Wedding Photography Friern Manor, Dunton, for Laura & David

Before we could do the Wedding Photography at Friern Manor, our first port of call on the morning of Laura and David’s Wedding was arriving at Laura’s Parents’ house.  Following the trail of excitement led us us up two flights of stairs to the room where Laura was getting ready.  A lovely room, with the added natural light from the skylight and a view to the church.  That said, with Laura, her Bridesmaids, her Mum, Make-up Artists, David from Rideout and ourselves, it was a touch busy and tight at times!Friern Manor, Essex wedding photographer

After capturing the getting ready pictures the girls put on their dresses and assisted Laura with hers.  Laura’s Bridal portraits and family pictures were taken downstairs and we just had enough time to take a few pictures outside with the Bridesmaids and the car.  St Andrew’s Church, Hornchurch was where Laura and David were to be married and David and his Groomsmen arrived shortly after us.  With a few pictures of all of them taken, we left them to greet the Wedding Guests whilst we took some candid pictures. Not long after, Laura arrived and made her entrance into the Church. Friern Manor, Essex wedding photos

Essex wedding photographers Friern ManorAfter the service we took a few group pictures before taking Laura and David for a very quick walk around the back of the Church for a couple of pictures with the cherry blossom and lilac trees, which provided the backdrop.  As Laura and David walked down the path from the church they were showered in confetti and a little while later left for the Reception.  Photos Friern ManorSo far we had escaped the showers but not taking chances as soon as the guests had arrived at Friern Manor we got on with the remaining pictures so  Laura and David still had time to greet their Guests during the Drinks Reception.Essex wedding photography Friern ManorIt was soon time for the Wedding Breakfast and the Speeches.  Unfortunately, during the Speeches, the heavens opened, a couple of evening pictures we had planned to do after were scuppered.  Being determined to get something though, we found a dry area outside for a couple of evening pictures. Then Laura and David cut their Wedding cake before their First Dance.  A nice rewarding day!     Documentry wedding photography

Pre-Wedding Pictures

We met with Katie and Howard recently for their pre-wedding pictures and chat about their forthcoming Wedding at Vaulty Manor later in the year.  Our local River Walk provided us with some good spots for some nice pictures.

Engagement portraits



Wedding Photography Testimonial – Crabbs Barn

We were delighted to receive this Wedding Photography Testimonial from Deborah and Nick who were married at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon, recently.

Dear David and Sandra

We would both like to say a big thank you for the photos, they are absolutely fantastic.  We never knew we were so photogenic! We couldn’t be happier with them, they are a fabulous record of the day and you captured every single moment for us.  All the guests have commented on how good you both were on the day, and now they’ve seen the photos, they are even more impressed.

Thank you again and best wishes.

Nick and Deb

approved wedding photographer



Family Portraits

It was nice to be see Jodie and Adam for some family portraits.  We took some family portraits of Jodie, Adam and Isla, a couple of years ago and they now wanted some pictures of the new addition to their family, Freddie. Freddie and  Isla were great and we achieved some nice family portraits.

Family Portrait Photographer Witham

Wedding Photography Fennes, Essex for Debbie & Dave

Wedding Photography Fennes, Essex – The Fennes Estate was the chosen Venue for Debbie and Dave’s Civil Ceremony Wedding.  We arrived at Fennes to find Debbie and the girls getting ready with the preparations well underway. We captured the moments as they were happening in the house, as well as watching for Dave and some of the Guests to arrive in a 1950’s bus! When Dave arrived, the bus made for a nice feature at the front of Fennes, for his pictures and his Groomsmen.  Meanwhile Debbie was almost dressed and it wasn’t long before her Bridal portraits were taken.  Debbie’s sons were going to escort her down the aisle, so once she was ready the boys saw her before they all came downstairs.

Wedding Photographer Fennes

The Civil Ceremony was held in the Pavilion and after Debbie and Dave exchanged their vows, and formalities were finished, Debbie and Dave left the Pavilion and made their way to the front of Fennes.

Wedding Photographer Fennes

Being such a lovely day everybody enjoyed the Drinks Reception outside in the brilliant sunshine.  A short time later we took Debbie and Dave for stroll around the grounds for their pictures.  As always with the Fennes Estate it was blessed with ample opportunities for pictures so we took a variety of shots before returning to the Drinks Reception.

Wedding Photographer Fennes

Some requested family group pictures followed shortly with the Bridal Party pictures. The Wedding Breakfast and Speeches were held in the Pavilion.  In the time after, before the start of the evening celebrations we took a couple shots outside.  Debbie and Dave held their Evening Reception in the Marquee where they were joined by their Evening Guests. The Evening’s entertainment was provided by a Caricaturist and a Singer. The cutting of the Wedding Cake preceded the First Dance and shortly afterwards it was time for us to leave.

Wedding Photographer Essex

Engagement Portraits

Engagement Portraits – We met Sasha and Neil one afternoon recently for a coffee and a chat about their Wedding at Smeetham Hall Barn, Bulmer, later this year and for their Engagement Portraits. We found a few nice places and ended up with some good results.

Essex Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Fennes – Jenna & Peter

Wedding Photography Fennes – It was a beautiful day when we arrived at The Fennes Estate for Jenna and Peter’s Wedding.  Jenna was getting ready upstairs in the House, assisted by her Mum and the Bridemaids.  All plans were going well and it wasn’t long before Jenna was ready to get dressed.  As this was happening, David was photographing the men who were ready for their pictures.  The grounds at Fennes looked splendid in the brilliant sunshine and provided a nice backdrop for Peter’s and his Groomsmen’s pictures. After Peter had met with some of the Guests and with the Registrars, he moved down into the Pavilion.  Photographer Essex Fennes IslipOnce Jenna had seen the Registrars, it was time for the Civil Ceremony.  With her Bridesmaids leading the way, Jenna and her Dad entered the Pavilion.  After the Ceremony the Drinks Reception was held at the front of Fennes where Jenna and Peter mingled with their Guests for a little while.  Jenna wanted a ‘heart’ everybody shot which were were happy to do, thank you to Nicola of Fennes for helping us! Following a few requested family group pictures and a break for Jenna and Peter, we took them over to the Bridge and around the grounds for their pictures, using the daffodils and blossom.  Fennes wedding photos by David IslipLooking for some different pictures at our Weddings is our aim and it was nice to achieve this today.  Jenna and Pete were then showered in confetti in the Gold Room before the Wedding Breakfast.  Fennes wedding photographsWe covered the Speeches which were before the evening reception. Whilst the Guests were arriving we managed to steal Jenna and Peter away for a very short time for a couple of evening pictures, finishing with a sunset picture or so we thought! This evening we had a full moon!  Right time, right place, brilliant! Jenna and Peter’s First Dance followed and we took a few informal pictures of their evening guests.  During the evening it was nice to see some familiar faces, and thank you to Katie and Gavin again for recommending us! A brilliant day and thank you to the staff and Fennes for looking after us as always.  Fennes wedding photos



Kent Wedding Photography – Somerhill School

Kent Wedding photography – Emma and Nick had booked us for their Wedding Photography over 18 months ago. They were recommended by Nick’s Best Man, Cameron, and his wife Judith, who were married at The Fennes Estate in 2012. It was a beautiful day and an early start for us for their Wedding photography in Tonbridge, Kent.  Emma was having the final touches applied to her make-up at her Parents’ home and we quickly got on with the accessory shots before Emma was ready to put her Wedding Dress on. We took some images of Emma on the stairs and the hallway where the light was good, before going into the garden for some pictures with the family and Emma’s Bridesmaid, Anna.

wedding photographer Tonbridge KentWith time on our side for a change and everyone relaxed we achieved some nice pictures and then left for the Church.  St Peter’s Church, Southborough, was where Emma and Nick were to be married.  When the Flowergirls arrived we photographed them together with some Guest arrivals.  Nick, Cameron, and the Ushers provided us with some great images of them walking to the Church across the Green prior to a few formal shots of them all at the Church.  Emma arrived shortly afterwards and entered the Church.  We were able to provide different angles as we were allowed to photograph from the balcony and the aisle. After the service, we took a couple of pictures of the Bridal Party outside the Church followed by the confetti pictures.  Emma and Nick then led their Guests across the road to the Green for some family group pictures which took around ten minutes. wedding photographer Tonbridge Wells KentThe Guests then waved Emma and Nick off to the Wedding Reception.  Emma and Nick were allowed to have their Reception at Somerhill School, Tonbridge as they were both former pupils.  A superb setting for a Wedding Reception! As the Guests were arriving and were welcomed with canapés and drinks, Emma, Nick and ourselves went for a quick walk around some of the grounds as time was now short!wedding photographer Somerhill KentWe did however make sure Emma and Nick had a little time to enjoy the canapes and socialise with their Guests,  whilst we took some some reportage style pictures.  Shortly before the Receiving Line and Wedding Breakfast we did the everybody shot which helped the Toast Master. After our coverage of the Speeches, the evening light and weather was even better and we managed to take Emma and Nick for a few minutes for some evening photographer Somerhill

Somerhill KentTheir Evening Guests arrived and Emma tossed her bouquet, just before the First Dance.  We thought the fantastic sunset would really round off a their great day of pictures, however when Emma and Nick went to get their  Fish and Chips from the van they laid on, we got a couple of great night shots with the happy couple outside the illuminated School! A wonderful Wedding! Thank you Cameron (Best Man) and Judith for recommending us, it was lovely to see you again.  It was nice to work with the Toastmaster, Jim Cattermole again, and thanks to the Caterers for looking after us so well. As for the fantastic Band, great to meet you! It seems Kent wedding photography is well suited to us!

Kent Wedding photos

Abstract photography

Had a great day learning about abstract photography from Mike Curry who I respect as a photographer of landscape and abstracts. We spent time around London’s Greenwich, Canary Wharf and the O2 Dome area mostly looking for abstracts but also photographing a few conventional views also. One thing is certain in photography, there is always something else to learn about and a different way to see things!

Abstract, water, blue London, docklands, reflections, abstract Canary Wharf, London, abstract London, Greenwich, O2, Spike sculpture London, Greenwich, O2, Spike sculpture London cable car, abstract

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Stacey & Ollie

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Stacey & Ollie – The sun was shining brightly when we arrived at Stacey’s family home at the start of Stacey and Ollie’s Wedding Day.  The finishing touches for the hair and make-up were being completed, so whilst these were going on we took some detail shots of Stacey’s accessories as well.  Panic!!  – a bag of important items had unfortunately been taken to the Church in Dad’s car ready for later!!  This did not prove to be a problem as we had left plenty of time, allowing David to jump in our car to retrieve the bag, panic over, all part of the service!! Once everybody was ready we used the nice garden for some of Stacey’s pictures as well taking a few pictures inside, before departing for the St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, Black Notley.  Ollie was there with his Best Man and Usher, their Flowergirl, Olivia and Pageboy, Joshua. After taking a few pictures and a few of the Guests arriving, it was time for the arrival of Stacey.  Following the church service, Stacey and Ollie were greeted outside the Church door by children from the school where Stacey teaches.  Whilst some requested family group pictures were taken, the guests were offered chocolate coated strawberries and sparkling wine!  Some nice pictures of Stacey and Ollie walking towards the car and being showered in confetti were captured before everybody left for the Wedding Reception.  Stacey and Ollie chose the superb Wedding Venue of Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon, for their Reception.  The Pavilion decorated with bunting looked lovely and Guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception.  Bridal Party photographs happened during the afternoon together with Stacey and Ollie’s pictures. Later with all the guests seated for the Wedding Breakfast, the Speeches took place before the meal.  After the meal, Stacey and Ollie took a walk in the lane and around Crabbs Barn, accompanied by Olivia and Joshua, where some nice images were captured, ending with a sunset picture.  A little while later with their Evening Guests arrived, it was time for the cake cutting and First Dance.  A lovely Wedding!Wedding Photographer Essex

Essex Photographer EssexCrabbs Barn Wedding Photographer  Essex Wedding Photos