Merry Christmas

Well it’s that time of year again when we like to thank all our suppliers, good friends in the industry and our fantastic clients for another excellent year.

Sorry if we have missed anybody off our christmas card list!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!

David & Sandra



Wedding Photographers at Yaxley Hall for Gemma & Henry

Gemma & Henry’s choice for their Wedding Venue for their Wedding Day was Yaxley Hall, Suffolk.  This was our first visit to be wedding photographers at Yaxley Hall, Suffolk and what a picture it made in the snow.  Although it was cold everybody ventured out of the Hall for a few pictures, before hurrying back in for warmth!

Wedding photographer Yaxley Hall


A helping hand

A question for all Brides? Does your photographer have any cover or plans in the event of disaster? Today our network of photographers was called into action when Steve from ‘A Little Box of Memories’ called because he was stuck in the snowy traffic jams! We grabbed our cameras and drove to Leez Priory to cover for him in case he did not get there. As it happened he was only 10 minutes late and took the wedding back over before we had really got started. Can you imagine how much better the Bride felt with the message ‘I am stuck and may not make it but somebody is comng to cover’.


MPA + BIPP Photographer's Party Night

Last night our group (well those that wanted to!) met for a very quiet (?) meal and drink at Waterfront Place, Chelmsford. Picture show how some of the committee lead the way in refined conduct!!! Great night out, just went too quickly.