Wedding Photography Vaulty Manor for Gemma & Ben

Wedding Photography Vaulty Manor – It was a beautiful day for Gemma and Ben’s Wedding at Vaulty Manor, Heybridge, Maldon.  When we arrived the Gemma and the girls were getting ready in the Bridal Cottage.  Everything was well organised and going to plan, which enabled us to capture the special moments.  During this time the Ben and his Groomsmen had arrived so they had a few pictures taken in the grounds before they carried out their various duties. Once Gemma was ready, she looked amazing, we took a few pictures of her and the girls just before they made the short walk to the Barn.  With the Guests seated, it was time for the Civil Ceremony.

Wedding Photographer Essex After the Ceremony, Gemma and Ben led their Guests outside for the Drinks Reception. Gemma and Ben’s children, Braiden and Maisey-Rose,  enjoyed the open space to go and play with the other children at the wedding. We took some informal pictures during the drinks followed by a few requested family groups and some brilliant fun Bridal Party pictures.

Wedding Photography Vaulty Manor With fantastic weather and a nice setting, together with a lovely Bride and Groom, we knew Gemma and Ben’s together pictures were going to look great during the short walk around Vaulty Manor. Essex Wedding Photographer Valulty Manor With time evaporating fast the everybody picture and confetti pictures happened just before the speeches and Wedding Breakfast. The lovely weather continued through to the evening which helped generate a few lovely evening pictures for Gemma and Ben.Essex Wedding Photographer  When the Barn was set up for the evening entertainment, everybody made their way through accompanied by the Evening Guests.  After Gemma and Ben had cut their Wedding Cake, they took to the dancefloor for their First Dance.  With the dancing underway, we took a few pictures of the guests enjoying the evening around the venue before saying our goodbyes.


Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography – Recently we were asked to take a few pictures of Colleen’s Mum & Dad for their Birthdays and we ended up with some nice images.

Portrait Photographer Essex



Pre-Wedding Pictures

We met Kristen and Andrew again for theirPre-Wedding Pictures, just a few weeks before doing their their Wedding photography at Fennes.  With final details discussed we finished our meeting with a few pre-wedding pictures née again making use of the lovely River Walk in Witham.

Pre-Wedding Pictures

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon for Victoria & Antony

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Crabbs Barn was the chosen Venue for Victoria and Antony’s Wedding.  With the amount of rain we had in the morning we were so pleased it had all disappeared before we arrived at Crabbs Barn later on in the day.  At the Bridal Suite preparations were going well.  The Bridesmaids, Flowergirl and Pageboys stepped outside the room for a moment so we could photograph Vickies dress which they were not allowed to see until it was on! Afterwards they finished getting ready and when Vicky was ready we captured some lovely moments when they saw her dressed.

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn

Crabbs Barn Wedding

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn  Whilst this was going on Antony, his Best Man and Ushers were having their pictures taken by David before they resumed their duties.  Stepping outside of the Bridal Suite we took a few pictures of Vicky, her Parents and Bridesmaids.Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn  It was soon time for Vicky to make the short walk into the Barn for the Civil Ceremony. Following the Ceremony Vicky and Antony led their Guests outside for the Drinks Reception.  During the afternoon, there was time for Vicky and Antony to enjoy talking to their Guests as well as having the requested photographs taken.  After a few pictures of the two of them around the grounds of Crabbs Barn it was time for the Wedding Breakfast. Following the Speeches the Guests went to The Garden Room for coffee whilst the Barn was prepared for the evening celebrations.  When most of Vicky and Antony’s evening Guests had arrived the happy couple then took to the dance floor for their First Dance.  Before we left a little while later we took a couple of nightime pictures of Vicky and Antony which completed a wonderful day.

Essex Wedding Photographer

Crabbs Barn night wedding photos


Wedding Photographer Blake Hall, Ongar, for Jenna & James

Wedding photographer Blake Hall, Ongar – Blake Hall is a wonderful Wedding Venue and our first Wedding there! After being asked to photograph there several times and couldn’t because we were already booked meant we were so looking forward to Jenna and James’ Wedding.  We arrived at Jenna and James’ house on an extremely humid day.  Bridal preparations were well underway and excitement was a plenty! Once Jenna was ready, looking beautiful, she made her way down the stairs where her Father and Bridesmaids were waiting. After Jenna had given presents to the Bridesmaids and emotions were back under control, we went outside for a few pictures. With our job completed we went off to St Mary’s, Great Baddow, where the marriage was to take place. We were there to capture images of James and his Groomsmen as they walked towards the Church. and as we had them altogether we took a few pictures of them before the Wedding Guests arrived. Wedding Photographer Essex The sun was out as James greeted the Guests before disappearing into the Church shortly before Jenna arrived. Following the Church service, Jenna and James led their Guests out of the Church.  After a quick few greetings to their Guests, we got on with the requested family pictures.  Everybody co-operated really well as time needed to be allowed for journey to Blake Hall.  Jenna and James then walked down the path to the Lych Gate where they were showered in confetti before leaving for the Reception. St Mary's Church Great BaddowThankfully there were no traffic hold-ups on the way, which enabled us to get straight on with Jenna and James’ pictures when arriving at Blake Hall as we had planned with them. When time is short a good plan makes a huge difference and this enabled us to get all the shots we needed of Jenna and James in the gardens whilst their Guests were welcomed by Mervyn and Austin.  Spoilt for choice of settings, we covered as much as we could before Jenna and James joined their Guests. Blake Hall Wedding photography A short time later we took some fun Bridal Party pictures and made sure we captured some informal pictures.  The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Barn and before the Speeches, time for a sunset picture! Wedding Photos Blake Hall OngarAfter the Speeches, everybody enjoyed the warm evening socialising.  The evening Guests arrived and Jenna and James took to the dance floor for their First Dance.  We finished our evening a little later after catching up with familiar faces. A lovely couple, a great day, a wonderful Venue!


Mayor Portrait

It was a pleasure to be asked to take the Witham Mayor’s Portrait 2014.  The Mayor of Witham for 2014 is Councillor Janet Money.

Witham Town Mayor 2014



Wedding Photography Fennes for Zarah & Glenn

Wedding Photography Fennes – Zarah and Glenn chose to have their Wedding at the popular Wedding Venue, Fennes.  It was a warm and dry day when we arrived at Fennes, with the chairs set out for an outdoor Ceremony.  We went upstairs to find Zarah and the girls who were busy getting ready.  Whilst the girls were getting ready, we took pictures of the dresses and accessories, in the Fennes Suite.

Wedding Photography Fennes

Wedding Photography Fennes Glenn with his Best Man and Ushers had arrived and were soon ready for their pictures.  As their pictures were being taken it started to rain.  This was not on the cards!  The shower of rain continued for a while, so the Ceremony was transferred to inside.  Upstairs Zarah and Glenn’s two sons, Jack & Teddy were looking very smart when they joined the girls upstairs.  Once the girls were finished dressing  we took  a few pictures before it was time for Zarah to make her way to the Pavilion for the Ceremony.  After the Ceremony the rain had stopped and it had dried up, so everybody went outside. The children enjoyed playing during the Drinks Reception and after taking the family pictures some fun time with the Bridal Party, resulted in some great images.  A quick walk around the grounds for Zarah and Glenn’s pictures was followed by the confetti pictures in the Gold Room. Wedding Photography Fennes After the Wedding Breakfast and coverage of the Speeches, before the evening Guests arrived, we took Zarah and Glenn for a few evening pictures around Fennes, including of course our signature Heart shot. Wedding Photography Fennes Zarah and Glenn’s took to the Dancefloor  for their First Dance after cutting their Wedding Cake.  A short time later we left them to continue the celebrations.  It was a pleasure to work with David of Rideout Productions again.


Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

Pre-Wedding Photo shoot – We met Gemma and Ben a few weeks prior to their Wedding at Vaulty Manor, Hebridge. After a chat about their Wedding Day we went for a short walk to take a few pictures of them. After these pictures we just knew what a great Wedding it was going to be!Pre-Wedding Photo shoot Pre-Wedding Photo shoot Pre-Wedding Photo shoot