Fennes Moon Rising!

We work regularly at Fennes but are always looking for something new. Last year we created the heart shot on the stairs (which is now regularly copied by others!). This year we have been trying to find something a little different particularly with the Fennes bridge. A couple of weeks  ago we were about to finish for the night when I noticed the moon rising behind the bridge – a opportunity not to be missed!  Not perfect but we like the result. Always something new to see….. and yes the moon was actually rising at that point it is not a Photoshop invention!

Fennes, Bocking, Essex, night photo

Fennes Moon Rising


Crondon Park Wedding Photography for Katie & Michael

Crondon Park, Stock, was the chosen Wedding Venue for Katie and Michael’s Wedding.  On the morning of the Wedding Katie was getting ready with her Mum and Bridesmaids at her friend’s Cherilyn’s house. Preparations were going well and after photographing the accessories, we captured some nice images of all of them, before leaving to go to the Venue. Michael, his Best Man, Antony, Usher, Rick and Pageboy, George, were busy carrying out their duties but we managed to take a few pictures of them before it was time for Michael to see the Registrars and be seated for the Ceremony. Once Katie arrived and had been interviewed by the Registrars,  she took her Mum’s arm and they entered the ceremony room.  After the Ceremony, Katie and Michael greeted their Guests whilst we took some informal pictures.  Later everybody went outside for the requested family group pictures and at the same time we took some fun bridal pictures.  After a break it was time for Katie and Michael’s pictures around the grounds.  It was a bright, sunny but chilly day and we made the most of the setting,  giving Katie and Michael a selection of different pictures.  The Wedding Breakfast was held in the magnificent Crondon Park Baronial Hall, which looked stunning especially with the colour scheme Katie and Michael had chosen.  Coverage of the Speeches followed, then a short time afterwards their evening Guests stated to arrive.  After the cake cutting and taking some evening pictures we left them all to continue the celebrations. Katie and Michael are such a fun couple and it was lovely to be part of their special day.  It was also nice to see Cherilyn (Matron of Honour) and Antony (Best Man) as  we photographed their Wedding in 2012 at Channels Golf Club, Chelmsford, as well as seeing Sarah and James whose Wedding we photographed at The Fennes Estate in 2013.

Essex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding Photographer



Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn for Deborah & Nick

The popular Wedding Venue, Crabbs Barn was the chosen venue where Deborah and Nick held their Wedding Reception.  Our day started at Deborah’s Parents’ home for some pictures,  inside the house as well as outside. Deborah’s Parents had a lovely garden and as the weather was good we took advantage.Essex Wedding PhotographerShortly afterwards we left to go to St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Black Notley.  Nick was there with his Groomsmen, so when they were ready we took a few pictures of them in the Church grounds.  Deborah arrived not long after and the church service began.  A few family group pictures were taken afterwards before the Guests lined the path for the confetti shots before it was time to leave.  Crabbs Barn looked wonderful as always and the guests enjoyed the Drinks Reception outside in the sunshine.  After a while we took Deborah and Nick for a quick walk around the grounds for their pictures.Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon, weddingDeborah and Nick had arranged a surprise air display, so we had to have perfect timing to finish the ‘everybody’ shot just as the plane arrived!  What a superb air display!Essex Wedding PhotographerGuests were then invited to be seated for the speeches followed by the Wedding Breakfast.  Whilst the Band were setting up for the evening entertainment we managed to take Deborah and Nick for a few minutes for a few evening pictures.  Their Evening Guests arrived followed by the cutting of the cake and the First Dance.  A night shot outside Crabbs Barn finished our coverage of Deborah and Nick’s special day.Crabbs Barn Wedding


Fennes wedding Photography – Roxanne & Lee

Fennes wedding Photography – Fennes was the chosen Wedding Venue for Roxanne and Lee’s Spring Wedding.  The Fennes Estate looked wonderful with the daffodils in full bloom. When we arrived the bridal preparations were going well upstairs in the House providing some nice images.  Meanwhile, Lee, his Best Man and his Ushers were finishing getting ready and when they were ready, their pictures were taken outside in front of Fennes.  Once Roxanne and her Bridesmaids were ready we took a few pictures of them before they made their way downstairs.   After seeing the Registrars and the Guests were seated, Roxanne entered the Pavilion for the Civil Ceremony.  Following this, Roxanne and Lee led their Guests out of the Pavilion to the front of Fennes for the Drinks Reception.  Everybody enjoyed socialising with many Guests going outside as the weather was fine.  A little while later it was time for some family group shots and some fun shots with the Bridal Party.  Roxanne and Lee’s together pictures were taken later, on the Bridge and by the daffodils.  Their confetti pictures were taken in the Gold Room before the Wedding Breakfast.  Speeches followed and a while later the evening reception began.  When Roxanne and Lee’s evening Guests arrived Roxanne tossed her bouquet before the cutting of the Wedding Cake.  Our lovely day finished with a couple of night shots by Fennes Bridge of Roxanne and Lee.

Essex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding PhotographerEssex Wedding Photographer



Baby Go Boom

Saw a great band called Baby Go Boom at a recent wedding and they were nice people too! baby Go Boom are based in Essex although it was in Kent they we met them. www.babygoboom.com

Baby Go Boom

Baby Go Boom


Pre-Wedding Pictures

We met Stacey and Ollie again recently to chat about their Wedding and to take a few pre-wedding pictures.  Stacey and Ollie are getting married soon at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon.

Essex Wedding Photographer



Wedding Photography All Manor of Events, Henley, for Stacie and Brett

Wedding Photography All Manor of Events, Henley, for Stacie and Brett – Stacie’s sister’s house was where David and I arrived early on the morning of Stacie and Brett’s Wedding Day.  Stacie was in the latter stages of having her hair and make-up finished, allowing us time to photograph her accessories and capturing moments of the preparations.  Once everybody was ready we took a few portraits of them all before departing for the Church.  The service was held at St Peter’s Church, Thurston, and that is where we met up with Brett and his Groomsmen.  Brett’s pictures were taken outside the Church before all of the Guests arrived, as it was a dry bright day. Shortly afterwards Stacie arrived and she walked down the aisle on her Brother’s arm.  Some traditional family group pictures were taken outside the church after the Service and then Stacie and Brett were showered in confetti as they walked down the path, to their waiting car to go to their Reception.  All Manor of Events, SuffolkAll Manor of Events, Henley was the chosen WeddingVenue for Stacie and Brett’s Wedding Reception and was a new Venue for us. After taking a couple of pictures with Stacie and Brett beside the car, they went inside Manor Farm Barn with their Guests for the Drinks Reception.  A little while later we took Stacie and Brett for a walk around the grounds, achieving some lovely pictures down the driveway amongst the daffodils.  After Stacie and Brett had a little more time socialising we then took them and the Bridal Party into the Courtyard for some fun pictures before the Wedding  Breakfast.  All Manor of Events wedding, SuffolkAfter the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches Stacie and Brett were happy to have a few more pictures in the time available, finishing in a sunset picture before the First Dance.  With a superb dance floor in the Barn, Stacie and Brett had their First Dance before their Guests joined them. A couple of night pictures ended our coverage of a lovely day. All Manor of Events is a lovely Venue and we really must thank Zoe, front of house, for making us welcome and looking after us, it was much  appreciated.All Manor of Events wedding photographer, Suffolk



Baby Portraits

Baby Portraits, twins! – Jo and Doug were married at Crabbs Barn, last year, and recently we went to see them. We knew they had become the proud parents of twin baby girls, Charlotte and Ava, and they now wanted some pictures. From the moment we arrived until we left they were as good as gold!

Baby Photographer Essex

Pre-Wedding Picture

It was nice to see Katie and Michael again for their pre-wedding picture and  to go over their plans for their Spring Wedding at Crondon Park, Stock.

Essex Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – Abi & Paul

Wedding Photography Crabbs Barn – It was a lovely day with a bit of a breeze, when we arrived at Abi’s Mum’s house for the final bridal preparation pictures.  Whilst these were going on, David went to see Paul and the Groomsmen who were getting ready close by.  Everything was running smoothly and by the time David returned the flower girls were ready and not long afterwards so was everybody else.  With some family pictures taken it was time to leave for Plume Avenue United Reform Church.  Paul, his Best Men and Ushers had a few pictures taken before the arrival of Abi.  Making her entrance into the Church on her Mother’s arm we were able to get some nice pictures from the balcony as well as from the front of the church.  After the service Abi and Paul requested an everybody shot before going outside for the confetti pictures.  The Reception was held at the popular and superb Crabbs Barn in Kelvedon.  As we were there with Abi and Paul before most of the Guests we all went for a quick walk around Crabbs Barn for a few of their pictures.  During the Drinks Reception some family group pictures were taken, followed by some fun bridal party pictures.  After photographing the Speeches ,which followed the Wedding Breakfast, the weather and evening light was good so we took Abi and Paul for a walk in the lane achieving some relaxed pictures ending with a sunset picture. The evening reception began, Evening Guests arrived, and once the Band was set up, Abi and Paul took to the floor for their First Dance.  To finish our coverage of Abi and Paul’s Wedding Day we took a nightime picture of them outside the Barn.

Wedding Photographer Essex 140315-AbiPaul-W2 140315-AbiPaul-W3 140315-AbiPaul-W4 140315-AbiPaul-W5 140315-AbiPaul-W6