sunshine. After the arrival of Sian and Liam’s evening Guests it was time for their First Dance.  Before leaving we managed to escape for a few minutes with Sian and Liam to do a few evening pictures and end our coverage of their day.Essex Wedding Photographer



Wedding Photography All Manor of Events, Henley, for Stacie and Brett

Wedding Photography All Manor of Events, Henley, for Stacie and Brett – Stacie’s sister’s house was where David and I arrived early on the morning of Stacie and Brett’s Wedding Day.  Stacie was in the latter stages of having her hair and make-up finished, allowing us time to photograph her accessories and capturing moments of the preparations.  Once everybody was ready we took a few portraits of them all before departing for the Church.  The service was held at St Peter’s Church, Thurston, and that is where we met up with Brett and his Groomsmen.  Brett’s pictures were taken outside the Church before all of the Guests arrived, as it was a dry bright day. Shortly afterwards Stacie arrived and she walked down the aisle on her Brother’s arm.  Some traditional family group pictures were taken outside the church after the Service and then Stacie and Brett were showered in confetti as they walked down the path, to their waiting car to go to their Reception.  All Manor of Events, SuffolkAll Manor of Events, Henley was the chosen WeddingVenue for Stacie and Brett’s Wedding Reception and was a new Venue for us. After taking a couple of pictures with Stacie and Brett beside the car, they went inside Manor Farm Barn with their Guests for the Drinks Reception.  A little while later we took Stacie and Brett for a walk around the grounds, achieving some lovely pictures down the driveway amongst the daffodils.  After Stacie and Brett had a little more time socialising we then took them and the Bridal Party into the Courtyard for some fun pictures before the Wedding  Breakfast.  All Manor of Events wedding, SuffolkAfter the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches Stacie and Brett were happy to have a few more pictures in the time available, finishing in a sunset picture before the First Dance.  With a superb dance floor in the Barn, Stacie and Brett had their First Dance before their Guests joined them. A couple of night pictures ended our coverage of a lovely day. All Manor of Events is a lovely Venue and we really must thank Zoe, front of house, for making us welcome and looking after us, it was much  appreciated.All Manor of Events wedding photographer, Suffolk